Lucy Li (2023 Graduate)

Yanfei Lu (2022 Graduate)

PhD Candidate, Linguistics, University of Toronto, Toronto, Ontario

luI completed my BA in Linguistics at Western in 2020. I loved the program so much that I decided to continue my MA in Linguistics at Western as well. All of the faculty and staff members of the program have been very supportive and caring. Meanwhile, I have made friends with my cohorts and classmates and have learned a lot through collaborating with them on various projects. At Western, not only was I able to work on research projects on diverse topics under the supervision of professors who are esteemed scholars in different subfields of Linguistics, my cohorts and I have been encouraged and supported to build connections with peers and scholars from other institutions and disciplines through organizing and attending conferences.

The program also provides competitive funding opportunities, such as scholarships, research funding, and TA positions. These opportunities allowed me to focus on my research and studies while participating in activities on campus and in the field without financial burdens.

I am currently pursuing my doctoral studies in Linguistics at the University of Toronto, and I am really grateful for all of the classes, research experiences, TA experiences, as well as extracurricular and leadership experiences I have gained during my studies at Western. They have truly benefited and prepared me for the continuation of my pursuit in academia.

Douglas Severo (2019 Graduate)

severoI received my Bachelor of Education in Linguistics from Unisinos university (Brazil) in 2015. Later, I took one year of a two-year Masters program in Applied Linguistics at the Federal University of Rio Grande do Sul. I also received certificates including Academic Writing and TESOL. In Brazil, I worked as a teacher at various levels: primary, elementary, high school as well as in language centers teaching English as a foreign language and Portuguese - the official language in Brazil.

In 2017, I was admitted to the Masters program in Linguistics at Western university where besides being a graduate student, I also worked as Graduate Teaching Assistant. Right in my first year in the program, I was hired as a Linguist for Soundhound Inc. where I have helped develop both Brazilian and European phonological inventories, validate speech training data, and create phonetic and other linguistic input to train speech and language models. More recently, I was hired as a teacher at Thames Valley District School Board and as a Professor in the School of Language and Liberal Studies at Fanshawe College.

The Linguistics graduate program has provided me with both academic and professional opportunities.

Yasmeen Hakooz (2018 Graduate)

I enjoyed the MA program so much that I am currently pursuing a Ph.D. in applied linguistics at Western. The MA program led to many opportunities like publishing papers, conducting pilot studies, and organizing symposiums. Over the two years I made new colleagues, friends, and connections. My supervisor and many other faculty members were helpful and genuinely cared about my goals. One of my favourite experiences during the MA was having the opportunity to teach undergraduate students linguistics. I was once in their seat and it felt amazing to pass on my knowledge and love of linguistics. Western has become my second home.

Ren Lohmann (2018 Graduate)

lohmannMy time at Western was a varied and exciting one, beginning with my BA in English Language & Literature, and subsequent Undergraduate studies in Linguistics. My ultimate studies in the MA Linguistics program were a culmination of all my interests and strengths, from the intricacies of the culture and science of language, to the research and analysis in Communication Sciences.

The experience I gained in the program led directly to my employment as Curriculum Training Developer and host of in-house and online training materials at internationally recognized supplementary education provider Oxford Learning Centres, Inc.

The support and direction I received throughout the program was outstanding. I recommend this program to any student who enjoys sharing the love of language with other like-minded professionals and students.

Sarah Cornwell (2016 Graduate)

PhD Candidate, Library and Information Science, Faculty of Information and Media Studies, The University of Western Ontario, London, Ontario

cornwellI cannot speak highly enough about my time in the linguistics program at Western. The master's program, while challenging academically, fosters a cooperative and collegiate atmosphere. As an interdisciplinary scholar, the program allowed me flexibility in research foci while providing a strong grounding in the core areas of phonology and syntax. As a current PhD student, I benefit greatly from the high quality scholarly training I received. The master's of linguistics program provides multiple opportunities to carry out research projects and present and publish them. My experiences with the student conference (WISSLR) and working papers (WPL/CPL) meant that I was experienced and confident moving forward to my terminal degree.

Kristy Townshend (2016 Graduate)

Chelsea Whitwell (2015 Graduate)

cwBeing in the MA program at Western is a great place for aspiring academics to work together and push each other further. I really like knowing all of the members of the program, from my fellow students in the cohort to the professors and the administrative support. I love being on a first name basis with people I respect and knowing who I can go to with different types of questions. Each year, the courses offered are different from the previous year so both years of the program have the variation in the material that I want. Being in this Linguistics program has provided me with excellent experience as a researcher and a member of academia.

Feliks Rozenberg (2014 Graduate)


The interdisciplinary program in Linguistics is quite flexible and accommodates students with varying interests and backgrounds. I was given the chance to organize my schedule and course selection to balance between interest in general linguistics and computer science. My supervisor has been very helpful and provided constructive criticism every step of the way. Also as an international student I have received tremendous support with settling down and every day life matters related to life in Canada. Finally, the MA program has put me at a good starting point in the job market, allowing me to apply for jobs in my field.

Jordan Dyment (2012 Graduate)

jdWestern's MA program prepared me for a career in linguistics and language science. The program's inter-disciplinary approach provided me an opportunity to explore research in language and linguistics from both theoretical and applied perspectives. Students are offered the flexibility to take coursework with professors from several departments and are supported in pursuing research in those departments. The educational and research-based experience I gained during the program prepared me comprehensively for continued study in Communication Sciences and Disorders as well as for a career in Speech-Language Pathology. I recommend this program to anyone who loves linguistics and is interested in pursuing any career - academic or applied - that involves language.

 Kristen Izaryk (2011 Graduate)

kiThe MA program in Linguistics is a great program for students interested in linguistics and a variety of language-related fields, such as psychology, language disorders, and computer science. The interdisciplinary nature of the program was a perfect fit for me, being interested in both theoretical linguistics and language disorders, and it allowed me to tailor my Masters degree to focus on my exact research interests. And because the program is small, I felt supported in every way by the faculty, staff, and peers in the department. The faculty members are friendly, knowledgeable, and approachable and made each of my classes interesting and challenging, and because of this, I feel entirely prepared to begin my doctoral studies. On top of all that, the MA program is exceptionally well-funded. I definitely recommend this program for anyone looking for a personalized, challenging, and interdisciplinary graduate experience!

Kaja Jasinska (2009 Graduate)

kjThe M.A. program in Linguistics at UWO offers a unique opportunity to study linguistics from an interdisciplinary perspective and work with faculty across disciplines. The professors are approachable and eager to share their expertise, and provide the resources and support for success while challenging you along the way. The small size of the program ensures that the students and professors get to know each other very well and work together. My graduate experience in the M.A. program in Linguistics provided me with the necessary research skills and theoretical foundation to continue language research at the Ph.D. level.

Caelan Marr (2010 Graduate)

cbmThe Master's in Linguistics program at the University of Western Ontario was the perfect fit for me. The two year Master's program is giving me the time, not only to develop my own research ideas, but also allowing me to specialize my skills and knowledge in linguistics. The small class sizes have allowed me to get to know each and every one of my professors and to expand my academice network incredibly. The professors and staff within the program are understanding, friendly and communicative and work to the highest level to be accommodating and to push me towards personal success. My experiences within this program have been great and I feel that it has more than prepared me to continue my research onto the PhD level. I highly recommend the Master's in Linguistics program to all students interested in a higher level of understanding within the field of linguistics.

Jessica Spieker (2009 Graduate)

jsWhy should you study linguistics at Western? Because the program is small and supportive and you will receive all the attention you require, because the faculty comes from many diverse academic backgrounds, because you will have access to all the facilities in the TALL lab, because you will be well funded, and most of all because you will have the exciting opportunity to conduct your own independent linguistic research at a world-class university.

My experiences in the graduate Linguistics program here at Western have been nothing short of phenomenal - the courses are all well crafted and interesting, the professors are incredibly knowledgeable, approachable and helpful, and I am delighted to have the opportunity to conduct my research in such a wonderful academic environment!


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