Benefits of Hiring an Arts & Humanities Intern

Arts and Humanities students make excellent interns. Hover over the tiles below to learn why.

Due to their varied coursework and topics of study, Arts & Humanities students bring key skills to the table: problem solving, communication, critical thinking, research & leadership - to name a few!

With training in diverse fields, A&H students can take on a variety of roles, like marketing, communications, sales, data analysis, graphic and web design, and more.

A&H interns bring creativity and unique insight to every task, while drawing from various fields and disciplines to solve problems. This allows them to contribute innovative ideas that make a positive impact.

Our students are the best ambassadors, sharing their internship stories on many platforms. A successful internship will enhance your organization’s reputation and help with community relationships and recognition.

Interns are available for short-term or project-based work. This means that you can complete the projects you need to, knowing that your intern will deliver high-quality and timely results.

Many interns are interested in transitioning to a full-time role if possible. This will save time, resources, and effort because you don’t have to recruit and train a new employee.