Linguistics is the scientific study of human language. The focus of research and teaching in the linguistics program at Western is on theoretical and applied linguistics, bringing together an inter-faculty group of researchers for a truly interdisciplinary approach to the discipline. Learn More


The inter-faculty Program in Linguistics allows Western students from any Faculty to study Linguistics either on its own or in combination with another subject.


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Deepen your understanding of the various fields of linguistics.



The M.A. Program can be summed up in terms of Linguistics at Western not as formal, nor social, nor applied, but as all of these: the humanistic and scientific study of language as an abstract system of symbols that is known and used.


Linguistics Talks @ Western

A series of talks organized by the Linguistics Program

michael iannozzi

Keepers of a dying dialect: Italian immigrants in Sarnia, Ont., still speak an ancient language

Michael Iannozzi, a Sarnia-born linguistics student, is devoting his PhD to recording his hometown's specific brand of the dialect before the ones who speak it are gone 



  • Western Interdisciplinary Student Symposium on Language Research

TALL Laboratory

  • The TALL laboratory provides the electronic and technical infrastructure essential to the pursuit of leading edge linguistics research.


  • Practice of Ethics for Research in Linguistics (PERL), at the University of Western Ontario