Plant Biotechnology Seminar Session

Plant Biotechnology Seminar Session was held with guest speakers Dr C. Robin Buell, and Dr Mary Hausbeck, from the Department of Plant Biology at Michigan State University.  For the full program, see our Workshops page.

Date:    Monday, April 16 2012
Place:  Physiology/Pharmacology Main Boardroom
            MSB 212 A/B
Time:   2.00 pm – 5.00 pm


Indigenous Camp

On July 5, 2011, the OGIRC hosted an afternoon session at Western’s “Mini University Summer Camp” for Ontario First Nations youth.  The program offers an exploration of Western’s Health Science and Science programs, participation in interactive activities and an overview of University life.

Sixteen campers in grades 8 and 9 were introduced to research on Traditional Medicines in an interdisciplinary environment by OGIRC Director Dr Ed Lui, and representatives of the Pre-Clinical, Advanced Processing and Plant Biotechnology groups.  Dr Greg Thorn of Western’s Biology Department led campers on a “Medicine Walk” along the Alumni Trail to point out traditionally used plants found on campus.

A game of “Capture the Flag” set a team of campers acting as “disease/health conditions” such as cancer, diabetes and cold/flu against a team of campers acting as “ginseng health effects” to “invade the body” and capture the flag.  We are happy to report that ginseng won the day!


Summer 2011 Field Trip

On June 16, 2011 a large contingent of students, investigators and staff from the OGIRC travelled to Windsor, Ontario, for an extensive and informative tour of the Jamieson Laboratories facilities.  The London group was joined by members of Dr Siyaram Pandey’s lab from the Department of Chemistry & Biochemistry at the University of Windsor, as well as five students from the lab of Dr Robert Kakos, Director, College of Engineering, at Wayne State University in Detroit, Michigan.

Gary Leong, Vice-President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, at Jamieson Laboratories greeted the group upon their arrival at the Jamieson offices on Twin Oaks Drive.  Before and after the lunch break, group members were given a tour of both the tablet/liquid manufacturing operation and the soft gel facility.  A mid-afternoon Research Presentation session offered trainees an excellent opportunity to share information on their current research.   Following the lab presentations, Gary Leong was joined by Megan Thomas, Jamieson Research Manager, for a career panel session including discussion and questions from audience members.

We thank Jamieson Laboratories whose hospitality and generosity made the Summer 2011 OGIRC Field Trip such a resounding success.


Advanced Processing Workshop

Spencer Engineering Building Rm. 2009b, UWO Campus, March 10, 2011

The purpose of this workshop was to:

  1. Enhance collaboration among Platform Technology Groups (PTGs), particularly between the Pre-Clinical and Advanced Processing groups.
  2. Facilitate the planning of an "exit point" for the entire OGIRC project: creation of new, value-added Ontario ginseng products shown to be safe & effective.


Pre-Clinical PTG Workshop

Physiology and Pharmacology Boardroom (MSB 212), UWO Campus, December 1, 2010

The objective of this workshop, "Moving from pre-clinical research to clinical trials" was to prepare and formulate clinical (and basic) research projects to extend the current OGIRC funded preclinical studies.