What We Do

Key Clients:

Academic administrators, faculty, staff and the Senior Leadership teams

Main Services:

The Office of the University Legal Counsel provides the following services to Western:
  • advice on issues related to student discipline and academic appeals
  • contract drafting, reviews* and negotiations
  • advice on governance, corporate, insurance matters, and policy development
  • real estate, construction, and intellectual property support
  • support for estate matters, donor agreements and other advancement endeavours
  • advice on research and research misconduct matters
  • managing affiliation agreements for practicum placements, and providing support for other types of agreements
  • support for accommodation and human rights matters
  • overseeing academic file requests from third parties
  • managing costs of legal services to maximize the value of expenditures and to minimize exposure to risk
  • retain, instruct and oversee external legal counsel on behalf of the University
  • litigation support

Students: Please be advised that the Office of the University Legal Counsel does not provide personal legal services to Western’s students. Students who are in need of legal advice or support are urged to contact Western Law’s Community Legal Services
* Please note – Legal Counsel will require 10 business days for initial review of any contract