Dr. Morris Karmazyn

University of Western Ontario

Dept. Physiology and Pharmacology

Medical Sciences Building, Rm. 252


Dr. Karmazyn's research area is cardiac hypertrophy and heart failure, and his research objective is to determine whether ginsenosides exert direct  cardiac antihypertrophic effects  and to determine the intracellular mechanisms for these effects. His lab is establishing mechanisms of action that produce antihypertropic effects of ginsenosides using rat coronary artery ligation/heart failure model and in vitro assays such as cultured cardiomyocytes including indices of hypertrophy, cell signalling, TF activation, intracellular ion regulation, etc.

Dr. Karmazyn


Platform Technology Group: Pre-Clinical
Research Keywords: Hypertrophy, cardiac myocytes, phenylephrine, cell signalling, calcineurin activation, Na-H exchange
Phone: (519) 661-2111 ext. 83872
E-mail: morris.karmazyn@schulich.uwo.ca
Personal web page: http://www.uwo.ca/physpharm/faculty/karmazyn_morris.html
Research Projects: Effects of ginseng on heart function in rats
Trainees: Ganjian Zhao (PDF); not currently accepting applications