Internship Hiring Process

Thank you for your interest in hiring an Arts & Humanities Intern.

The process of hiring an intern is easy. Follow these steps to learn how (and read a more in-depth breakdown below).


Posting a Job 

To post internally, please visit Western Connect and complete the new account registration for employers or log in to your existing account. 

After you have created your account (see below for how to do this), simply sign in, click “Job Postings” and “Post a Job.” 

All postings on Western Connect must include a full position description. This includes a short summary of the opportunity, the duties & responsibilities, and the required skills/qualifications to successfully perform the role. Where possible, please indicate the addressee of the cover letter. 

IMPORTANT: Students can also apply for internship postings on external sites like Indeed, LinkedIn, etc., and count this internship for credit under ARTHUM 3000 A/B/Y if approved. Please contact the Experiential Learning Specialist/Assistant for assistance with external postings if required. 

Applications and Resumes 

Completed applications, including cover letters and resumes, are collected electronically. These can then be downloaded after the deadline date, or you can direct students to submit their applications to your organization’s website or email address. 

For external job postings, students apply directly through the third-party site and submit their application materials directly to your organization. 

Please note that application materials will NOT be collected by Western staff for external job postings as they are for internal postings. If you require assistance for external job posting, please contact the Experiential Learning Specialist/Assistant. 

Interviews and Offers 

Once all applicants have been reviewed, the employer sets up the interview schedule using our online system, Western Connect. 

Use the Interview Request Form or email for assistance. We are happy to help to ensure that interview schedules are prepared according to the employer’s instructions. 

Job offers must be submitted by the dates indicated on our Recruiting Schedule. Please use the Job Offer Form to submit all offers. The Experiential Learning Specialist/Assistant will coordinate all offers and present them to students. The employer will be notified by our office to indicate acceptance/decline of the Internship Job Offer. 

For external job postings, the employer is responsible for coordinating and completing interviews and offers. 

Have questions about the process of finding the perfect intern? Email