Nikon Eclipse Ti2E Inverted Deconvolution System

• Operate via touch buttons, joystick control pad, or software
• “Assistance Guide” available through downloadable app
• High sensitivity motorized stage with 10 nm resolution
• Accepts slides, dishes, and plates, microfluidic devices- complete viewing to edges of 96 well plate
• Incubated stage heater with CO2 available for live cell work
• High speed autofocus over multiple locations and time points

• Single push button controls for each imaging channel
• Quick auto exposure

MULTI DIMENSIONAL (ND) ACQUISITION: Build experiments with multiple dimensions, with choice of wizard –guided or manual build:

  • Multichannel
  • Z-stack
  • Multiple XY points saved with a click
  • Large image tile and stitch
  • Time phase routines
  • Autofocus routines
  • Change temperature, gas exchange, or microfluidic drug introductions

TWO CAMERAS (Fluorescent and Brightfield)

• Fluorescent: pco.Edge 4.2 bi sCMOS: Ultra high framerate, (95%) QE for ultra high sensitivity and extremely low noise, 40 fps full frame, or up to 300fps sub frame size, huge 18.8 mm FOV
• Colour: 5.9 mpx DS-F13: 30 fps, high speed tiling and stitching

• White light LED for bright field and DIC with fly eye to create even flat field illumination and perfect colour reproduction
• Integrated, error-free DIC with auto component recognition

ILLUMINATION Fluorescence:

EXCITATION: Lumencore Aura III light engine houses brightest excitation illumination available UV to Cy7-single channel colour excitation with laser-like precision

EMISSION: Includes pentaband and individual dichroic cubes plus lightning fast emission filter wheel, for flexible imaging setups. Combine different EX/EM choices for other specialty fluorochromes
• Unique Cy7/AF750: plant and insect users can choose to image or avoid autofluorescent signals
• Chlorophyll channels for plant Biologists-choose from chlorophyll A or B

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