Why use the Biotron's Imaging Facility?

Answers – Fast!
In the competitive and fast moving world of science, today's researchers need resources and support to reach their scientific goals. That's where the Biotron's Imaging and Microscopy Facility stands apart. Our team of experts is here to guide you and your staff and students from sample preparation through to publication quality digital imaging and analysis, to get the answers you need fast.

Training & Support
Instrument training is free for registered Western students.  (Instrument usage rates will always apply, even during training.) Through dedicated support, researchers get their answers faster, staff and students publish more, and instruments operate more efficiently, freeing them up for more users. We offer consultation, seminars, reference materials, courses and hands on training to users across campus and beyond. Complementary demonstrations of the equipment are also available upon request!  Dedicated project support is also available for students and users who need extra technical advice and training from sample preparation, through microscopy to image analysis and publication.

Secure Image and Data Transfer

To protect equipment and data, all of our systems are networked to a secure, central corporate Dropbox account.  Image and data transfer is fast and easy.

Practical, Well Appointed Workspace
Surrounding our central wetlab and microtomy suites, our microscopes are housed separately in quiet, darkened rooms.  A variety of cameras and microscopes are available to image samples from 55 mm down to Angstrom sized.  We provide several networked image analysis workstations.