Bill Chantler

chantler.jpgDirector, Campus Safety & Emergency Services

Bill became Director, Campus Safety & Emergency Services on October 18, 2021. His background includes a wide range of operational experience, several years of senior management responsibilities, with his most recent role at the executive level as Superintendent, Uniformed Division with the London Police Service. Bill has responisbility for all aspects of campus safety and security and includes the Campus Special Constable Services, Fire Safety, Emergency Management and Foot Patrol. 

Team Size: Special Constable Services (27), Fire Safety (5), and Foot Patrol (1 coordinator). The Foot patrol and building evacuation teams are comprised of approximately 500 volunteers. 

Key Clients:  Students, faculty, staff, and visitors.

Main Services:  Campus Special Constable Service provides a 24/7, 365 day service providing safety & security to all aspects of campus life. In addition to investigative responsibilities, these services include constant campus patrols by vehicle, foot and bicycle. We are also responsible for fire safety, emergency management and foot patrol. 

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Bill Chantler
Director, Campus Safety & Emergency Services
t. (519) 661-4010