J.B. Orange, PhD

JB Orange


Room 2513, Elborn College
519 661-2111 x88921


  • Postdoc (McMaster)
  • PhD (SUNY Buffalo)
  • MHSc (Toronto)
  • BSc (Queen's)

Academic Appointments

Supervising Graduate Students

  • Yes

Research Interests

  • Adult neurogenic language
  • Cognitive communication disorders including dementia, aphasia, right hemisphere brain damage and tramautic brain injury

Additional Information

Featured Publications/Projects

  • Young, J. A., Lind, C., & Orange, J.B. (in press) A qualitative systematic review of experiences of persons with dementia regarding transition to long-term care. Dementia: The International Journal of Social Research and Practice.
  • Wong, B.M., Cheng, R.W., Mandelcorn, E.D., Margolin, E., El-Defrawy, S. Yan, P., Santiago, A.T., Leontieva., E., Lou, W., ONDRI Investigators, Hatch., W., & Hudson, C. (in press). Validation of optical coherence tomography retinal segmentation in neurodegenerative disease. Translational Vision Science and Technology
  • Roberts, A., Savundranayagam, M., & Orange, J.B. (2017). Non-Alzheimer dementia. In L. Cummings (Ed). Research in clinical pragmatics, Perspectives in Pragmatics, Philosophy & Psychology 11 (pp. 347-377). doi 10.1007/978-3-319-47489-2_14. NY: Springer Publishing.
  • Savundranayagam, M. & Orange, J.B. (2014). Matched and mismatched appraisals of the effectiveness of communication strategies by family caregivers. International Journal of Language and Communication Disorders, 49(1), 49-59.

Recent Publications

  • Young, J.A., Lind, C., Orange, J.B., & Savundranayagam, M.Y. (2019). Expanding current understandings of epistemic injustice and dementia: Learning from stigma theory. J. Aging Studies, 48, 76-84.
  • Sibalija, J., Savundranayagam, M.Y., Orange, J.B., & Kloseck, M. (2018). Social support, social participation, & depression among caregivers and non-caregivers in Canada: A population health perspective. Aging & Mental Health. https://doi.org/10.1080/13607863.2018.1544223 
  • Guitar N.A., Connelly D.M., Nagamatsu L.S., Orange J.B., Muir-Hunter S.W. (2018). The effects of physical exercise on executive function in community dwelling older adults living with Alzheimer’s-type dementia: A systematic review. Ageing Research Reviews, 47, 159-167. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.arr.2018.07.009
  • Guthrie, D. M., Davidson, J. G., Williams, N., Campos, J., Hunter, K., Mick, P., ... & Wittich, W. (2018). Combined impairments in vision, hearing and cognition are associated with greater levels of functional and communication difficulties than cognitive impairment alone: Analysis of interRAI data for home care and long-term care recipients in Ontario. PloS one, 13(2), e0192971.
  • Roberts, A., Nguyen, P., Orange, J.B., Jog, M., Nisbet., K., & McRae, K (2017). Differential impairments of upper and lower limb movements influence action verb processing in Parkinson disease, Cortex, 97, 49-59. https://doi.org/10.1016/j.cortex.2017.09.022 [15%] [Impact factor=4.907]

Research Affiliations

Teaching Areas

  • Acquired language and cognitive-communication disorders in adults and older adults
  • Clinical applications in acquired language disorders

Recent Awards

  • Faculty of Health Sciences – Recognition of Achievement in Teaching – 2015, 2018
  • Faculty of Health Sciences – Recognition of Excellence in Teaching – 2014
  • Distinguished Service Award – Faculty of Medicine, Graduate Department of Speech-Language Pathology, University of Toronto – 2018