Alumni Awards & Recognition


The School of Occupational Therapy Alumni of Distinction Award

Recognizes an alum who demonstrates significant impact in support of equity-oriented social change, and/or harnessing the transformative power of occupation in one or more of the following areas:

  • Professional achievement
    • The recipient is dedicated to their chosen profession and goes above and beyond in their line of work; they are a role model in their profession and this impact reaches groups, individuals, and/or their larger chosen profession to effect social change and/or transformation through occupation.
  • Significant contributions to research and/or education
    • The recipient stands out in the field of research as having made compelling and impactful progress towards the advancement of occupation-focused knowledge in occupational therapy or occupational science.
  • Commitment to community and leadership
    • The recipient is a leader who is committed to bettering their community or the Western community, successfully enriching the lives of others through exemplary leadership of diversity, equity, inclusion initiatives.