Progression Requirements

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Students are expected to achieve an overall average of 75% or higher in each term of the Occupational Therapy program. Within this average, a minimum grade of 65% or higher in any course assigned a numerical mark, and a passing grade in each course marked on a pass/fail basis and each fieldwork course, is required in order to be eligible to progress. For any course that involves group work, students are required to achieve a minimum average of 65% in the individual component of the course (i.e., quizzes, tests, exams, individual assignments) and a 65% overall in the course.

Students who earn an overall average of at least 75% in each Occupational Therapy term, based on the numeric grade of all courses ending in that term, who achieve a minimum of 65% or higher in all courses, and pass a fieldwork course (as relevant to term), are eligible to progress to the next term.