Program Model

program model

The Master of Physical Therapy (MPT) degree is awarded upon successful completion of a two-year curriculum which includes 60 weeks of classroom/laboratory work and 30 weeks of clinical experience. The program prepares students to function as entry-level physical therapists in a wide range of practice settings.

Each year of the curriculum is divided into three terms. Students must complete all course requirements in order to graduate. All students are enrolled in a predetermined curriculum and schedule with select opportunities for elective courses in second year.

Progression in the MPT program is based on each term’s achievement. Each student must achieve at minimum:

  • A passing grade of 60% in all courses
  • A 60% grade in both practical & academic components of physical therapy courses
  • An average grade of 60% or higher on the individual as opposed to group components of course work
  • Overall term average of at least 70%
  • A pass in a pass/fail course

Withdrawal from the program is mandatory for students who have failed any of the above progression requirements. A student who has been required to withdraw from the MPT program may petition the School of Physical Therapy on medical or compassionate grounds for relief from the requirement to withdraw. Should such a request be granted, the School of Physical Therapy will review each individual case and determine the conditions to be met by the student to remain in the program.