Fourth Year

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Students begin to consolidate their knowledge in classes that explore ethical theories and the legal aspects of nurses’ role, nursing regulation and practice standards, social justice, leadership and advocacy. Students examine the role of the nurse in shaping and influencing future directions in health and health care related to economics, technology innovation, power, and policy.

Advanced clinical concepts are explored with a deeper understanding and application of clinical judgment in theoretical courses, as well as in professional practice placements. Students finish their fourth year ready to apply knowledge in their integrative practicum experiences a nurse preceptor preparing them to enter the profession as a novice registered nurse.

All professional practice placements will be located within the Southwest geographic area.


Courses for students entering program Fall 2023 and beyond

Term 1 (May-July or Sept-Dec)

Theory-Based Courses

  • Nursing 3310A - Health in a Global Context
    • Course Syllabus (coming soon)
  • Nursing 4401W - Integration of Advanced & Complex Concepts for Nursing Practice
    • Course Syllabus (coming soon)
  • Nursing 4440A - Nurses as Leaders in System Transformation
    • Course Syllabus (coming soon)
  • Elective (0.5 credit)

Clinical-Based Course

  • Nursing 4410A - Clinical Application: Applying Advanced Care Concepts
    • Course Syllabus (coming soon)

Term 2 (Sept-Dec or Jan-Apr)

Clinical-Based Course

  • Nursing 4461W/X - Integrative Practicum
    • Course Syllabus (coming soon)

Courses for students who entered the program Fall 2022 and earlier

Term 1

Theory-Based Courses

  • Nursing 4320A - Professional, Ethical and Legal Obligations: A Critical Appraisal
  • Nursing 4400A - Advanced Concepts for Professional Practice
  • Nursing 4440A - Leading System Transformation
  • Electives (2 x 0.5)

Professional Practice Course

  • Nursing 4410A - Application: Advanced Care Concepts

Term 2

Professional Practice Courses (preceptored practicum)

Preceptors are qualified nurse practitioners within a clinical field site who are responsible for guiding students' practicum experiences.

  • Nursing 4461W/X - Professional Practice: Integrative Practicum