Linguistics Talks @ Western


February 28 (12:30-1:30, UC 2120)

Yves Roberge, University of Toronto
"On Recursive DPs in Child French"

February 12, 2019 (12:30pm, UC 2115)

Jorge Emilio Rosés Labrada, University of Alberta
"Documenting Arutani and Sapé, two isolates of Venezuela (& Brazil)"

February 5, 2019 (12:30 pm, UC 2110)

Carrie Dyck (Memorial University of Newfoundland)
"Cayuga language maintenance at Six Nations"

December 12, 2018 (12:30pm, UC 3120)

Olga Tararova (Modern Languages & Literatures, UWO)
"Bilingual contact in Chipilo, Mexico. The transfer of negative doubling”

November 20, 2018 (11:30-12:30. UC 3120)

Angélica Hernández (UWO French Studies Department)
"Subject Pronouns in Canadian Spanish"

October 26, 2018 (1:30pm, UC 3120)

Adriana Soto-Corominas (University of Alberta)
"The acquisition of partitivity in Catalan-Spanish bilingualism: dominance and age effects"