Promoting Health Equity through Research

Transforming Education, Services, Systems and Policies that Affect Health

Health is Social. Disparites between groups, such as the wealthy and those living in poverty, the able-bodied and those living with disabilities, men and women, the employed and the unemployed, are increasing.

The impacts of social and structural inequities on the health of individuals, families, and communities are well-documented, and there is widespread agreement that these have negative health impacts for all of us, locally and globally. The solutions, however, are less clear.

A clear focus on creating a healthier, more equitable society is embedded across our programs of research. We embrace multiple methodologies, partnerships that extend beyond disciplinary boundaries and seek solutions that aim to eliminate social and structural inequities. In pursuit of justice and health equity for all, our research is focused on five strategic themes.

Strategic Research Themes and Faculty Researchers

Digital Health

Digital health researach explores how people use technology and how technology impacts their health and wellness.


Mental Health, Mental Illness and Wellness

Research that aims to address mental illness must also address the social and structural inequities that push people into the margins of society.


Violence, Gender, Inequity
and Health

Violence, and the effects of violence, are shaped by many factors: social and structural inequities, a person’s gender, living conditions, stage of life, and access to resources and support, including health and other services and informed policies.


Women's Health

Historical health research has focused on men and ignored the unique experiences, needs and challenges faced by women, whose lives are shaped by different conditions.


Global and
Indigenous Health

Global and Indigenous health research examines the sociocultural, political, and historical factors that contribute to disparities between populations in Canada and globally.


Meet our Researchers

Researchers in the Arthur Labatt Family School of Nursing are world leaders who view health as a social issue and are impacting lives around the world.