Dr. John T. Arnason - Research Committee Chair, Phytochemistry PTG Leader

University of Ottawa
Dept. Biology


Our primary research goal is to examine the phytochemistry of Ontario ginseng populations.   As a first step, we wish to better characterize Ontario ginseng.  Ginsenoside variation within and among five Ontario ginseng populations is being examined using high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC) and HPLC- mass-spectrometry (MS) techniques.  Along with assessing ginsenoside variation, we will also be examining malonyl ginsenoside and phenolic content.  This assessment may suggest if separate ginseng populations can be considered unique landraces based on their phytochemical properties.  Our secondary objective is to correlate variation in phytochemical principles to in-vitro activity in anti-glycation and antioxidant bioassays.  This may allow us to gain insight into mechanisms behind activity as well as potentially identify individual ginseng roots or populations with unique activity. Correlating phytochemical properties with biological activity may contribute to the identification and development of cultivars with unique values.

Dr. Arnason


Platform Technology Group: Phytochemistry
Research Keywords: HPLC, mass spectrometry, ginsenoside variation, in-vitro assays
Phone: (613) 562-5262
E-mail: john.arnason@uottawa.ca
Personal web page: http://www.science.uottawa.ca/~jarnason/
Research Projects: Ginsenoside extraction and characterization
Trainees: Jose Antonio Guerrero (PDF); not currently accepting applications