Name Affiliation Platform Technology Group
Dr. Ed Lui UWO - Physiology/Pharmacology
Scientific Director
Dr. John Arnason U of Ottawa - Biology Phytochemistry
Dr. David Bailey UWO - Medicine, Physiology/Pharmacology Safety
Dr. Marica Bakovic U of Guelph - Human Health & Nutritional Science Pre-Clinical
Dr. Dan Brown UWO - Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada Plant Biotechnology
Dr. Subrata Chakrabarti UWO - Pathology Pre-Clinical
Dr. Paul Charpentier UWO - Biochemical Engineering Phytochemistry, Advanced Processing
Dr. John Ciriello UWO - Physiology/Pharmacology Pre-Clinical
Dr. Lique Coolen UWO - Physiology/Pharmacology Pre-Clinical
Dr. Qingping Feng UWO - Physiology/Pharmacology Pre-Clinical
Dr. Valter Feyles UWO - Obstetrics and Gynecology Safety
Dr. Jim Henry McMaster University - Psychiatry & Behavioural Neurosciences Pre-Clinical
Dr. Morris Karmazyn UWO - Physiology/Pharmacology Pre-Clinical
Dr. Joaquim Madrenas UWO - Immunology and Microbiology Pre-Clinical
Dr. Ana Ning UWO - King's College Knowledge Translation
Dr. Earl Noble UWO - Health Sciences Pre-Clinical
Dr. Kem Rogers UWO - Anatomy and Cell Biology Pre-Clinical
Dr. Praveen Saxena U of Guelph - Plant Agriculture Plant Biotechnology
Dr. Zacharias Suntres Northern Ontario School of Medicine - Medical Sciences Pre-Clinical
Dr. John Trevithick UWO - Kinesiology, Biochemistry Pre-Clinical
Dr. Jesse Zhu UWO - Biochemical Engineering Advanced Processing