Dr. John Trevithick

University of Western Ontario

Department of Biochemistry


Dr. Trevithick's research interest is the development of dietary agents to reduce risk of cataracts for astronauts, jet crews, nuclear cleanup workers, and others at increased risk of cataracts because of radiation exposure. Trevithick and his team showed vitamin E could effectively reduce lens damage induced by neutron radiation. Other antioxidants and plant juices and extracts (vegetables and herbs) will also be tested for reduction of cataract risk.


Platform Technology Group: Pre-Clinical
Research Keywords: Cataracts, radiation, antioxidants
Phone: (519) 661-2111 ext. 88373
E-mail: trevjohn@uwo.ca
Personal web page: n/a
Research Projects: Modeling experimental cataract risk reduction by ginseng extracts
Trainees: Tomasz Dzialoszynski (T)