Application Process

Thank you for your interest in applying to the Arts & Humanities Internship Program (AHIP).

Keep reading for a step-by-step breakdown of how to apply to the internship (which appears with the course code ARTHUM 3000/A/B/Y).

Questions? Contact

STEP 1: Apply Through Western Connect (Mandatory)

If you have not yet done so, register online for the Arts & Humanities Internship Program through Western Connect.

Your application will be reviewed to ensure you have met both the academic and internship preparation requirements (see below) to be accepted into the program.

Please check Western Connect for the portal opening date to apply for the upcoming internship cycle.

To apply to the Arts and Humanities internship program:

  • Step 1A: Log into Western Connect and on the Dashboard, click the purple "Click here to apply for Western's Internship & Co-op programs" button.
  • Step 1B: Click the "Apply to a Program" button in the top right corner of the page.
  • Step 1C: Click "Apply" under Arts and Humanities Internship.
  • Step 1D: Complete the application form, including your name and contact information. You will also be provided with instructions for next steps and completing the Internship Preparation before the internship. 

STEP 2: Complete Internship Preparation (Mandatory)

Before a studen't application for the Arts and Humanities Internship Program is accepted on Western Connect, they must complete the following internship preparation:

  • Career Fundamentals: Complete 4  Career Fundamentals for University Students modules (“Developing a Resume and Cover Letter,” “Interview Skills,” “Job Search Skills,” and “Career Decision Making”) in OWL. Take a screenshot of the certificate that appears at the end of each module and upload it to the Arts & Humanities Internship Program OWL site under "Drop Box" (each student will be added to the OWL site after their application is conditionally approved on Western Connect). 
  • CliftonStrengths: Complete the CliftonStrengths for Students Assessment. To access the assessment, click this link and click “Take the Assessment”. Download your Top Five Strengths report and upload a screenshot to the OWL Drop Box.
    • After the CliftonStrengths assessment, complete 3 online modules, "Introduction to a Strengths-Based Approach,” “Exploring Your Unique Top 5 CliftonStrengths,” and “Leveraging Your CliftonStrengths at Western.” Access all 3 modules here. Take screenshots of the certificate of completion and upload it to the OWL site Drop Box.

  • Bias and Microaggressions Training: Complete the Bias and Microaggressions: Impact, Prevention, and Intervention training in OWL. Upload the certificate of completion to the AHIP OWL Drop Box.
  • Application Review: Read the resume and cover letter. Then, have your resume and cover letter reviewed by a Career Profile Advisor (CPA) at Western’s Employment Resource Centre (WERC) The checklist that WERC uses to evaluate your cover letter and resume can be found in the linked resources above. You may either visit in-person appointment (the hours and location are listed here), or you can send your cover letter and resume to
    • If the review is done in person, ask the CPA to sign these documents, listing their name and date of review, and upload a digital version to the OWL site Drop Box. If you submitted your materials to, take a screenshot of the email sent by the CPA with your Assessment Checklist and upload it to the OWL site Drop Box.   
    • Note: The WERC office is closed during the Fall & Spring Break and exam periods, as well as the holiday shutdown in December.

A student's Western Connect application will NOT be approved until the internship preparation is complete. Until that time, your application will appear as "Conditionally Approved".

STEP 3: Attend Workshops (Recommended)

We strongly recommend that students become competitive applicants by participating in relevant workshops offered through Careers & Experience. For offerings, go to the Events and Workshops website page on Western’s Career Education website.

To articulate your skills, experiences, and interests during interviews, and to get you more comfortable with the interview process, we recommend visiting Western’s Interview Preparation and Interview Warmup for practice questions, preparation tips, and more.

STEP 4: Check Western Connect Regularly for Updated Internship Postings

Students can select an internship either through Western Connect or external job boards (e.g., Indeed, LinkedIn, etc.).

  • Western Connect Postings: Job postings will be available on Western Connect beginning early in the fall term. Check back regularly for updated postings and follow the application process outlined in each job description. You will be notified by Careers & Experience if you have been selected for an interview.
  • External Postings: Internships from external job boards must be approved by the Experiential Learning Specialist/Assistant. Students must submit the job posting and complete the Student Found Internship Proposal for internships found through external sources. 

To search for an internship on Western Connect:

  • Log into Western Connect
  • Click "Internship/Co-op" on the left purple menu, and then click "Intern/Co-op Jobs" 
  • Under "Quick Searches" you will see "For My Program" and that will take you to the postings for Arts and Humanities. 
  • When you click on a job posting, you will see the term, how long it's for, start/end dates, and the job description and function. Under 'Application Information' you will see the application deadline. 
  • Click the black circle at the bottom right corner, and you can save the job, shortlist it, say you're not interested, etc. This will help you to create a list and keep track of the positions that you are interested in. 

IMPORTANT: While we will do everything we can do assistant with the process, it is up to the student to find their own internship, via Western Connect, an external job board, or a student-found internship idea or project.

WARNING: Job Scams

Always exercise caution when reading emails regarding 'job opportunities'. Many are fradulent. Legitimate companies will always identify themselves, have a legitimate business email address, and will never ask for a fee to apply. If the job opportunity seems to good to be true, it probably is. If you are unsure whether a job opportunity email you've received is legitimate, contact

STEP 5: Apply for Jobs and Interview

To apply for an internship on Western Connect:

  • Follow the "Application Procedure" outlined under "Application Information" in the specific internship posting you're interested in apply for. To keep track of internship postings you intend to apply for, click "I intend to apply for this position."
  • You can apply directly on Western Connect or externally on the employer's website (each posting will be different).
  • To view the internships you intend to apply for, click "Internship/Co-op"> "Intern/Co-op Applications" and you will see it under the "Status of applications" section.  

The Employer and Experiential Learning Specialist/Assistant will work with you to set up interviews and accept an offer afterwards (if given). Ongoing, accepted, and declined interviews are listed in Western Connect under "Intern/Co-op Interviews" on the lefthand menu.

Internship Expectations

It is expected that each student will:
  • Provide accurate and appropriate information about their qualifications and interests.
  • Notify Careers & Experience and/or their Experiential Learning Specialist/Assistant at least 24 hours in advance if an interview must be rescheduled or cancelled.
  • Follow the prescribed procedures for accepted job offers.
  • Notify the Experiential Learning Specialist/Assistant if a job offer is extended directly by the employer.
  • Honour the acceptance of the offer since it is a contractual agreement with both the Employer and the University.
Once job is accepted, it is binding. Students must:
  • Not apply to other positions or accept interviews once a job has been accepted (full-time positions only).
  • Not decline more than two jobs, or they will be withdrawn from the internship program.
  • Not decline an offer that has already been accepted, which will result in withdrawal from the program and internship course failure.
While on the job, it is expected that the intern will:
  • Be responsible and accountable.
  • Respect safety and the environment.
  • Demonstrate ethical and professional judgment.
  • Be punctual, resourceful, adaptable, and productive.
  • Recognize and respect the Employer/Employee relationship by communicating progress and areas of concern with the Employer. If the Employer does not satisfactorily address a concern, notify the Experiential Learning Specialist/Assistant.
  • Adhere to employer’s policies regarding proprietary rights of research and technology.

All students MUST adhere to Western’s Code of Student Conduct for the duration of their internship.

The Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Western University is committed to creating equitable and inclusive learning environments that value diverse perspectives and experiences, both inside and outside the classroom. We recognize that students can be marginalized based on social identity characteristics such as, but not limited to, Indigeneity, race, ethnicity, nationality, ability, gender identity, gender expression, sexuality, age, language, religion, and socioeconomic status. Understanding this, we strive to facilitate equitable experiences and inclusion during all internship opportunities by respecting and integrating multiple ways of knowing, being, and doing.

Accessibility to the Arts and Humanities Internship Program is a top priority. If accommodations can be of support to you throughout the internship process, please reach out to Accessible Education at