New Faculty Orientation to Western Research

Western Research has compiled a series of short videos to orient new faculty to the processes, practices, and facets of engaging in research as part of Western University.

Each of the videos below require logging into your Western Office365 account. If you have any issues, please contact

Research Services

Please contact the Research Services team at whenever you’re applying to a funding opportunity or have received research funding.  In addition to conducting thorough administrative reviews and facilitating institutional signatures and approvals, our team also supports scholars across campus in the areas of research eligibility, sponsor/agency guidelines, award management and certification compliance.

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Office of Human Research Ethics

On behalf of Western's Research Ethics Boards (REB), the OHRE manages the approval and monitoring for the use of humans in research at the university and its affiliates.  All research involving humans conducted by faculty, staff or students at Western or its affiliated hospitals or research institutes must be approved by a Western-sanctioned review board. 

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Research Contracts and Partnerships

The Research Contracts & Partnership Agreements team manages contractual research partnership agreements by drafting agreements and negotiating with partners to achieve mutually beneficial agreements. It also helps researchers and partners find common ground by providing guidance throughout the lifecycle of a research project.

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International Research

The International Research Team manages the development and submission of international grants and initiation of international research agreement processes, in collaboration with Western International and the Research Contracts & Partnership Agreements team. The team helps you to: develop a strategy for your international research; identify and establish relationships with global partners; build your teams through matchmaking and partnership agreements; and identify funding opportunities.

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ROLA (Research On-line Administration)

ROLA is Western’s corporate grant management system. ROLA collects internal Western e-approvals in advance of providing institutional signatures and sign-off on grant applications, contracts, agreements and research-related letters of support. It is the necessary first step to obtaining a research account for funded projects. A principal investigator’s research application and award history is maintained in this system, as it houses relevant internal communications on financial commitments, certifications and award notices.

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Research Development

The Research Development team is accountable for helping Western's research community develop compelling proposals for institutional funding programs, building large and complex multi-institutional proposals, and responding to emerging opportunities in the research funding landscape. We also manage Western's suite of internal funding programs and assist in the development of international funding.

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Who owns your intellectual property at Western?  What Western resources are available to support commercialization and entrepreneurship?  If you don’t know the answers to these questions you want to make sure you watch this short video which will introduce you to WORLDiscoveries and briefly outline the support available to you and your work.

Watch the WORLDiscoveries video


Animal Care & Veterinary Services

A core unit of Western Research, Animal Care and Veterinary Services (ACVS) helps advance Western’s research mission by providing standardized and customized solutions, 365 days a year, using a team-based approach in the areas of animal husbandry, veterinary and technical services, training and education, and compliance.

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Knowledge Exchange

The Knowledge Exchange and Impact video provides an overview of the supports and services offered to our Western community including: development of knowledge exchange plans and integration of knowledge exchange into grant applications; descriptions of scholarly outputs, impacts and expertise; research program conceptualization; program evaluations; presentations, training, events and tools geared to knowledge exchange and research impact.

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Compliance and Integrity

The Manager, Research Compliance Programs and Education helps to mitigate risk by working closely with many of the other compliance areas across campus to offer education and training, assistance with licensing, risk assessment and monitoring.

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