Current Western College of Reviewers

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Current Members

Janusz Adamus, Science
Liliana Alvarez, Health Sciences
Laurel Austin, Ivey
Cody Barteet, Arts & Humanities
Mehmet Begen, Ivey
Adam Patrick Bell, Music
Pamela Block, Social Science
Brian Branfireun, Science
Arthur Brown, Schulich
Rachel Calogero, Social Science
Lisa Cameron, Schulich
Grant Campbell, FIMS
Isha Decoito, Education
Zhifeng Ding, Science
Robert DiSalle, Arts & Humanities
Giovanni Fanchini, Science
Qingping Feng, Schulich
Peter Franck, Music
Miranda Goode, Ivey
Paul Gribble, Social Science
Hyukjun Gweon, Science
Geraint Harvey, Social Science
Matt Heath, Health Sciences
Anders Holm, Social Science
David Howe, Health Sciences
Laura Huey, Social Science
Jennifer Ingrey, Education
Mi Song Kim, Education
George Knopf, Engineering
Kate Korycki, Arts & Humanities
Anita Kothari, Health Sciences
Hanif Ladak, Engineering
Patrick Lajoie, Schulich
Anh Le, Social Science
Wei-Yang Lu, Schulich
Alan MacEachern, Social Science
Maria Mathews, Schulich
Ken McRae, Social Science
Stanimir Metchev, Science
Mostafa Milani, Science
Marc Moreno Maza, Science
Alfonso Nocilla, Law
Veronica Pacini-Ketchabaw, Education
Martin Petrin, Law
Eva Pila, Health Sciences
Yasaman Rafat, Arts & Humanities
Madhumita Ray, Engineering
Charles Rice, Health Sciences
Daniel Robinson, FIMS
Scott Schaffer, Social Science
Katreena Scott, Education
Sandra Smeltzer, Information & Media Studies
Keith St Lawrence, Schulich
Robert Stainton, Arts & Humanities
Jana Starling, Music
Graham Thompson, Science
Ying Zheng, Engineering
Wenxing Zhou, Engineering

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