Operations & Finance @ a Glance

Campus Community Police Service

Recent Successes: • The Harmony 10 Emergency Exercise evaluated the University’s response to a major, sustained power outage. • A “live burn” exercise carried out during O-Week educated all first year students in fire safety. • Personal security to high profile V.I.Ps and dignitaries visiting the campus.

Sample Issues We Help With: Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design (CPTED) on new Nursing/FIMS building. Traffic congestion issues on Western Rd and on Campus. Operational planning for special events, (i.e.: O-Week, Homecoming, V.I.P. visits). Campus Police often works in collaboration with Housing, ITS and Facilities Management to identify security solutions.

Current Projects: • Major Operational Planning process underway to support a safe Homecoming weekend.
• Numerous CPTED reviews underway to incorporate perimeter access to all campus buildings. • Re-accreditation process continues in anticipation of CCPS maintaining accreditation in spring of 2016.

Metrics: We serve all faculty, staff and students, in excess of 30,000 people, on the main campus as well as three Affiliated University Colleges. Over 2,600 investigations are conducted every year. Fire inspections and alarm testing is carried out in over 93 buildings. Late night foot patrols and security escorts are carried out with over 250 volunteers.

Facilities Management: Facilities Operations; Building Services; Facilities Development & Engineering; Parking & Visitor Services; and, Sustainability

Recent Successes: • Minister of Environment & Climate Change Award for Environmental Excellence. • STARS Gold (Sustainability Tracking, Assessment, and Rating System. • Improved customer communication through Client Services. • Recruitment of multiple leadership roles within the Division.  • Completion of major projects on time and on budget, including Delaware Hall and the Music Building. • Mustang Market furniture decision matrix. • Campus Master Plan.

Sample Issues We Help With: Maintaining services and utilities for a city within a city in the event of emergencies and disruptions, including steam for heating and sterilization of University Hospital and power for all campus buildings. Reduction of Western’s environmental footprint across varied stakeholders. Cleaning up after events in occupied buildings for the next use, often in a short timeframe. Construction in occupied buildings; tight timelines; changing market conditions; summer construction; and, road closures / service interruptions.

Current Projects: • Bench-marking and tracking of key performance indicators. • Integrating Ivey Spencer Leadership Centre staff into main campus. • Increasing in-house project work, including implementation of multiple energy reduction projects across campus, to improve building performance, reduce project costs, and increase pride of ownership. • Western Interdisciplinary Research Building. • Academic Building (FIMS/Nursing). • CL3 Laboratory. •University College Renovation.

Metrics: Facilities Management responds to 1,500 calls and e-mails to Client Services each month from more than 40,000 staff, faculty and students, and completed more than 35,000 Work Orders in 2014-2015. FMO maintains more than 9 million square feet of building space, 15km of road, and 38km of sidewalks across 1,100 acres of land. FMO mitigated $1.26 million of energy costs through demand management efforts between July 1, 2014 and June 30, 2015. FD&E is currently overseeing 21 major projects totaling $225 million, and more than 100 maintenance and modernization of infrastructure projects valued at over $20 million; managing 300 projects for a total budget of $274 million (including unit-funded and ancillaries).

Financial Services

Recent Successes: • Mustang Market, Western’s new e- procurement solution. • The Best Value Business Model (BVBM) is a new procurement tool for vendor selection and performance management. • The annualized return for the Operating & Endowment portfolio the 5 year period ending April 2015 was approximately 10%. Endowments grew by $266.9 million during that 5 year period.

Sample Issues We Help With: Tax reporting and advice to maximize tax effectiveness (e.g. staff/faculty relocation, sabbaticals, cross border commodities and HST compliance). Facilitate customs and logistics relating to the handling, shipping and delivery of goods and materials to ensure compliance with the Government regulations. Strategic sourcing to support innovative and emerging research activity.

Current Projects: •Implementation of the new travel management agreement with FCm Travel Solutions; including on-line booking tools and easy access to preferred rates. • Exploring the use of Business Intelligence solutions to provide clearer financial information to our clients. • In partnership with HR, developing a series of new learning modules that will be delivered as part of the Operational Excellence training series for administrative staff.

Metrics: In 2015, Research Finance managed 5,190 research projects totaling $153 million. Since its launch in 2014, Mustang Market has processed over 43,000 POs; representing $249M in spending and driving $2M in savings to date. Over 30,000 Travel and Expense claims were processed last year.

Health Services

Recent Successes: • Screening Vaccinations: This year HS has taken on the screening of approximately 2,500 students with clinical placements in Medicine, Dentistry, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Nursing, and Speech Language Pathology, to ensure that their vaccinations are up-to-date and mask fit testing complete. • Renovations in the Student Health Services front office allows for more efficient reception processes to occur, along with enhanced privacy and confidentiality conditions for patients.

Sample Issues We Help With: Western’s Health Services offers family doctor services including, x-rays and blood tests, prescribing medications, and making referrals to medical specialists. Our Wellness Education has focused on addressing Mental Health issues, including the importance of sleep, exercise, nutrition, and connection with others.

Current Projects: • Travelling Flu Shot Clinics across campus in November and December will better facilitate flu-shot distribution. • HS has been working collaboratively with USC and Student Experience to set up a Wellness Education Centre, expected to open by the end of 2015. The goal is to enhance awareness of mental health and other wellness issues, and promote a variety of services and resources available on campus.

Metrics: This past year, the staff serviced about 52,000 visits at Student Health Services, 9,000 visits at the Family Practice Clinic, and 1,500-2,000 visits at Workplace Health.

Hospitality Services

Recent Successes: • ‘Beyond Fair Trade’ is a new coffee concept featuring world-renowned Doi Chaang coffee that was introduced at Einstein’s in Taylor Library. This coffee is the only designated ‘Beyond Fair Trade’ coffee in Canada. • A series of renovations took place in the UCC Centre Spot during summer 2015. A full service, pay-by-weight salad bar and soup station has been introduced in the core of Centre Spot. • To help ease the line-up at the main Tim Hortons, a self-service Tim Horton Express was also introduced.

Sample Issues We Help With: HS is committed to creating a more sustainable food system in support of Western’s roadmap for building a healthier and more sustainable campus community. More than 30% of total food and ingredients purchased in Residence Dining are locally sourced. This relates to more than $1.6 million staying in Ontario. By getting involved in the local food system, HS supports local farmers and processors, reduces environmental pollution, and protects local farm land.

Current Projects: • Renovation plans are well underway for the Saugeen-Maitland servery and dining hall in 2016. The new layout includes a centre island featuring salad bar and sushi stations with a dessert area; a dedicated spot for Deli and After 8.A lounge area with a fireplace will also be incorporated into the seating area. • 2016 will also bring an exciting new concept to Quotes, DB Weldon Library. Negotiations are underway with Argo Tea, specialists in unique and delicious signature beverages and teas. • Centre Spot will continue to undergo renovation for retail operations. Plans include increasing the servery size.

Metrics: On a regular school day, Campus Eateries and Residence Dining operations service more than 23,000 students, staff and faculty across campus. Every year, from May to mid-August, the Western Bed & Breakfast operation provides 34,000 bed-nights for the Western and London communities.


Recent Successes: • Rez Powers Down program received a 2015 Quality and Productivity Award presented by the Canadian Association of University Business Officers (CAUBO). • In its 50th anniversary year, Delaware Hall re-opened with a fresh new look following renovations. • Move-in days during the Labour Day weekend were seamless, as more than 5,000 first-year and upper-year students moved into residence.

Sample Issues We Help With: Housing plays an integral role in the recruitment of first-year students. Our Residences have earned a national reputation for providing a breadth of residence options within well-maintained buildings, an innovative residence life program, and a rewarding experience that contributes to learning outside the classroom. Housing is actively involved in supporting and maintaining a safe campus where sexual violence is not tolerated. The various components of Housing’s sexual violence prevention program contributed to Western’s recent receipt of provincial grant funding.
Residence Counselling supports residents’ mental health and wellness by facilitating their personal development, self-awareness, problem solving and communication.

Current Projects: • Various modules within StarRez, our new Housing Management Software System, have been launched. • Marketing strategies are increasing occupancy and improving appeal to international students, many of whom have already experienced residential living during high school. • We’re hosting 200+ housing professionals from across the country for our professional association’s annual spring conference in 2016.

Metrics: Residence at Western ranks in the top three against our Canadian peers. Currently our residences are 97% occupied, while the apartments and townhouses are 99% full. The Off-Campus Housing Service is the #1 source for students finding their off-campus accommodations with more than 2,500 landlords and 6,000 listings.

Internal Audit

Recent Successes: • First revision of Safe Disclosure Policy approved by Board of Governors. • Well received first revision of Risk Dashboard for Audit Committee. • International Student Travel risk management review.

Sample Issues We Help With: International student travel, social media and third party cloud service risk assessment are examples of how Internal Audit assists units in understanding the risks that accompany their initiatives. As well, Internal Audit assists in assessing newer technologies and the potential impact on operations.

Current Projects: • Research partnership review. • Mental health response review. • Western policy compliance assessment. • Operational Excellence training program for administrative staff.

Metrics: 40% of Internal Audit’s work assesses risk management related to Western’s strategic objectives. There are nine Critical Strategic Risks: Reputation, Government Commitment, Change Readiness, Leadership, Financial, Research, Information, Student Satisfaction, and Advancement. 50% of work comprises operational and compliance reviews and advisory services. 60 high-level University-wide processes: research, finance, human resources, students, advancement, physical plant, health & safety, security etc. 30 Western policies with a direct link to the audit work plan. 10% of work relates to investigations. Internal Audit is your resource for advice when considering how best to respond to new or existing risks.

Legal Counsel

Recent Successes: • Finalized major Affiliation Agreement between Western and the two teaching hospitals. • Managed complex Student Code of Conduct cases. • Facilitated the development and dissemination of Western’s Sexual Violence Policy.

Sample Issues We Help With: Negotiation of contracts, advice on student appeals, overseeing litigation against Western, and conflict and dispute resolution.

Current Projects: • Advising ITS on issues arising out of the conversion of e-mail to Office 365. • Providing legal and strategic advice with respect to building development issues on the University campus.

Metrics: Progress on law suits. The number of Student Code of Conduct cases and appeals. The number of contracts renewed or advised.

Retail Services

Recent Successes: • The Bookstore has partnered with Propel Entrepreneurship since June to feature the products and services of student entrepreneurs from Western. • The annual food drive and Books for Every Child Drive raised over $7,000 for charity this year. • The Bookstore has won numerous awards over the past 10 years including ‘Canadian Campus Bookseller of the Year’ multiple times, and the ‘2013 London Friends of the Public Library Award’.

Sample Issues We Help With: In supporting the achievement of excellence at Western, student and faculty initiatives are always a priority for Retail Services. We work closely with Faculties, Libraries, ITS, and are actively involved in the implementation of resources and learning management systems. We adapt to new course-material delivery methods through technology; support campus software site-licensing in partnership with ITS; provide retail support for various campus events from conferences, author events, and sport events.

Current Projects: • Launched a redesigned website that incorporates Books Plus and the Campus Computer Store. The new website has been designed to provide a user-friendly experience with improved navigation and functionality. • Expanding options for digital delivery of course material as demand increase on campus. • The Campus Computer Store has entered into an arrangement with Cellular Magician, a local company that services and repairs Apple, Android, Blackberry, and Windows Mobile devices. Cellular Magician is located in the Campus Solutions Tech Services office (UCC Room 80).

Metrics: During the first week when classes start, 30,000 transactions are processed, while the average time of wait-in-line-to-check-out is less than four minutes.