PTG - Knowledge Translation

The OGIRC research program is based on a multi-disciplinary and collaborative research model involving constant interaction between researchers and the various players such as health care providers, regulators, industry leaders, growers, marketers, importers, exporters, and consumers throughout the process. This model promotes synergy between knowledge arising from the scientific community and knowledge gathered in the field. 

In order to evaluate strategies aimed at enhancing the quality, safety and efficacy of Ontario ginseng products, three stages are planned:

  1. Setting up a baseline for benefits of Ontario ginseng products gathered through an attitudes survey as well as focus groups and in-depth interviews with consumers, providers, and other key industry, policy and marketing stakeholders to expand our qualitative understanding of the perceptions of use of Ontario-grown ginseng and through a combination of bio-scientific methodologies and traditional Chinese medical approaches to validate product quality, safety and efficacy of Ontario ginseng products.
  2. Developing appropriate methodologies and interventions to validate unique ginseng varieties for production, marketing and consumption.
  3. Assessing the effects of these strategies by verifying the benefits of Ontario ginseng products, and knowledge translation of the application of Ontario-grown ginseng in research, policy, clinical and community settings.

The evaluation and consolidation will involve translating and disseminating research findings for target groups in terms of outreach, education, policy and practice. Ongoing qualitative and quantitative research will monitor changes and the emergence of new issues throughout the project. The consolidation will also include forging national and international linkages through sponsoring key networking meetings between researchers, practitioners, industry, policy and consumer sectors to invite discussion about the research findings and recommendations for action.

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Knowledge Translation PTG Members


Dr. Ana Ning - King's University College, Dept. Sociology

Dr. Edmund Lui - UWO, Dept. Physiology and Pharmacology

Dr. David Sharp - UWO, Ivey School of Business

Paul Saunders - Ontario College of Naturopathic Medicine

Mary Wu - Toronto School of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Ling Ting - WORLDiscoveries Industry Liason