Geophysics Alumni 1952-Present

Year Name Degree Thesis Title
2021 Yusong Yang M.Sc.  Time-and space-dependent earthquake rupture simulation for Nankai-Tonankai Trough in Japan incorporating multivariate Bernoulli method and stochastic slip models
2021 Karina Martinez Alcala M.Sc.  Stochastic Source Modelling and Tsunami Analysis of the 2012 Mw 7.8 Haida Gwaii Earthquake
2021 Eric Lenhart M.Sc. Investigation of the Energy Source for an Early Dynamo in Vesta from Experiments on Electrical Resistivity of Liquid Fe-10wt%Ni at High Pressures
2021 Brian Villamizar Ph.D. Seismic Imaging in Crystalline Terrains of the Superior Province, Canada
2021 Joshua Littleton Ph.D. Heat Flow in the Core of Ganymede: High Pressure-Temperature Electrical Resistivity Measurements of Solid and Liquid Ag and Fe-S Alloys
2020 Chimira Andres M.Sc.  A Periglacial Landsystem Analysis in the Canadian High Arctic: A Tool for Planetary Geomorphology
2020 Denis Vida Ph.D. Physical Dispersions of Meteor Showers Through High Precision Optical Observations
2020 Tianqi Xie Ph.D. Raman Spectroscopy and Synchrotron X-ray Diffraction Study of Lunar and Terrestrial Plagioclase Feldspar at High-Pressure and High-Temperature Conditions
2020 Sameer Ladak M.Sc. Earthquake site characterization of rock sites in Eastern Canada and stiff ground sites in Vancouver, British Columbia
2020 Joanna Holmgren Ph.D. Source Parameters of Induced Seismicity in North America
2019 Sid Kothari M.Sc. Statistical Modeling and Characterization of Induced Seismicity within the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin
2019 Jacob Kukovica M.Sc.  Considering a Seismically Active Leech River Valley Fault Zone in Southwestern British Columbia
2018 Reynold Silber Ph.D. Electrical resistivity of nickel, iron and iron-silicon alloy melts at high pressure with implications for the thermal conductivity of the Earth’s core
2018 Alex Bilson-Darko M.Sc. Robust Earthquake Site Classification Assessment at Ontario Bridge Sites.
2018 Mark Novakovic Ph.D. Empirical Characterization of Induced Seismicity in Alberta and Oklahoma
2018 Bodi Zhao M.Sc.  Geomechanical Modelling of Induced Seismicity
2018 Josh Hedgepeth M.Sc. Impact Craters on Titan: Finalizing Titan's Crater Population
2018 Alyssa Werynski M.Sc. Compositional Variations of Titan's Impact Craters Indicates Active Surface Erosion
2018 Justin Rumney M.Sc. Evaluation of Raman Spectroscopic Geothermometry of Graphitic Carbon as a Mineral Exploration Tool. A Case Study of the San Sebastian Au-Ag Mine, Durango, Mexico
2018 Benjamin Consolvo M.Sc. Full-Waveform Inversion with Scaled-Sobolev Preconditioning Applied to Vibroseis Field Data
2017 William Zylberman Ph.D. Geophysical Study of Complex Meteorite Impact Structures
2017 Simon Thorpe M.Sc. Time Series Analysis of Surface Deformation Associated With Fluid Injection and Induced Seismicity in Timpson, Texas Using DInSAR Methods
2017 Timothy Officer Ph.D. Investigating the mechanism of deep-focus earthquakes in the laboratory
2017 Mohammad Akbar Hosain Zuberi Ph.D.  Mitigating non-linearity in full waveform inversion using scaled-Sobolev norms
2017 Hadis Samadi Alinia Ph.D. New GPS Time Series Analysis and a Simplified Tropospheric Delay Model
2017 Hiruni Gunawardana Ph.D. Petrophysical Investigations of the Marathon Cu-PGE Deposit, Marathon, ON
2017 Frederick Jackson M.Sc.  Assessment of Earthquake Site Amplification and Application of Passive Seismic Methods for Improved Site Classification in the Greater Vancouver Region, British Columbia
2017 Innocent Ezenwa Ph.D. Experimental Studies of Electrical Resistivity Behavior of Cu, Zn and Co Along Their Melting Boundaries: Implications for Heat Flux at Earth’s Inner Core Boundary
2016 Simon Braganza M.Sc. Developing and Testing a Model of Site Amplification for Southern Ontario
2016 Yelena Kropivnitskaya Ph.D. Using Physical and Social Sensors in Real-Time Data Streaming for Natural Hazard Monitoring and Response
2016 Shaun Hadden M.Sc. Anisotropic Waveform Tomography: Application to Crosshole data for Transversely Isotropic Media
2015 Luqi Cui M.Sc. Characterizing Seismicity in Alberta for Induced-Seismicity Applications
2015 N.M. Tauhid Khan M.Sc. High Pressure and High Temperature Study of Magnesiochromite and Its Geophysical Implications
2015 Ievgeniia Morozova M.Sc. Strength Study of Zircon Under High Pressure
2015 Emrah Yenier Ph.D. Regionally-Adjustable Generic Ground-Motion Prediction Equation
2014 Attieh Eshaghi Ph.D. Magnitude Estimation for Earthquake and Tsunami Early Warning Systems
2014 Azadeh Fereidoni Ph.D. Seismicity Processes in the Charlevoix Seismic Zone, Eastern Canada
2014 Laura Sanchez Ph.D. Statistical Analysis and Computer Modelling of Volcanic Eruptions
2013 Samira Alipour Ph.D. Application of Differential and Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Interferometry for Studying Natural Hazards
2013 Alireza Babaei Mahani Ph.D. Variability in Characteristics of Ground Motions Across North America
2013 Javad Kazemian Ph.D. Spatial Heterogeneities in a Simple Earthquake Fault Model
2013 Soushyant Kiarasi Ph.D. High Pressure-Temperature Electrical Resistivity Experiments on Fe-Si Alloys Bearing on Conductive Heat Flow at the Top of the Outer Core

Michael Afanasiev

M.Sc. Estimating Subsurface Anisotropy: Combining Waveform Tomography and Simulated Annealing
2012 Marie Burford M.Sc. PS Technique Design To Increase In-Situ Electrical Connections In A Cubic Anvil Press
2012 Hadi Ghofrani Ph.D. An investigation into earthquake ground motion characteristics in Japan with emphasis on the 2011 M9.0 Tohoku earthquake
2012 Armick Ivanian M.Sc. Studies of Aftershock Sequences of Large Subduction Zone Earthquakes
2012 Zhongying Mi Ph.D. Strength, Elasticity and Phase Transition Study on NaCl and MgO-NaCl Mixture to Mantle Pressures
2012 Rie Miyoshi Ph.D. Strategies for visco-acoustic waveform inversion in the Laplace-Fourier domain, with application to the Nankai subduction zone
2012 Andrea Sweny M.Sc. Relationships between Earthquake Ground Motions and Modified Mercalli Intensity
2011 Pathikrit Bhattacharya M.Sc. Statistics of Aftershocks Triggered by Supershear Ruptures
2011 Drew Brenders Ph.D. Strategies for Waveform Tomography of Long-Offset, 2-D Exploration Seismic Data
2011 Nelson Cho Ph.D. Ergodicity and seismicity clustering with applications in statistical seismology
2011 Linada Kaci M.Sc. Strength and Elasticity of CO2 Under High Pressure
2011 Jeff Markle Ph.D. Thermal Plume Transport From Sand and Gravel Pits Potential Thermal Impacts on Cool-Water Streams
2011 Jalpa Pal M.Sc. Scenario Shakemaps for Ottawa, Canada
2011 Reynold Sukara M.Sc. PS Viscosity of Liquid Sulfur at High Pressure
2011 Laura Thomson M.Sc. PS Radar Investigations of Ground Ice Dielectrics
2010 Patricia Perlock M.Sc. Imaging Faults in 3-D Using the Pattern Informatics Technique
2009 Caitlin Latimer M.Sc. Earthquake Effects on the Local Stress Field
2009 Shutian Ma Ph.D. Seismicity and Seismotectonics
2009 Xueyang Yu Ph.D. Viscosity and Melting of Fe-Si Alloys at High PT
2008 Arslan Akhmetov M.Sc. Strength and Elasticity of Mg0, NaCl and Au at Mantle Pressures
2008 Kadircan Aktas Ph.D. Teleseismic Tomography
2008 Wayne Edwards Ph.D. Meteoroid Energy Estimation Using Infrasound and Seismology
2008 Tyler Hayes Ph.D. SC Using Gravity as a Proxy for Stress Accumulation
2007 Sergey Samsonov Ph.D. ES Integration of DINSAR and GPS Datasets
2006 Xuezhao Bao Ph.D. Experimental U Solubility in Terrestrial Planetary Cores
2004 Clare O'Dowd M.Sc. Geophysical Study of the Grenvlle Orogen Beneath the GTA
2004 Xueyang Yu M.Sc. Equation of state of liquid Fe-17wt% Si: Si in the cores of planetary bodies
2003 Charles Murphy M.Sc. ES Near-Surface Characterization and Estimated Site Response
2002 Phil McCausland Ph.D. Yukon-Tanana Terrane Paleomagnetism and Geotectonic Motions
2002 Michael Rutter M.Sc. High Pressure Viscosity of Fe-Fes Liquids and the Earth's Outer Core
2002 Ye Zhou Ph.D. Boundary Detection in Petrographic Images and the S-Transform
2001 Paul Balog Ph.D. Equation of State of Molten Fe-10Wt% S.
2001 Celine Dupuis M.Sc. Convection-Induced Variations of Earth's Orbital Parameters
2001 Aude Espesset M.Sc. Numerical Modelling of Time-Dependent Mantle Convection
2001 Tyler Hayes M.Sc. Possible Gravitational Waves from Earthquakes
2001 Jacqueline Hope Ph.D. Structure of the Crust and Upper Mantle in Western Canada
2001 David Markus M.Sc. Sumulation of Ionic Diffusion and Amorphization in Zeolites
2001 Hannah Perry M.Sc. Constraints on Mantle Dynamics Below North America
2001 Charles Pinnegar Ph.D. The Generalized S-Transform and Tt-Transform
2000 Gregory Clarke M.Sc. Simulating Elastic-Wave Scattering Using the Kirchoff Method
2000 Greg Oldenborger M.Sc. The Spatial Distribution of Hydraulic Conductivity
1999 Haitao Yang Ph.D. Melting Behavior, Electrical Resistivity, Viscosity Of Fe-Si
1998 Paul Balog M.Sc. High P-T Electrical Resistivity Measurements of Rcp Transition Metals
1997 Baishali Roy Ph.D. Structure and Physical Properties of the Earth's Crust in the Core-Mantle Boundary
1997 Sonny Winardhi Ph.D. Crustal Velocity Structure of the Southeastern Canadian Shield
1996 Katherine Ault M.Sc. High P,T Electrical Conductivity Of Na20:Ge02 Glasses And Liquids
1996 Monday Gala Ph.D. Paleomagnetism and Geotechtonic Implications
1995 Michael Barnes M.Sc. Comparison of High Resolution 2-D And 3-D Seismic Technology
1995 George Leblanc M.Sc. High Pressure Viscosity of an Fe-S Liquid
1995 Michael Lewchuk Ph.D. Paleomagnetism of Central Tennessee Zinc Ores and Host Rocks
1994 Kamal Ph.D. Normal Modes-Parameter Determination & Aftershock Triggering
1994 Peter Lenson M.Sc. Isolating the Lithospheric Field in the Magsat Vector Data
1993 Gail Atkinson Ph.D. Earthquake Source Spectra and Attenuation in Southeastern Canada
1993 Daniel Ngenoh M.Sc. Hydrocarbon Potential of the South Kerio Trough Basin (Kenya) from Seismic Reflection Data
1993 Sonny Winhardi M.Sc. Polarization Filtering of Three-Component Seismograms
1992 Michael Cyze M.Sc. The Wavelet Transform as a Tool for Time-Frequency Localization
1992 Monday Gala M.Sc. Paleomagnetism and AMS of the Mulcahy Gabbro
1992 Hairu Pain Ph.D. Paleomagnetism of Mississippi Valley-Type Ores
1992 Jianjun Wu Ph.D. Crustal Structure of the Kapuskasing Uplift
1991 David Hamilton M.Sc. 2-D Tomographic Imaging Across the Midcontinent Rift
1991 Kamal M.Sc. The Superconducting Gravimeter as a LP Seismometer
1991 Thomas Vandall Ph.D. Paleomagnetic Constraints on Cordilleran Displacement
1990 Yanhui Chen M.Sc. The Boundary Element Method in Geophysics
1990 Duryodhan Epili Ph.D. Crust Beneath the Great Lakes: Results from Glimpce Data
1990 Julian Escallon Silva M.Sc. Focal Mechanisms in N.W. South America using a Single Station
1990 Carlos Mendoza Cardoso M.Sc. Synthetic Seismograms for Source Parameters
1989 Stephen Halchuk M.Sc. The 1985 Peace River Arch Seismic Refraction Experiment
1989 Adichat Surinkum M.Sc. Magnetic Interpretation of Kabin Buri Area, Eastern Thailand
1989 Kelin Wang Ph.D. An Inverse Method for the Study of Heat Flow Problems
1989 Xiansong Zeng M.Sc. Amplitude Modeling of Water Bottom Multiple Waves
1988 James King M.Sc. Mise-A-La-Masse Study of Prismatic Bodies
1988 Richard Secco Ph.D. High P Thermal-Electrical Properties of Solid And Liquid Fe
1988 Trevor Shortt M.Sc. Investigations in Shallow Reflection Seismology
1987 Thomas Cox M.Sc. Processing Seismic Reflection Data from an Arctic Ice Island
1987 Jianjun Wu M.Sc. Analysis of Data of the 1984 Kapuskasing Seismic Experiment
1986 Fiona Diamond M.Sc. Study of a Transcontinental Fault using Bouguer Anomaly Data
1986 David Marcotte M.Sc. An Analysis of Three Component Magnetic Gradiometer Data
1986 Soren Nielsen Ph.D. The Continuous Temperature Log: Method and Applications
1986 William Ravenhurst M.Sc. Microcomputer Modelling of Fixed-Loop Time-Domain Em System
1985 James Baerg M.Sc. Analysis of CoCRUST Seismic Refraction and Wide Angle Reflection Experiments from Southern Saskatchewan and Manitoba
1985 Mark Gregotski M.Sc. A gravity study of the Abitibi metavolcanic-metasedimentary belt in the Shining Tree-Gowganda area
1985 Maurice Lamontagne M.Sc. Composite P-nodal solution analysis of earthquakes from the Charlevoix seismic zone
1985 Glen McGill M.Sc. A study of ambiguities in magnetic interpretation
1985 Gordon Miller M.Sc. Analysis of a Seismic Survey over a Known Pinnacle Reef in Lambton County, Southwestern Ontario
1985 Charles Muyovwe M.Sc. Lumanwa Manganese Deposits: An Interpretation of Magnetic and IP Data
1985 Suresh Pamidi M.Sc. A Study of Reflection Seismic Survey from Gobles, Southwestern Ontario
1985 Akmal Sultan M.Sc. Amplitude-Distance Relationship in Shallow Seismic Reflection
1982 Festus Aibangbee M.Sc. The Paleomagnetism of Some Diabase Dikes North of Elliot Lake, Ontario
1981 William Macpherson M.Sc. Apparent Thermal Conductivity of Single Crystal Minerals at High Pressures and High Temperatures
1981 Frank Maxwell Ph.D. Rayleigh and Stoneley Waves on Cylindrical Boundaries
1981 Kam-Hong Mok M.Sc. A study of lateral inhomogeneity of earth structure using the University of Western Ontario seismic array
1981 Samuel Ojo Ph.D. An Investigation of P-Wave Scattering in the Crust and Upper Mantle using Travel-Time Fluctuations and Array Signal Coherence
1981 David Wilkinson M.Sc. An Interpretation of Gravity Data from New Liskeard, Ontario
1980 Ian Jones M.Sc. Analyses Of Global Seismicity: Earthquake Migration: The Frequency-Magnitude Relation
1980 Campbell Mwenifumbo Ph.D. Interpretation of Mise-à-La-Masse Data for Vein Type Bodies
1980 Chijioke Waboso Ph.D. The solubility of rare gases in silicate melts: implications for K-Ar dating, earth-atmosphere evolution and earth degassing processes
1979 Nachhatter Singh Brar Ph.D. Mechanisms And Kinetics Of The Polymorphic Transitions In The CaCo And GeO}/SiO} Systems
1979 Stephen Fodemesi M.Sc. The Removal Of Convective Effects Induced During Needle Probe Thermal Conductivity Measurements
1978 Christopher Harrison M.Sc. The Design And Application Of Two-Dimensional Digital Filters
1977 Felicien Katigema M.Sc. An Interpretation Of The Anomalous Magnetization In A Sudbury Diabase Dyke
1977 Larry Matthews M.Sc. A Gamma-Ray Spectrometer Survey Of Two British Columbia Porphyry Copper-Molybdenum Deposits
1977 Jose Seara M.Sc. Developments In Electrical Prospecting Methods
1977 Garry Timco Ph.D. High Pressure Dielectric Properties Of Perovskite Ferroelectrics Related To The Earth's Mantle
1977 Chijioke Waboso M.Sc. The delineation of non-layered anomalous velocity zones by a combination of fan shooting and least squares analysis
1976 Mohamed Abu Bakar M.Sc. Assessment of uranium using gamma radiations from thorium-234
1976 John Conaway Ph.D. Continuous Logging Of Borehole Temperature Gradients
1976 Dakshina Darbha M.Sc. Thermal conductivity of earth materials at high pressures and temperatures
1976 David Hearty M.Sc. Study of lateral variations in structure using slowness, azimuth, and travel time measurements of data recorded at the La Malbaie network and University of Western Ontario seismic array
1976 Barbara Merz M.Sc. Potassium-Argon Dating, Paleomagnetism And Geochemistry Of The Sudbury Diabase Dykes
1976 Avadh Ram Ph.D. The identification and interpretation of upper mantle travel time branches from slowness measurements made on data recorded at the Gauribidanur (India) and Yellowknife (Canada) seismic arrays
1975 John Grant M.Sc. Seismic Spectrometry And Magnitude
1975 Trevor Lewis Ph.D. A Geothermal Survey At Lake Dufault, Quebec
1975 Po-Yu Shen Ph.D. Dynamics Of The Liquid Outer Core Of The Earth
1974 Frank Maxwell M.Sc. The Scattering Of Elastic Waves By A Cylindrical Cavity
1974 Garry Timco M.Sc. High pressure hysteresis loop studies of virtually clamped crystals of ferroelectric triglycine sulphate and Rochelle salt
1974 Dick Tak Cheung Yuen M.Sc. A Study Of A Reflection Seismic Survey From Lambton County, South Western Ontario
1973 John Conaway M.Sc. Application Of Geophysical Exploration Techniques To The Detection Of Solution Caverns
1973 Nisar Ghaznavi M.Sc. Determination Of Uranium Concentration Of Rocks By Gamma-Ray Spectrometry Using The 93 KeV Peak
1973 Valiya Hamza Ph.D. Vertical distribution of radioactive heat production in the Grenville Geological Province and the sedimentary sections overlying it
1973 James Lyons M.Sc. Application Of Pattern Search Optimization To Geophysical Model Fitting
1971 Donatus Etiebet M.Sc. Continuous Seismic Reflection Profiling In Southwestern Ontario
1971 James Hunter Ph.D. Crustal Seismic Studies In Northern Ontario And Manitoba From Project Early Rise Data
1971 Alan Judge Ph.D. Geothermal Measurements In A Sedimentary Basin
1971 Patrick Killeen Ph.D. The application of thick-source alpha particle spectrometry to the detection of disequilibrium in the radioactive decay series of Uranium-238 in rocks and minerals
1971 Jayantilal Patel M.Sc. Rock Magnetic And Paleomagnetic Properties Of The Nipissing Diabase, Ontario
1970 John Carson M.Sc. In Situ And Laboratory Gamma-Ray Spectrometer Studies Of The Bancroft Area
1970 Tulu Gurkan M.Sc. A Comparative Interpretation Of A Shallow Refraction Survey By Time-Term And Conventional Methods
1970 Guy Jobidon M.Sc. Crustal Seismic Studies Across The Grenville Front
1970 Thai Binh Nguyen M.Sc. Analysis And Interpretation Of Seismic Reflection Data From Lambton County, South Western Ontario
1970 Michael Plaut M.Sc. A Reflection Seismic Survey, Lambton County, South Western Ontario
1969 Bhuvanesh Chandra M.Sc. Thermal Convection Under An Axially Symmetrical Force Field
1969 Charles McFadden Ph.D. The effect of a region of low viscosity on thermal convection in the earth's mantle
1968 Mangat Thapar Ph.D. Propagation Of Rayleigh Waves Along Perturbed Boundaries
1967 Abinash Dubey M.Sc. One Dimensional Impact Studies
1967 James Hunter M.Sc. The Crust Of The Earth Under Hudson Bay From Seismic Refraction Studies
1967 Patrick Killeen M.Sc. A gamma ray spectrometric study of the radioelement distribution on the Quirke Lake syncline, Blind River area, Ontario
1967 Frederick Lilley Ph.D. Magnetoelastic Effects In A Non-Uniform Field
1967 Eric Mustonen M.Sc. A Micro-Geothermal Survey, Lake Dufault, Quebec
1966 Lawrence Law M.Sc. The measurement and computation of anisotropic susceptibility of rock samples with a vibrational type magnetometer
1966 Donald Skibo M.Sc. Trace Element Fractionation And Transport In The Earth's Mantle
1966 John Slankis M.Sc. Magnetization Of The Kapiko Iron Formation, Thunder Bay District, Ontario
1965 John Denholm M.Sc. An Investigation Of Induced Electrode Polarization
1965 Frederick Lilley M.Sc. An Analysis Of The Magnetic Features Of The Port Coldwell Intrusive
1965 William Milne M.Sc. Earthquake Risk In Canada
1965 Joannis Neophytou M.Sc. Tritium Distribution : Dating Theory And Hydrological Applications
1965 Anne Stevens Ph.D. Earthquake Mechanism Studies With S Waves
1965 Herbert Valliant M.Sc. An Electronic Timing And Temperature Control System For The Canadian Pendulum Apparatus
1964 Frank Anglin M.Sc. Subsurface Temperatures In Western Canada
1963 Peter McGrath M.Sc. Effect Of Bedrock Relief On Gravity Surveys
1963 Gerald Irwin M.Sc. An Investigation Into The Rock-Magnetism Of The Wilberforce Pyroxenite
1962 Robert Mereu Ph.D. Methods Of Converting The Kinetic Energy Of A Falling Weight Into Seismic Energy
1962 Rama Murty Ph.D. Gamma Ray Investigation Of Heterogeneous Solids
1961 Barry Hammond M.Sc. The Optimization Of Line Spacings In Prospecting
1960 Charles Carmichael Ph.D. The magnetization of ilmenhematite
1960 John Sass M.Sc. Evaluation Of "In Situ" Methods Of Measurement Of Thermal Conductivity Of Rocks
1959 Clive Mason M.Sc. Geophysical Investigations Of Inversely Magnetized Rocks Near Wilberforce, Ontario
1959 Alvin Surkan Ph.D. Electromagnetic Models And Magnetic Fields Of Simple And Composite Conductors
1958 Robert Ellis M.Sc. Optimum prospecting plans
1958 Denis McConnell M.Sc. Gamma-ray scattering and neutron capture gamma-ray detection
1958 Frederick Zelonka M.Sc. Frequency characteristics of seismic waves in shallow sediments produced by a falling weight
1952 Robert Uffen Ph.D. A study of the thermal state of the Earth's interior (Dept. Physics)