Compassionate reasons range from bereavement to weddings to high school commencements and more. We get that life happens outside of your academics and there may be a time when you can’t meet your responsibilities due to something we would consider a compassionate reason. Please realize though that these considerations are not granted automatically and documentation depending on the circumstance must be provided to support the reason for the absence.

Is your course work you have missed/will be missing worth UNDER 10% of your final grade?

If so, please see your instructor for approval.

If your course outline says to submit a formal request to Academic Advising OR your missed/missing work is 10% or more of your final grade:
  1. Submit a ticket through our Academic Advising Help Portal
  2. Upload supporting documentation (required): **PDF or JPG preferred
    • Bereavement: including funerals, visitations – death certificate, obituary notice.
    • Wedding: invitation and relationship to the wedding party.
    • High School Commencement: invitation or notification from high school that shows the date, time, and location of the event.
    • Non-Varsity Sporting Events, Non-Western Academic Events: proof of date, time, and duration along with evidence that you are required at the event. Please do not book or commit to any event prior to speaking with Academic Advising. We do not want you to book tickets before you find out if your absence will be supported.

*Incomplete submissions will cause delays!*

If you write your tests/exams with Accommodated Exams (through Student Accessibility Services) you will also need to fill out the Makeup Request Form through the Examination Services Portal. It is important you contact them separately from this academic absence approval process – and as soon as you can.