The University has an approved list of dates which are recognized religious holidays which require members of those religions to be absent from the University. This is what we will use when reviewing your request.

All religious considerations, with the exception for final exams, should be approved by your professor. Please talk with your instructor first.

If they can’t approve or refuse to approve then please submit a ticket through our Academic Advising Help Portal. In some cases, you may be asked to verify the holiday or observance.

Religious considerations for final exams MUST be approved in Academic Advising – and you must submit your requests with a minimum of two weeks' notice. See the University Policy  for more information on religious holidays.

If you write your tests/exams with Accommodated Exams (through Student Accessibility Services) you will also need to fill out the Makeup Request Form through the Examination Services Portal. It is important you contact them separately from this academic absence approval process – and as soon as you can.