First Year

year 1

Students begin to gain an understanding of the philosophical, theoretical and ethical foundations of the nursing profession and nursing practice. Health promotion, relational practice, social determinants of health, social justice, and person-centered collaborative care are emphasized. Thinking like a nurse through concepts related to strength-based nursing care and care planning progresses to understanding how to act like a nurse, through concepts such as reflection, patient safety and interprofessional care.

First-year students spend time in laboratory settings learning and applying introductory communication and health assessment techniques necessary to begin the process of developing clinical judgment as a nurse.


Courses for students entering program Fall 2023 and beyond

Term 1

Theory-Based Courses

Theory/Simulation-Based Course

  • Nursing 1080A - Holistic Health Assessment I: Communication for Health Assessment

Term 2

Theory-Based Courses

  • Nursing 1120B -  Community Models of Care
  • Nursing 1190B - Enacting Social Justice & Equity in Nursing Practice
  • Nursing 2240G - Introduction to Health Informatics within Nursing
  • Physiology 1020 - Human Physiology (continued from Term 1)
    • Course Syllabus (coming soon)

Theory/Lab-Based Course

  • Nursing 1180B - Holistic Health Assessment II: Systematic Health Assessment