Western Research Scholars Academy

Deccorative image of a seated Asian woman in the sunlight speaking to a Black woman with her back turned.

The Western Research Scholars Academy is a new mentorship network for Western researchers co-designed with researchers to provide support through connection and mentorship with international academic leaders, professional development and research resources.

In line with Western’s strategic plans, Western Research aims to:

  • Create mentorship and networking opportunities for Western researchers, prioritizing those from equity-deserving groups
  • Build interdisciplinary and international connections between top researchers
  • Support and deepen equity, diversity, inclusion and decolonization (EDI-D) in research
  • Make additional resources available to scholars to facilitate their envisioned future success
  • Elevate Western researcher profiles and research programs
  • Formalize a mentorship process connecting Western researchers to one another

Mentorship & Networking

Participants are paired with diverse senior mentors who are top leaders in their fields and committed to EDI-D. Mentors are invited to meet with their mentees, interact with other Western researchers and academic leaders and deliver public lectures. Mentors are encouraged to work with mentees on scholarly contributions such as policy proposals, grant proposals, etc. over the program term.

Informal networking events will be held throughout the program and a celebratory event will be held at the completion of the program. Networking will also have a focus on creating space for, and facilitating, relationships among researchers who self-identify as belonging to an equity-deserving group.

Learning & Development

The program will support skills development through a monthly seminar series addressing participant-driven topics, such as conversations with diverse scholars on their experiences in academia, research dissemination and impact, patents, embedding EDI-D in research and developing multi-institutional strategic grants. The schedule of upcoming Scholars Academy events, including the monthly seminar series, can be found using the button at the right.


Do you have feedback pertaining to the Western Research Scholars Academy you'd like to provide? We would love to hear your thoughts, suggestions and concerns in any areas we can improve as our goal is to co-develop this program with you. Please use the feedback form to provide input.


For more information or questions regarding the Scholars Academy programming and resources, please contact, Samantha Albanese, Program Coordinator, Western Research Scholars Academy.