Financial Support

Funding for Masters Students

  • The Master's program offers funding for domestic students (Canadian citizens & Permanent residents) comprised of a Graduate Teaching Assistantship covering part of their living expenses as well as a Western Graduate Research Scholarship (WGRS) funding that is applied towards part of their tuition fees. This funding is subject to change if a student receives an external scholarship.

    International Students are eligible for a WGRS that is applied towards part of their tuition fees.

  • Graduate teaching assistantships require an average of 10 hours of teaching related duties per week for a total of 28 weeks. Students assist in the work of the Linguistics Program in various capacities, chiefly as graders, tutorial leaders, and teachers of introductory courses. Employment is covered by a collective agreement between the University and the Graduate Teaching Assistants' Union.

    To be eligible for Financial Support in Year 2, students must be registered full-time and have applied for government funding.

  • To learn more about the distribution of funding, please follow this link.

Competitions managed by the program

  • Here's an overview of the competitions managed by the program:
    -Alumni Graduate Award
    -Mary Routledge Award
    -Graduate Thesis Research Award Fund
    -Lynne-Lionel Scott Award

    To obtain more information about these awards, please view this link.

  • The program also reimburses up to $600 towards Graduate Travel funding for conferences and/or research. To learn more on how to submit your expenses, please see tab below: "Travel funding for Graduate Students"

Scholarships and awards offered outside the program

Travel funding for Graduate Students

  • You are required to complete the online request form for financial support BEFORE the scheduled travel.  Click here to access the form

 Job Opportunity links at Western and Affiliated Colleges:

  • -Link  from Human Resources
  • -Link  from SGPS for GTA contracts across Campus
  • -Link  from Brescia College
  • -Link  from Huron College
  • -Link  from King's College
  • -Link  from The Spoke and the Wave restaurants located in the University Community Centre (UCC)

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