Compound Fluorescence: Imager Z1

Imager Z1

A cornerstone in Biotron’s Imaging Module is the Compound Fluorescence: Imager Z1 by Zeiss. This upright compound microscope offers our users an ideal imaging solution for a wide variety of samples with superb optics. Ergometric design with digital scope control means user comfort over long stints.  The Z1 provides 8 channels of fluorescence plus bright field, dark field, phase and DIC imaging. It is outfitted with up to 8 high numerical aperture objectives ranging from 2.5x up to 100x magnification, and both high-sensitivity fluorescence and high resolution colour cameras. 

This fully digital Z1 Imager allows users to design and implement complex imaging projects with repeatability and control.  The user-friendly Zen software offers modules for:

      1. Automated Multichannel imaging in up to 8 channels.
      2. Automated Z-stack imaging with extended depth of focus module to bring all layers into sharp relief.
      3. Time series mode with and without photobleaching.
      4. Stitching and tiling mode for imaging whole tissues or whole slides automatically in all experimental modes (e.g., multichannel, z-stack, time series, etc.).
      5. Inside 4D rendering software for 3D plus time rendering.
      6. Automated output to both Image Pro and Imaris analysis software.

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