Liaison Officers

Select Faculty or Administrative/Academic Support Unit
Faculty Administrative/Academic Support Unit
Faculties Liaison Officer Alternate
Arts & Humanities Tracy Isaacs
Associate Dean (Academic)
519 661-2111 x83043
Andrea Purvis
Director of Administration
519 661-2111 x84530
Education Kathy Hibbert
Associate Dean, Teacher Education
519 661-2093 x88557
Carolyn Wilson
Practicum Manager, Teacher Education
519 661-2093 x81158
Engineering Jan Shepherd McKee
Associate Director,
Undergraduate Services
519 661-2128 x88359
Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies Ron Wagler
Director of Administration
519 661-2102 x84636
Kimi Maruoka
Manager, Student Academic Services
519 661-2111 x84662
Health Sciences Sarah Padfield
Director of Operations and Finance

519 661-2111 x86695
Information and Media Studies Becky Blue
Communications and Information Resource Officer
519 661-2111 x88493
Richard Ivey School of Business John Irwin
CFO/CIO/Director of Facilities/Vice President of the Ivey Group of Companies
519 661-3728 x83728
Rod White
Associate Dean (Faculty Development & Research)
519 661-3252 x83252

Larysa Gamula
Director - MBA Program Services
519 675-5469
Law Karen Kueneman
Research Officer
519-661-2111 x85383
Nanette Love
Administrative Assistant to Dean
519 661-2111 x88442
Music Catherine Nolan
Associate Dean (Graduate Studies)
519 661-2111 x85333
Audrey Yardley-Jones
Graduate Program Assistant
519 661-2111 x85354
Schulich School of Medicine & Dentistry James Ciesla
Director, Information Technology Services
519 661-2111 x80986
none assigned
Science Jeff Hutter
Associate Dean (Academic)
519 661-2111 x86151
Carol Jones
Associate Dean Faculty Relations & Infrastructure
519 661-2111 x86153
Social Science Linda Brock
Administrative Officer, Office of the Dean
519 661-2111 x84956
Joan Finegan
Associate Dean
519-661-2053 x82053
Administrative & Academic Support Units Liaison Officer


Animal Care and Veterinary Services Lynne Turner
Office Systems Administrator, ACVS
519 661-4049 x84049
Patrick Callaghan
Director, Finance & Administration
519 661-4049 x83555
Campus Community Police Service

Daniel Redmond
Director, Campus Community Police and Emergency Management
519 661-4010


External Mark Neilans
Manager, Prospect Research
519-661-2111 x88821
Lorraine Ollson
Business Specialist
519-661-2111 x85170
Faculty Relations Jennifer King
Faculty Relations Consultant
519-661-2111 x83723
Andrew Boaden
Faculty Relations Consultant
519-661-2111 x83027
Finance Carter Scott
519 661-2111 x85448
Elizabeth Krische
Director of Procurement Services
519 661-2111 x84576
Health Services Cynthia Gibney
Director, Health Services
519 661-2111 x84730
Sonya Malone
Medical Director, Health Services
519 661-3030
Housing & Ancillary Services Christopher Alleyne
Associate Vice-President, Housing & Ancillary Services
519 661-3548 x83548
Human Resources Louise Koza
Director, Total Compensation
519 661-2111 x85540
Western Technology Services Colin Couchman
Director, Cyber Security and Business Services
519 661-2111 x86394
Institutional Planning and Budgeting James MacLean
Director, Institutional Data & Analysis
519 661-2111 x84534
Internal Audit Sharon Farnell
Director of Internal Audit
519 661-2111 x85435
Jim Loupos
Internal Auditor
519 661-2111 x80335
McIntosh Gallery James Patten
519-661-2111 x84602
Helen Gregory
519 661-2111 x84601
Ombuds Office Jennifer Meister
519 661-3573 x82602
Anita Pouliot
Assistant Ombudsperson
519 661-3573 x83573
Office of the President Malcolm Ruddock
Executive Assistant to the President and Provost
519 661-4205 x84133
Office of the Registrar Lisa Latif
Associate Registrar (Student Central) & Director of Administration
519 661-2111 x84863
Facilities Management  Paul Martin
Director of Business Operations
519 661-2111 x85421
Elizabeth Krische
Associate Vice-President

519 661-2111 x84576
Research Development & Services and Research Ethics Joey Paciocco
Administrative Officer
519 661-2111 x86079

Douglas Keddy
Associate Director, Research Promotion & Profile
519 661-2111 x87485

Research Park and Windermere Manor Julia Hoare
Director, Finance & Administration
519 858-5066
Jennifer Dawe
Director, Client Services
519 858-5136
University Secretariat Tara Oudekerk
Associate University Secretary
519 661-2111 x84543
none assigned
Western Libraries Robin Keirstead
University Archivist
519 661-2111 x87289