Visiting Scholar

Applying to be a Visiting Scholar in the Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Laboratory at Western University

We welcome visiting scholars to our laboratory, subject to the limitations of our resources. Potential visiting scholars should familiarize themselves with the kinds of research done in the Theoretical and Applied Linguistics Laboratory (TALL) at the University of Western Ontario. We generally define a visiting scholar as an individual with a PhD who is an expert in a given area which dovetails with the interests of a TALL member and who plans to conduct research during their stay at our university. The interests of Visiting Scholars must mesh with those of members of the TALL. The focus of research in the TALL at the University of Western Ontario is in three major areas:

  • Theoretical linguistics (phonetics, phonology, morphology, syntax, semantics)
  • Language acquisition as it relates to linguistic theory
  • Language variation and change

To apply as a Visiting Scholar, please submit a letter outlining your research interests and plans, particular faculty member(s) with whom you would be interested in working, and an up-to-date curriculum vitae. Please send this information to Visiting scholar status is granted by a committee. Once a scholar is accepted, he or she is assigned a faculty sponsor.

We provide no salary or benefits to Visiting Scholars, and do not have any teaching opportunities for visiting scholars. We are generally unable to provide workspace, computer or telephone privileges, or clerical assistance for visiting scholars. We can help you obtain a library card. This gives you full use of the library and access to university computers. You are welcome to attend classes (with the permission of the instructor) and talks. Unfortunately we cannot accommodate visiting scholars whose primary research interests are in the following areas:

  • Language teaching (e.g., ESL, FSL)
  • Translation
  • Teaching methodology
  • Applied linguistics that is not connected to linguistic theory

We are also unable to assist with visa applications, health insurance, housing, or any other paperwork or matters of personal support.