Writing Studies

Writing and communication skills are at the core of every profession in our information society, and are among the most crucial skills that university students can acquire. Writing Studies offers courses, Minors, Diplomas, and Certificates that will help hone your creative edge, develop your expertise in drafting academic, organizational, and technical documents, enable you to master public speaking, and ensure that you meet the requirements of the current knowledge-based job market. Whether as your primary area of study, as a minor, or as an array of invigorating electives that complement your current degree module, our flexible programs of study allow you to interact with published authors, enjoy small and collegial classes, and learn from professors who are not only world class scholars in writing and literary studies, but also seasoned professionals with field experience in publishing, editing, journalism, legal writing, speech writing, business, healthcare and political communication, and even network television production. Have a look at the current course offerings to see which of our many courses suits your interests and career goals.