Stereo Microscopes

Our Stereo Lumar can provide a true stereo image at up to 125× magnification with sub-micrometer resolution in three fluorescent channels (see Table). It can image in both transmitted and reflected light modes for optimal lighting of a wide variety of samples.

The motorized features of this system include automated focus and zoom allowing for z-stacks, 3D reconstruction, multichannel imaging, extended depth of focus and time lapse imaging, and true movie-making modes.

This microscope is perfect for developmental biology projects, especially those looking at fluorescent protein expression (e.g. GFP, RFP) in whole organisms or tissues.

Table 1  Zeiss StereoLumar V12 Technical Specifications



01 (UV)

49 (UV)

38 (Green)

20 (Red)

Excitation: 353-377

Excitation:  G365

Excitation:  BP 470/40

Excitation: BP 546/12

Emission: LP 395 (optional)

Emission:  BP 445/50 (installed)

Emission:  BP 525/50 (installed)

Emission: BP 575-640 (installed)



1.5x NeoLumar S  (optional)

      WD = 30mm

      Field of view=1.5 to 19.2 mm

0.8xNeoLumar S  (installed)

      WD = 80mm

Field of View=3.0 to 36 mm


Up to 12:1 ( Yields up to 125x Magnification on 1.5x lens)

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