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The Office of Research Ethics, on behalf of Western's Research Ethics Boards (REB), manages the approval and monitoring process for the use of humans in research at the University and its affiliated hospitals and research institutes. All research involving humans conducted by faculty, staff or students at Western or its affiliated hospitals or research institutes must be approved by a Western-sanctioned review board.

HSREB Delegated Review New Submission Checklist Now Available - May 28, 2015 

The ORE has created a checklist to help guide submissions to the HSREB Delegated Review stream. This short checklist contains recommendations to avoid common errors when submitting a new study through ROMEO. To access the checklist, click here

New NMREB CER & Revision Form - Updated December 1, 2014

Effective January 1, 2015 Western’s Office of Research Ethics will be rolling-out a new NMREB Continued Ethics Review Form & NMREB Revision Form. Current forms will be de-activated as of December 31, 2014 at 11:59 pm. If you are currently completing a NMREB CER Form or NMREB Revision Form, please be sure to submit them via Romeo BEFORE December 31, 2014 to ensure  your information is not lost.         

New Continued Ethics Review (CER) Process for HSREB & NMREB - Updated December 1, 2014

To mitigate confusion surrounding the procedures of completing the annual Continuing Ethics Review (CER) form and extending the study end date, effective January 1, 2015 Western’s Office of Research Ethics (ORE) approves studies on an annual basis. If your study is ongoing for more than one year, the ORE will issue approval for one year at a time.  When your study has ended you are required to submit an End-of-Study Form.                 

NOTE: For Lawson affiliated studies: Lawson's institutional approval is contingent upon continuing REB approval and, without it, Lawson approval would also be suspended.  

NOTE: This change results in the following:

  1. Investigators/study team members will no longer be required to submit amendments for study end date extensions as all studies will be approved on an annual basis.  Review and approval of the annual CER forms will result in REB re-approval for the following year; and
  2. The ORE will no longer be processing Updated Approval submissions as approval letters will be issued for CER submissions on an annual basis.

NOTE: In your initial submission you will still be required to inform the REB of how long the project will last.

IMPORTANT NOTE FOR STUDIES THAT SUBMIT UPDATED APPROVAL REQUESTS: The ORE has reviewed the studies that submit updated approval requests and is trying to make sure that this new renewal process does not cause a conflict with the last updated approval date. Starting January 1, 2015, you will now ONLY be submitting an annual CER form (No longer an updated approval request plus a CER form). To be sure that the ORE has adjusted the renewal dates correctly please email me or call me directly and have the studies that currently request updated approvals and include the last updated approval date. I will review each of them to ensure consistency.

HSREB & NMREB Post Approval Events: Change in PI Form Now Available – September 2, 2014

Please be advised that the Office of Research Ethics has updated the process for changing Principal Investigators (PI). Effective immediately, any changes to PIs will require (1) Amendment/Revision Form via ROMEO, (2) tracked and clean versions of previously approved documents, and (3) completed HS/NMREB Amendment: Change in PI Form. Please visit the HSREB or NMREB Post Approval Events page for more information. (For the HSREB page, click here. For the NMREB page, click here.)

How to Submit Documentation to Research Ethics

All submissions to the Office of Research Ethics should be submitted online through ROMEO.

Please visit our ROMEO page for instructions on how to use the system, troubleshooting contact information, and training information.