Internship Information for Students

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Arts and Humanities Internship Program Quick Facts:

  • Program: Registration in the third or fourth year* of either a Major, Specialization, or Honours Specialization in the Faculty of Arts and Humanities.
  • Grade Requirement: Cumulative average of at least 70% and no failures or academic offenses.**
  • Length: Minimum 120 hours for 0.5 credit or minimum 240 hours for 1.0 credit.
  • Commitment: Part-time (fall, winter, summer) or full-time (summer) internships are available.
  • Term: Fall (September-December), Winter (January-April), or Summer (May-August).
  • Academic Credit: 0.5 to 1.0 academic credit.
  • Location: In-person, remote, or hybrid; local, national, or global.
  • Application Process: Apply through Western Connect , complete the required training modules, and search for a job. It’s that easy! Visit the Application Process page for more information.
  • Course Outline: ARTHUM 3000/3001
  • Contact:

* A student entering third year may do an internship in the Summer between second year and third year.

** Any academic offenses may hinder a student’s ability to qualify for an internship. Approval of the Department and Dean’s Office of the Arts and Humanities is required. See the Eligibility Criteria page for more information.