Senior Team

Sharon FarnellSharon Farnell

Director, Internal Audit

Sharon first joined Financial Services as a financial system analyst and then moved into Internal Audit in the mid-1990’s. Prior to joining Western, she held financial-related roles in public accounting, the Federal government, and financial services. Sharon is a Western University graduate with an Honors Bachelor of Social Science in Economics.

Paul Eluchok

Paul Eluchok

Legal Counsel

Western's Legal Counsel provides advice on issues related to student discipline, academic appeals, contracts, governance, real estate, corporate finance, research issues, policy development, privacy issues and estate matters.

Elizabeth Krische

Elizabeth Krische

Associate Vice-President (Facilities Management)

The facilities management responsibilities of the Associate Vice-President include Building Services (Caretaking), Business Operations, Facilities Development & Engineering, Facilities Operations, Parking and Visitor Services and Sustainability.


Brent Shea

Director, Campus Community Police Services





Chris Alleyne

Chris Alleyne

Associate Vice-President (Housing and Retail Services)

Chris Alleyne is responsible for Western's Housing, Hospitality Services, Retail Services, Health Services and the Student Case Manager.



Eric Mallory

Associate Vice-President (Financial Services)

The financial responsibilities of the Associate Vice-President include Treasury, Corporate    Accounting, Research Finance, Procurement Services and Financial Information Systems.