Advance your Studies, Advance your Career

As a doctoral student at Western, you have access to Own Your Future - a co-curricular career and professional development program customized for you to advance your skills for success in your studies and beyond. Own Your Future offers: 

  • Workshops aligned to your degree milestones to help you stay on course
  • Expert-led training in the skills most needed for success in a variety of career
  • Career support to help you connect your passions and expertise to a range of career opportunities


Uncover Your Strengths, Customize Your Development

Own Your Future, featured in University Affairs, June 2022, complements your academic studies by focusing on the often-overlooked actions and behaviours that you engage in that contribute to your unique success – whether it’s your ability to manage a busy schedule and meet deadlines, your leadership in your department or campus community, or the mentorship you offer to your students.

Your path in your studies is unique and our goal is to make all of your achievements transparent so that it’s clear to you how to connect your skills and experience to many opportunities after you graduate. Our innovative Power Skills Assessment Tool helps you identify your strengths across six professional areas and helps you decide how to invest your time to customize your development. 


Invest in Yourself

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