Electron: Philips CM10 Transmission Microscope

Imaging TEM

The extremely capable CM 10 is a user friendly instrument. Ours has been upgraded with a digital imaging system and has a LaB6 Filament for greater beam stability. With up to 100Kv accelerating voltage, the CM 10 is an excellent system for both biological and material imaging including plant cells, viruses, fimbriae and nanoparticles, as well as structure analysis and immunoelectron microscopy.

The system has a magnification range of 18× to 450,000×; an accelerating voltage range of  40Kv to 100Kv; and Resolution (objective lens): 0.5nm/5.0å (point), 0.34nm/3.4å (line).

Technical Specifications


Range of 18x to 450,000x magnification

Accelerating voltage

40 to 100Kv


3 Angstrom Point to Point Resolution


-60 to +60o Specimen Tilt

Image Capture

AMT Advantage digital imaging system.  Hamamatsu Orca HRL Camera with 1024x1024 pixel format.


LaB6 Filament for greater beam stability

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