Geology Alumni, 1994 to Present

Year Name Degree Thesis Title
2021 Slavena Galic Ph.D. Allostratigraphy of the Lower Colorado Group (Cretaceous) in south-west Alberta
2021 James Alexander M.Sc.  Combined Geochemical, Mineralogical, and Structural Investigation of Auriferous Quartz Veins at the Vertigo Target, White Gold District, West-Central Yukon Territory, Canada
2021 Nikol Posnov M.Sc.  Investigation of Shocked Basalts from Vargeão Dome and Vista Alegre: Implications for the Search for Life on Mars
2021 Shannon Hibbard Ph.D. Surface Morphology and Subsurface Ice Content Relationships in Arcadia Planitia, Mars and the Canadian High Arctic
2021 Ting Sun Ph.D. Global Warming Effects on Mercury Cycling in Northern Peatlands
2021 Gavin Tolometti Ph.D. The Physical Properties of Volcanic and Impact Melt
2021 Mailyng Aviles Ph.D. Organic geochemistry, organic petrography and basin modelling of the Upper Cretaceous Second White Specks and Upper Belle Fourche alloformations in the Western Canada Foreland Basin
2021 Sara Belontz Ph.D. An Assessment of the Spatial and Temporal Distribution of Microplastics in Surface and Subsurface Sediment of Lake Huron, North America
2021 Ian Arturo M.Sc.  Plastic debris in the Laurentian Great Lakes System, North America: Analysis of types, abundances, and sources
2021 Ankit Bhandari Ph.D.  An investigation on flow field partitioning related to the rheological heterogeneities and its application to geological examples
2021 Povilas Grigutis M.Sc.  Geological, mineralogical and geochemical process controls on Ni tenor variations in the metasedimentary-hosted Thompson 1D orebody at Vale’s Thompson mine (T3), Northern Manitoba, Canada
2020 Juliana Casali M.Sc.  Hydrothermal Alteration Footprint of the Monument Bay Project, Manitoba, Canada
2020 Chunyi Hao M.Sc.  Geometallurgy and Gold Mineralization of the Monument Bay Project, Stull Lake Greenstone Belt, Manitoba, Canada
2020 Trevor Holness M.Sc.  An investigation of the adsorption mechanism of an aliphatic nitrile (TECFLOTE S11) on sulphide mineral surfaces.
2020 Nadine Kanik M.Sc. Impact of interlayer cation composition and strongly bound water on smectite ẟ²H, as determined by a modified TCEA method
2020 Leah Sacks M.Sc.  Hargraves Crater Ejecta and Implications for Impact Processes
2020 Sarah Simpson Ph.D.  Clay Mineral Characterization and Production in Impact Settings: A Case Study on the Chicxulub Impact Structure, Mexico
2020 Lindsay Blythe M.Sc.  Determining geological controls on nutrient availability at different depths in the soils of the Pelee Island Winery
2020 Cassandra Powell M.Sc.  The relationship between visible gold and arsenopyrite at the Orenada Zone 4 deposit, Val d'Or, Quebec
2020 William Yingling M.Sc.  Impact Melt-Bearing Deposits Around Martian Craters
2020 Jumin Lee M.Sc.  Stable carbon and oxygen isotope investigation of Pleistocene growing-season paleoclimate using tree-ring cellulose from the Missinaibi Formation, Adam Creek, James Bay Lowland, Canada
2020 Cassandra Marion Ph.D. Characterization of Impact Melt Rocks and Hydrothermal Mineralization at the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Canada: An Investigation of Impacts into Carbonate Targets
2020 Jennifer Newman Ph.D. Impact-Generated Dykes and Shocked Carbonates from the Tunnunik and Haughton Impact Structures, Canadian High Arctic
2020 Christy Caudill Ph.D. Characterization of Impactite Clay Minerals with Implications for Mars Geologic Context and Mars Sample Return
2020 Jamal Nigim M.Sc. Paleoproductivity of Late Holocene Lake Huron
2020 Xi (Lucy) Lu Ph.D. A Micromechanics-based Multiscale Approach toward Continental Deformation, with Application to Ductile High-Strain Zones and Quartz Flow Laws
2020 Abdullah Aseri Ph.D. Rare-metal Alkaline Granite from The Arabian Shield, Saudi Arabia
2020 Brendt Hyde Ph.D. Early Meteoritic Records of Asteroidal Melt and Impact Environments
2020 Giancarlo Jones Ph.D. Rheology of zircon: new insights into material properties through modeling and experimentation
2020 Arwa Zourob M.Sc. Stratigraphic studies of Late Albian strata, north-eastern Alberta.
2019 Carolina Rodriguez M.Sc. Quantification of Surface Roughness of Lava Flows on Mars
2019 Bidong Zhang Ph.D. Shock Effects Recorded by the U-Pb Radiometric System in Zircons of Apollo 17 Impact Breccias and by Raman Spectroscopy in Enstatite Meteorites
2019 Zhiguo Guo M.Sc. Sm-Nd, Lu-Hf, and Mn-Cr isotope geochemistry of achondrite meteorites: implications for the formation reservoirs of differentiated planetesimals
2019 Congxi Zhu M.Sc. Ni and Fe isotope fractionation during weathering and the formation of Ni laterite ore deposits in the Philippines
2019 Laura Jenkins M.Sc.  Creating Calibration Curves using In Situ X-ray Diffraction to Determine the Shock Pressure Experienced by Clinopyroxene
2019 Kaitlyn Petkau M.Sc.  Evaluating zircon strain chronometry of a Grenville Front deformation fabric through microstructural analysis and quartz piezometry
2019 Elizabeth Hooper Ph.D. Allostratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Muskiki and Marshybank members of the Wapiabi Formation (Upper Cretaceous, Coniacian) in Southwestern Alberta, Canada
2019 Stephanie Mabee Ph.D. Using Stable Isotopes to Understand Survival versus Extinction of Late Pleistocene Muskoxen
2019 Emma-Dawn Ferguson M.Sc. Calcium Isotopes in the Saint Agatha Kettle Lake Deposits of Southern Ontario
2019 Katharin Pavan M.Sc.  Microfacies analysis of mudstone in a freshwater to marine transect: Upper Cretaceous Dunvegan and Kaskapau formations, Western Canada Foreland Basin
2019 Patrick Hill Ph.D. Impact Cratering Processes on the Earth and Moon: Meteorites, Complex Craters, and the Origin of the Moon
2019 Alaura Singleton Ph.D. Characteristics of Impactites in the Central Uplift of the Mistastin Lake Impact Structure, Canada
2019 Carolyn Hill Ph.D. Sedimentology, Lithostratigraphy and Geochronology of the Paleoproterozoic Gordon Lake Formation, Huronian Supergroup, Ontario, Canada
2019 Derek King M.Sc. The impact-generated hydrothermal system of the East Clearwater Lake impact structure, Quebec, Canada
2019 Ronan Drysdale M.Sc.  Thermal Performance and Sustainability of Borehole Heat Exchangers within Building Clusters
2018 Ramjay Botor M.Sc. Understanding New Trends on Gold Mineralization at the Yellowknife City Gold Project, Northwest Territories, using Synchrotron X-ray Spectroscopy
2018 Zach Morse Ph.D. Morphologic Mapping of Lunar Impact Basins
2018 Alana Crump M.Sc. Stable Carbon Isotope Variations of Organic Matter and n-Alkanes in the Plant-Bulk Soil-Clay Fraction Continuum
2018 Annika Van Kessel M.Sc. Trace element geochemistry and Nd-Sr isotope systematics of Scheelite from the Thunder Creek and 144 Gap deposits, Timmins, Ontario: implications for timing and genesis of gold
2018 Jordan Hawkswell M.Sc. Characterizing Ice-wedge Polygon Geomorphology in the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island
2018 Mitch Galarneau M.Sc. P-T-X Constraints on Ilmenite Unit Cell and Relationship to Kimberlitic and Non-Kimberlitic Sources
2018 Liam Innis M.Sc.  Near-Earth Asteroid Resources: Review and Analogue Study of Highly Siderophile Elements in Main-Group Pallasites
2018 Lindsay Debono M.Sc. A Targeted Investigation of the Upper Contact Unit of the Sudbury Igneous Complex in the North Range, Sudbury Impact Structure, Canada
2018 Arya Bina M.Sc. The Periglacial Landscape of Mars: Insight into the 'Decameter-scale Rimmed Depressions' in Utopia Planitia
2018 Matea Drljepan Ph.D. Allostratigraphy of the Viking and Joli Fou Formations, the Lower Colorado Group (Upper Albian), Central Alberta and Saskatchewan, Western Canada Foreland Basin
2018 Yaozhu Li M.Sc. Ureilite Meteorite Record of Shock Metamorphism and Parent Body Processes
2018 Victoria Houde M.Sc. Quantifying Temperatures in the Early Solar Nebula and on Parent Bodies Using Cation Ordering in Spinel from CAIs in Carbonaceous Chondrites
2018 Mallory Metcalf M.Sc. Characterization of Kelyphite Rims: Relevance to Diamond Exploration
2018 Jeffrey Daniels M.Sc. Impact Melt Emplacement on Mercury
2018 Omar Al Mufti Ph.D. Sedimentology and Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Puskwaskau Formation in North-Central Alberta, Western Canada Foreland Basin
2018 Kienan Marion M.Sc. Integrating Petrophysics and Allostratigraphy to Find Sweet Spots in the Upper Cretaceous Belle Fourche and Second White Specks Alloformations, West-Central Alberta, Canada
2018 Joelle Langford M.Sc. Modelling the thermal transport of a thawing permafrost plateau
2018 Mengmeng Qu Ph.D. Analysis and Tectonic Synthesis of the Multiscale Structures along the Shangdan Tectonic Zone in the Qinling Orogenic Belt, China
2018 Sarah CoDyre M.Sc. An Investigation of Hydrothermal Veins Along the Foy Offset Dyke, Sudbury Impact Structure, Ontario
2018 Mana Pourdasht M.Sc. Study on the surface features of Preg-Robbing carbonaceous matter during oxidation treatment
2018 El Mahadia I. Mohammed Ph.D. High-resolution allostratigraphy and sedimentology of Santonian - early Campanian Wapiabi Formation in southern Alberta, Western Canada Foreland Basin
2018 Elise Harrington M.Sc. Polarimetric SAR as a Tool for Remote Sensing Salt Diapirs, Axel Heiberg Island, Nunavut
2018 Alysha McNeil Ph.D. Crystallization processes and solubility of columbite-(Mn), tantalite-(Mn), microlite, pyrochlore, wodginite and titanowodginite in highly fluxed haplogranitic melts
2018 Matthew Maloney M.Sc. Calcium Isotopes in Natural and Experimental Carbonated Silicate Melts
2018 Shuo Sun Ph.D. Stratigraphy of the Upper Silurian to Middle Devonian, Southwestern Ontario
2017 Mo Asmail M.Sc. Metallogenic Setting of High-Grade Gold Mineralization in the Neoarchean Hearne Craton, Kivalliq Region, Whale Cove, Nunavut, Canada
2017 Peter Christoffersen M.Sc. Stable Cu, Fe, and Ni Isotopic Systematics of the Sudbury Offset Dikes and Associated Rocks
2017 Steve Morrow M.Sc. Allostratigraphy, Paleogeographic Evolution and Accommodation Controls of the Lower Colorado Allogroup in West-Central Alberta, Canada (Western Canada Foreland Basin)
2017 Byung-Hun Choe Ph.D. Polarimetric Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR) Application for Geological Mapping and Resource Exploration in the Canadian Arctic
2017 Michelle MacRae M.Sc. Ordovician Continental Paleogeography and Paleoenvironment for the Michigan Basin from Paleomagnetic Analysis
2017 Jessica Stromberg Ph.D. Geochemistry of the Dome Mine Ankerite Veins: Insights into the Multi-Stage Enrichment of a World-Class Orogenic Gold Deposit
2017 Andrew Thomson M.Sc. A Method for the Geometric Analysis of Rugose Coral Growth Ridges as Paleoenvironmental Indicators in the Middle Devonian Hungry Hollow Member of Widder Formation, Michigan Basin
2017 Halima Warsame M.Sc. Paleogeography of Early Paleozoic Laurentia and Meguma, Avalonia terranes via paleomagnetism and faunal review
2017 Lauren Twible Ph.D. Linking Mining Wastewater Discharge to Methylmercury Production in a Sub-Arctic Peatland
2017 Rebecca Wilks M.Sc. Geochemical and Petrographic Study of Melt Veins at the West Clearwater Lake Impact Structure, Canada
2017 Yonghua Cao Ph.D. Cu-Pd mineralization and exploration geochemistry of the Eastern Gabbro, Coldwell Alkaline Complex, ON, Canada
2017 Katherine Feick M.Sc. An Evaluation of the Lithologies and Geochemistry of the Upper Beaver Deposit of the Kirkland Lake Area
2017 Mansour Al-Hashim Ph.D. Sedimentology and geochemistry of the mixed carbonate-siliciclastic Espanola Formation, Paleoproterozoic Huronian Supergroup, Bruce Mines-Elliot Lake Area, Ontario, Canada
2017 Imran Meghji M.Sc. The Character and Distribution of Cu-PGE Mineralization at the Geordie Lake Deposit Within the Coldwell Complex, Ontario
2017 Liana Stammers M.Sc. Geochemical Constraints of the Gold Mineralization Sources from the South Mine Complex and the Main/’04 Breaks, Macassa Mine, Kirkland Lake, Ontario
2017 Laura Colgrove M.Sc. A Regional Chemical Characterization and Analysis of Groundwater in Eastern Ontario
2017 Carmela Cupelli Ph.D. Evolution of Mafic Impact Melt Bodies at the Crater Floor Interfaces of the Vredefort and Sudbury Impact Structures
2017 Colin Sproat  Ph.D. Evolution, Paleoecology, and Paleobiogeography of the Late Ordovician Brachiopod Fauna of Laurentia
2017 Deana Swartz Ph.D. A Stable Isotope Investigation Of Pollen From Pinery Provincial Park, Southwestern Ontario, Canada
2017 Tessa Plint M.Sc. Giant Beaver (Castoroides) Palaeoecology Inferred from Stable Isotopes 
2017 Kathleen Vannelli M.Sc. Stratigraphy, sedimentology and paleogeography of the Lower Cretaceous (Upper Albian) Peace River, Joli Fou and Pelican formations, northern Alberta, Canadaf
2017 Tanya Harrison Ph.D. Martian Gully Formation and Evolution: Studies From the Local to Global Scale
2017 Taylor Haid M.Sc. Utilization of Lidar Intensity Data and Passive Visible Imagery for Geological Mapping of Planetary Surfaces
2017 Eric Pilles Ph.D. Emplacement of the Foy, Hess and Pele Offset Dykes at the Sudbury impact structure, Canada
2017 Denise Anders Ph.D. The Sudbury Impact Structure - New Insights Into the Origin and Emplacement of the Basal Onaping Intrusion and the Parkin, Trill and Foy Offset Dykes of the North Range
2016 Jon O'Callaghan M.Sc. Constraining the Formation and Alteration of Sudbury Breccia, Ontario, Canada: Implications for Footwall Cu-Ni-PGE Exploration
2016 Cale Gushukak M.Sc. First Major Appearance of Brachiopod-Dominated Benthic Shelly Communities in the Reef Ecosystem during the Early Silurian
2016 Anika Ballent M.Sc. Anthropogenic particles in natural sediment sinks: Microplastics accumulation in tributary, beach and lake bottom sediments of Lake Ontario, North America
2016 Zijun Liu M.Sc. Stable Isotope Paleolimnology of Barry Lake, Ontario, Canada Since AD - 1268
2016 Tara Despault M.Sc. Dissolved Organic Matter in Subarctic Streams and Rivers: Direct and Proxy Measures of Quantity, Quality, and Mercury
2016 Marcus Adam M.Sc. Gold Mineralisation at the FAT Deposit, Courageous Lake Greenstone Belt, Northwest Territories, Canada
2016 Bethany Dean M.Sc. Factors controlling the abundance, distribution, and composition of macroplastic and microplastic particles in tributary, beach, and benthic sediments of Lake Erie, Ontario
2016 Roshni Patel M.Sc. Inter- and intra-annual C and N isotopic variability of C3 and C4 grasses in a temperate-humid dune environment
2016 Rachel Schwartz-Narbonne Ph.D. Reframing the Mammoth Steppe: Examining Mammoth Steppe Ecology Using Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Compositions of Megafauna Collagen
2015 Marianne Mader Ph.D.PS The Mistastin Lake Impact Structure As A Terrestrial Analogue Site For Lunar Science And Exploration
2015 Bianca D'Aoust M.Sc.PS Morphological, Structural and Spectral Mapping of the Central Uplifts of the Alga and Verlaine Craters, Mars
2015 Michael Craig Ph.D. Reflectance and Emission Spectroscopy: Curve Fitting Methods with Application to Impact Glasses and the Varying Grain Size of Planetary Analogue Minerals
2015 Adam Coulter M.Sc. Recent Discoveries in the Ni-Cu-PGE bearing Trill and Parkin Offset dykes, Sudbury impact structure, Canada
2015 Rohan Aranha M.Sc. Factors Controlling the Composition and Lithofacies Characteristics of the Paleoproterozoic Bar River Formation, Huronian Supergroup
2015 Nikole Bingham-Koslowski Ph.D. High resolution stratigraphy and paleoenvironmental reconstruction of the Upper Devonian Kettle Point Formation, southwestern Ontario, Canada
2015 Sean Fulcher M.Sc. The Lithotectonic Setting and Paragenetic History of Deposit No.1, Mary River District, North Baffin Island
2015 Tim Howe M.Sc. Investigating potential climatic cycles in glacially-influenced rhythmites of the upper Gowganda Formation using geochemical, sedimentological and spectral analyses
2015 Hiba-tul Maheen M.Sc. Paleoenvironmental Reconstruction of an Upper Ordovician Rocky Shoreline: The Lindsay Formation of Heywood and Partridge Islands, Ontario
2015 Sam Russell Ph.D.ES Nitrate Sources in the Old Ausable River Channel and Adjacent Aquifers in Pinery Provincial Park, Ontario Canada
2015 Ryan Schwegman M.Sc.PS Morphology and Morphometry of Double Layered Ejecta Craters on Mars
2015 Patrick Shepherd M.Sc. Chromite Crystal Structure and Chemistry applied as an Exploration Tool
2015 Alexandra Smofsky M.Sc.ES Identification of Ancient Maya Agriculture in the Periphery of Motul de San José
2015 Farnoush Tahmasebi Ph.D. Carbon and Nitrogen Isotopic Investigations of the Late Pleistocene Paleoecology of Eastern Beringia, Yukon Territory, Using Soils, Plants and Rodent Bones
2014 Eric Buitenhuis M.Sc. The Latte Gold Zone, Kaminak's Coffee Gold Project, Yukon, Canada: Geology, Geochemistry, and Metallogeny
2014 Laurisha Bynoe M.Sc. Shear Zone Influence on the Emplacement of a Giant Pegmatite: The Whabouchi Lithium Pegmatite, Quebec, Canada
2014 Robert Campbell, Jr. M.Sc. Controls on Syenite-Hosted Gold Mineralization in the Western Timmins Camp
2014 Weiyin Chen M.Sc. The Development of L-tectonites in High-strain Zone Settings: A Multiscale Modeling Investigation
2014 David Edey M.Sc. Micro-Computed Tomography Semi-Empirical Beam Hardening Correction: Method and Application to Meteorites
2014 Kegan Farrick Ph.D. Runoff Generation In A Tropical Dry Forest Watershed: Processes, Patterns And Connectivity
2014 W. James Goacher M.Sc. Peat as an Archive of Remote Mercury Deposition in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Ontario, Canada
2014 Ryan Hladyniuk Ph.D. The Late Quaternary Paleolimnology of Lake Ontario
2014 Bahareh Kasmai M.Sc. Morphological and Structural Mapping of the Oudemans Impact Crater Layered Central Uplift, Mars
2014 Meghan Kline M.Sc. Peatland-Stream Hydrological and Biogeochemical Connectivity in the James Bay Lowland, Ontario
2014 Jordan Laarman Ph.D. A Detailed Metallogenic Study of the McFaulds Lake Chromite Deposits, Northern Ontario
2014 D. Michael Laliberty M.Sc. A Surface Chemistry Study of the Effects of Zinc Sulphate on Sphalerite During Flotation Separation at the Laronde Mine
2014 Maurice Nguyen M.Sc. Glacial Stratigraphy of the Ridge River Area, Northern Ontario: Refining Wisconsinan Glacial History and Evidence for Laurentide Ice Streaming
2014 Anna Nuhn M.Sc.PS Morphologic and Structural Mapping of Layered Central Uplifts on Mars
2014 Annemarie Pickersgill M.Sc.PS Shock Metamorphic Effects in Lunar and Terrestrial Plagioclase Feldspar Investigated by Optical Petrography and Micro-X-Ray Diffraction
2014 Andrea Prentice Ph.D. The Effects of Dissolution on the Silicon and Oxygen Isotope Compositions of Silica Phytoliths
2014 Jim Renaud Ph.D. The Aricheng Basement-Hosted Albitite-Type Uranium Deposit, Roraima Basin, Co-Operative Republic Of Guyana, South America
2014 Mitchell Skuce M.Sc. Isotopic Fingerprinting of Shallow and Deep Groundwaters in Southwestern Ontario and its Applications to Abandoned Well Remediation
2014 Sarah Sweeney M.Sc. Allostratigraphy of the Upper Ordovician Blue Mountain Formation, Southwestern Ontario, Canada
2014 Tom Ulanowski M.Sc. Hydrology and Biogeochemistry of a Bog-Fen-Tributary Complex in the Hudson Bay Lowlands, Ontario, Canada
2013 Piotr Angiel Ph.D. Allostratigraphy, Sedimentology and Paleogeography of the Cretaceous Upper Fort St. John Group (Upper Albian-Lower Cenomanian) in Northeastern British Columbia
2013 Melissa Battler Ph.D.PS Arctic cold spring mineralogy as an indicator of spring deposits, water, and habitable environments on Mars
2013 Nicolle Bellissimo M.Sc. Origins of stable isotopic variations in Late Pleistocene horse enamel and bone from Alberta
2013 Saeed Chehreh Chelgani Ph.D Study on the Surface Chemistry Behavior of Pyrochlore during Froth Flotation
2013 Emad Dehkordi Ph.D Hydrogeological and Thermal Sustainability of Geothermal Borehole Heat Exchangers
2013 Candace Freckelton M.Sc. A Physical and Geochemical Characterization of Southwestern Ontario's Breathing Well Region
2013 Nikolas Ganderton M.Sc. Mapping and Zircon Geochronology of the Lyon Inlet Boundary Zone, Nunavut; a Crustal Scale Break in the Churchill Province
2013 Peng Jiang M.Sc. Pore Morphometrics and Thermal Evolution of Organic-Matter Microporosity, Colorado Group, Western Canada Foreland Basin
2013 Jenine McCutcheon M.Sc. Microbially induced magnesium carbonation reactions as a strategy for carbon sequestration in ultramafic mine tailings
2013 Aaron Mohammed M.Sc. Mitigating Permafrost Degradation due to Linear Disturbances in Sub-Arctic Peatlands
2013 Alexandra Pontefract Ph.D.PS Impact Craters as Habitats for Life: Endolithic Colonization of Shocked Gneiss from the Haughton Impact Structure, Devon Island, Canada
2013 Greg Robinson M.Sc. Potassium Metasomatism at the Polymetallic NICO Deposit, Northwest Territories, Canada
2013 Bhairavi Shankar Ph.D.PS A Multispectral Assessment of Complex Impact Craters on the Lunar Farside
2013 Jared Shivak M.Sc.PS New Mineralogical and Geochemical Characterization of Martian Meteorites: Implications for Habitability and Astrobiological Exploration of Mars
2013 Jeremiah Shuster Ph.D. The biogeochemical cycling of gold under surface and near-surface environmental conditions
2013 Akbar Sohrabi Hashjin Ph.D. The Trentonian (Late Ordovician) brachiopod fauna of Ontario: Evolution through a global warming event
2012 Candace Brintnell M.Sc. Architecture and stratigraphy of the Lower Silurian Guelph Formation, Lockport Group, southern Ontario and Michigan
2012 S. Gordon Campbell M.Sc. The Weathering of Platinum from Nuggets and Platinum Immobilisation by Cupriavidus metallidurans
2012 David Cooper Ph.D. Effects of Chemical and Mechanical Weathering Processes on the Degradation of Plastic Debris on Marine Beaches
2012 Andrea Fernandes M.Sc. A geobiological investigation of the Mazon Creek concretions of northeastern Illinois, mechanisms of formation and diagenesis
2012 Samson Girma Mengistu Ph.D.EN Topographic Influences on Trends and Cycles in Nutrient Export from Forested Catchments on the Precambrian Shield
2012 Meriem Grifi M.Sc. Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Late Cretaceous (Coniacian) Muskiki and Marshybank Members, Southern Alberta and Northwestern Montana
2012 Michael Hamilton M.Sc.ES Reconstructing Fire Severity From the Oxygen-Isotope Compositions of Plant Char
2012 Monika Haring M.Sc. Crystal Structure and Al/Si Cation Ordering in "Fassaite": A Combined Single Crystal, 27Al and 29Si NMR Study
2012 Kebbi Hughes Ph.D.EN Bacterial Communities and their Influence on the Formation and Development of Potholes in Sandstone Surfaces of the Semi-Arid Colorado Plateau
2012 Matthew Izawa Ph.D.PS Planetary Materials Science and Astrobiology
2012 Changcheng Li Ph.D. An Investigation of Deformation Structures and Their Tectonic Significance Across the Grenville Front Tectonic Zone in the Vicinity of Sudbury, Ontario, Canada
2012 Liane Loiselle M.Sc.PS Evaluation of Jarosite as a Biosignature:  A Comparison of Biogenic and Synthetic Jarosites
2012 Rebecca Macdonald Ph.D. Late Quaternary Histories of Lakes Huron and Michigan: A Stable Isotope Investigation of Sediment Cores and Modern Biogenic Carbonates
2012 Meghan Macleod M.Sc. Metallogenic Setting of High-Grade Iron Ores, Mary River District, North Baffin Island, Nunavut
2012 Niloufar Naderi M.Sc. Stable Isotopes and XRD Investigation of Gold Mineralization at the Syenite-Hosted Young-Davidson Deposit, Matachewan, Ontario
2012 Nevenka Nakevska M.Sc. Geothermal Energy from In-situ Bitumen Recovery Operations
2012 Duane Petts Ph.D. Deep Crustal Evolution of the Western Churchill Province, Nunavut, Canada: Isotopic (U-Pb, O), Trace Element and Micro-Structural Analysis of Zircon from Lower Crustal Xenoliths
2012 Maija Raudsepp M.Sc.ES Late Archean oceans: A laboratory model of oxygen oases
2012 Haley Sapers Ph.D.PS Characterization of novel ichnofossils in meteorite impact glass from the Ries impact structure, Germany
2012 Joel Shank Ph.D. Sedimentology and Allostratigraphy of the Cardium Formation (Turonian-Coniacian) in southern Alberta, and equivalent strata in northern Montana
2012 Colin Sproat M.Sc. Evolution of the Late Ordovician Plaesiomyid Brachiopod Lineage in Laurentia
2012 Tamara Sredojevic M.Sc. Investigation of Hydrothermal Alteration Processes in the Troodos Ophiolite and the Abitibi Greenstone Belt
2012 Maciej Zbyszewski M.Sc. Plastic Degradation in Lacustrine Environments
2012 Zhenyu "Sirius" Zhong M.Sc. Applicability of the Eshelby Formalism to Viscous Power-Law Materials: A Numerical Validation
2011 Alexandre Aubin Ph.D. The Impact of Climate and Transport on the Compositions and Textures of Heavy Minerals in Modern Rivers of New Zealand
2011 Simon Auclair M.Sc.PS Impact-Hydrothermal Calcite Isotope Geochemistry
2011 Robin Buckley M.Sc. Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Peace River Formation
2011 Rodney Dammeier M.Sc.PS Lunar Meteorite NWA 3163 and a Possible Terrestrial Analogue
2011 Jessica Metcalfe Ph.D.EN Late Pleistocene climate and proboscidean paleoecology in North America: Insights from stable isotope compositions of skeletal remains
2011 Ranjeet Nagare Ph.D. Coupled Heat and Water Transport in Frozen Soils
2011 Carl Ozyer Ph.D. Ice-movement history and kimberlite indicator mineral dispersal study, Pelly Bay, lower Boothia Peninsula, and Wager Plateau areas, Nunavut, Canada
2011 Natalie Pietrzak Ph.D. The Complex Paragenetic History of Basal Negaunee Iron Formation Iron Ores, Tilden Mine, Marquette District, Upper Michigan
2011 Jie Ren M.Sc. SRB Heavy Metal Resistance and Hydrogenase Production
2010 Duncan Bain Ph.D. The Shakespeare Ni-Cu-PGE Deposit, Canada
2010 Nathan Bridge M.Sc. Geology and Geochemistry of the Lac Cinquante Uranium Deposit
2010 Michael Craig M.Sc.PS Impact Effects of Carbonate Spectra and Spectral Calibrations
2010 Ayumi Hyodo Ph.D. The Holocene Paleolimnology of Lake Superior
2010 Geoffrey Pearce M.Sc.PS Impact Crater Modification in the Northern Plains of Mars
2010 Ian Power Ph.D.EN The Role of Microbes in Carbonation Reactions
2010 Alaura Singleton M.Sc.PS Effects of Impact on Crystalline Rocks
2009 Ivan Barker M.Sc. Zircon U-Pb Geochronology of Three Cretaceous Bentonites-Alberta
2009 Pengfei Chen Ph.D. Wenlock brachiopod fauna from Arctic Canada
2009 Laura Donkervoort M.Sc.EN Bacteria-Kimberlite Interactions: The Microbial Response
2009 Ian Foster M.Sc. Sulfate Salts and Halophiles: An Astrobiological Perspective
2009 Ben Harwood M.Sc. Crystal-Chemical Trends in Garnets and Ilmenites
2009 Brendt Hyde M.Sc. Fe-H-Sulfates: Bulk, Micro-analysis, IR and APXS Analysis
2009 Ruikun Liu M.Sc. Deformation of Clast-Matrix Systems and its Application
2009 Andrea Prentice M.Sc. Stable Isotope Dendroclimatology in Tropical Systems
2009 Aditya Tyagi Ph.D. Stratigraphy of the Upper Cretaceous Blackstone Formation
2009 Rebecca Vanderspiegel Ph.D. Kinetics of Oxidation - Reduction Reactions on Bimessite
2009 Junhui Wang Ph.D. Hamilton Group Brachiopods of Ontario
2008 Celeste Dufresne M.Sc. Mid-IR of Basaltic Glasses
2008 Philip Geusebroek M.Sc. Metallogenic Setting of Gold Mineralization, Lupin
2008 Matthew Izawa M.Sc. Tagish Lake and E Chondrites: Mineralogy and IR Spectroscopy
2008 Scott Parsons M.Sc. Glacial Geology of the Lac D'Argentier Area, Quebec, Canada
2008 Duane Petts M.Sc. Infiltration of Meteoric Water into the Mira Terrane
2008 Deana Schwarz M.Sc. Isotype Geochemistry of Brachiopods from Anticosti Island, Quebec
2008 Gregory Wanger Ph.D.ES Deep Biosphere of the Witwatersrand Basin
2007 Kim Dalby Ph.D. The Structure of Silicate Glass: An FTIR and XPS Study
2007 Nicole Jacques M.Sc. Magma-Cryosphere Interaction on Mars
2007 Robert Lodge M.Sc. Non-Polygonal Fracture Patterns at Lava-Ice Contacts
2007 Lachlan MacLean Ph.D.ES The Role of Sulfate-Reducing Bacteria in FeS Formation
2007 James Masters M.Sc. Depositional History of the Kipalu Iron Formation
2007 Lyndsay Moore M.Sc. Physical Volcanology and Componentry of the Kakanui Deposit, NZ
2007 Xavier Roca Argemi Ph.D. Allostatigraphy of the Lower Colorado Group
2006 Sean Bosman M.Sc. Stratigraphy and Geochemistry of Archean Rocks, NW. Ontario
2006 Michael Hay M.Sc. Stratigraphy and Paleogeography of the Upper Dunvegan Formation
2006 Claude Pilote M.Sc. Volcano-Sedimentary Sequence of Koivib Mountains, Namibia
2006 Sam Russell M.Sc. The O and H Isotope Composition of the Tagish Lake Meteorite
2006 Jessica Rylaarsdam M.Sc. Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Paddy Member
2006 Ronnie Therriault M.Sc. Geology of the Madrid Gold Deposit, Hope Bay Volcanic Belt
2006 Heng Zhang M.Sc. Allostratigraphy of Shaftesbury Fm of Alberta Foreland Basin
2005 Sharon-Rose Blackmore M.Sc. Electrical Studies of Oxidized Pyrite
2005 Krista Blears M.Sc. The Oxygen- and Hydrogen-Isotope Behaviour of Halloysite
2005 Christopher Coueslan M.Sc. The Eden Lake Carbonatite
2005 Allison Daley M.Sc. Boring Patterns in Paleozoic Brachiopods From Canada
2005 Lyshia Goodhue M.Sc. Geomicrobiology of Surficial Geochemical Anomalies
2005 Hua Jin M.Sc.ES The Stable Isotope Composition of Water Vapour at Pinery Provincial Park
2005 Karl Keizars M.Sc. Carbonate and Spatial Analysis, Rosh Pinah, Namibia
2005 Daniel Lui M.Sc. Water and Basalt-Rhyolite Interaction
2005 Lillian Munro M.Sc. Bioapatite Stable Isotopes and Crystallinity During Burning
2005 Sherrill Senior Ph.D. Silurian Graptolite Cyrtograptus, Cape Phillips Formation, Nunavut
2005 Jingshi Wu M.Sc. Cation Ordering in Diopside Jadeite Solid Solution
2004 Lisa Friedrich M.Sc. Glass Formation in Mantle-Derived Xenoliths
2004 Jennifer Heidenheim M.Sc.ES Stable Isotopes in Snails From Pinery Provincial Park
2004 Scott Jobin-Bevans Ph.D. PGE in Nipissing Gabbro and River Valley Intrusions
2004 John McNeil M.Sc. Macrodispersion of Plumes in Heterogeneous Permeability Fields
2004 Peter Rotheisler M.Sc. Lower Stewart River Quaternary Geology, Yukon
2004 Bogdan Varban Ph.D. Stratigraphy of the Cenomanian-Turonian Kaskapau Formation
2003 Andrea Cade M.Sc. Colouration of Lazurite From Baffin Island, Nunavut
2003 Robert Carpenter Ph.D. Geology of the West Meliadine Area, Runkin Inlet Belt, Nunavut, Canada
2003 Simon Donato M.Sc. Paleoecology of the Hungry Hollow Formation
2003 Erika Greiner M.Sc. Gold in Pyritic Quartz-Pebble Conglomerates, Woodburn Group
2003 Robert L'Heureux M.Sc. Iron-formations of the Woodburn Lake Group, Nunavut
2003 Natalie Pietrzak M.Sc. The Walmsley Lake Dyke Swarms of the Slave Province, N.W.T.
2003 Jim Renaud M.Sc. Stratigraphy and Economic Potential of the ALVB, N.W.T.
2002 John Camier M.Sc. The Sue-Dianne Deposit, Northwest Territories, Canada
2002 Paul Glasser M.Sc. Mode of Evolution in the Pentamerus-Pentameroides Lineage
2002 Michael Kreitner M.Sc. The Upper Cretaceous, Lower Kaskapau Formation
2002 Sonja Strynatka M.Sc. Soil Nutrient Potential of Lamproites from Damodar Valley,  India
2001 Krista Adams M.Sc. Experimental Methods for the Study Of Dense Plumes
2001 Saugata Datta Ph.D. Waste Material Utilization in Remineralising Indian Soil
2001 Matthew Devereux M.Sc. Raymond Quarry Fauna-Burgess Shale
2001 Roxane Fagan Ph.D. Isotope Study of Hydroxyl Groups in Smectite and Kaolinite
2001 Shannon Farrell Ph.D. Sulfur K- and L-Edge Xanes Spectroscopy of Monosulfide
2001 Karie Gage M.Sc. The Stable Isotope Geochemistry of Soil Water at Pinery Provincial Park
2001 Shaoneng He Ph.D. Water-Rock Interaction During Steaming of Clearwater Oil Sands
2001 Rachel Jones M.Sc. Inorganically And Bacterially Altered Feass And Feas2
2001 Jennifer Nistico M.Sc. Xps Study of the Near-Surface Region of Ti-S Compounds
2001 Lyne Sabourin M.Sc.ES Geochemistry and Agro-Potential of Sediments From Southwestern Ontario
2001 Julie Sanders M.Sc. Sedimentology & Stratratigraphy Cretaceous Napo Fm In Autocrop
2001 Shawna Simpson M.Sc. Stable Isotope Hydrology At Pinery Provinical Park
2001 Craig Stanley M.Sc. Petrology of Mantle Xenoliths from the Vogelsberg, Germany
2001 Denis Tetreault Ph.D. A Silurian Konservat-Lagerstatte From The Eramosa Dolostone
2000 John Delgaty M.Sc. Ontario Lobe Drumlins, North & South Shores of Lake Ontario
2000 Craig Finnigan M.Sc. Townsite Fmt: Aborted Rift Setting, Yellowknife Belt, N.W.T.
2000 Richard Leveille Ph.D. Biogeochemistry of Carbonate-Silicate Cave Deposits
2000 Menghua Liu Ph.D. Partitioning of Siderophile Elements and Fractionation in Meteorites
2000 Matthew Lumsdon M.Sc. Alluvial Architecture and Palaeoenvironments of the Dunvegan Formation
2000 Alireza Panahi Ph.D. Geochemistry of Precambrian Paleosols And Huronian Rocks
2000 J. Greg Shellnutt M.Sc. The Petrogenesis of the Sudbury Dyke Swarm, Ontario, Canada
2000 Miroslav Sidor M.Sc. The Origin Of Black Rock Alteration Overprinting Iron-Rich Sediments and its Genetic Relationship to Disseminated Polymetallic Sulphide Ores, Lou Lake, Northwest Territories, Canada
2000 Elizabeth Webb Ph.D.ES Stable Isotopes Of Grass Phytoliths: Climate Implications
2000 Victoria Williams M.Sc. Sequence Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Cretaceous Napo Formation
1999 Dipanjan Banerjee Ph.D. Surface Chemical Studies of Birnessite Reduction
1999 Ian Colquhoun Ph.D. On the Origin of Calcite-Cemented Sandstones, Clearwater Formation
1999 Jimena Eyzaguirre M.Sc. Veining In The Upper Mantle Beneath The West Eifel, Germany
1999 Philip Holme M.Sc. Quaternary Geology and Stratigraphy of the Beaver Mines Map Area, SW Alberta
1999 Janet Steinbachs M.Sc. Hydrogeology of the Old Ausable River Channel Watershed
1998 Peter Bennett M.Sc. Carbon and Water Cycling in Municipal Solid Waste Landfills
1998 Shanif Habib M.Sc. Diamond-Bearing Lamprophyre Dikes, District Of Keewatin, N.W.T.
1998 Michael Harris Ph.D. Canadian Cordilleran Tectonics from Paleomagnetism
1998 Patrice Huddart Ph.D. Stable Isotope Studies of the Water Continuum
1998 Yue Shao M.Sc. Alkali Iron Germanates: Synthesis, Phases, Crystal Chemistry
1997 Allan Armitage Ph.D. Economic Potential of the Gibson-Macquoid Greenstone Belt
1997 John Armstrong Ph.D. Free-Milling & Refractory Gold Ores, Con Mine, Yellowknife, N.W.T.
1997 William Donaldson Ph.D. Sedimentology, Stratigraphy, Diagenesis of the Bad Heart Formation
1997 Edward Hornibrook Ph.D. Carbon Mineralization in Temperate Zone Freshwater Wetlands
1997 Yuanxian Hu Ph.D. Sequence Stratigraphy of the Puskwaskau Formation of the Alberta Basin
1997 Olav Lian Ph.D. Quaternary Geology of the Fraser Valley Area, Southcentral B.C.
1997 Mark Obermajer Ph.D. Petroleum Potential of the Paleozoic Strata in Southwestern Ontario
1997 Lori Pizzolato M.Sc. Petrogenesis of Mantle Xenoliths from the West Eifel
1997 David Terry Ph.D. Barite-Manganese Occurrences in the Eastern Alaska Range
1996 Keith Barron Ph.D. The Alkaline Igneous Centre at the Springpole Gold Prospect
1996 Robert Carpenter M.Sc. Petrology Of Mantle Xenoliths from the Hessian Depression, Germany
1996 Michael Gunning Ph.D. Paleozoic Volcanic Domains, N.W. Stikinia, British Columbia
1996 Adrienne Jones M.Sc. Lamprophyre Dykes of the Central Churchill Province
1996 Eugene Macdonald M.Sc. Llandovery Radiolaria from the Cape Phillips Formation, Cornwallis Island, Arctic Canada
1996 Rogerio Monteiro Ph.D. Gold Mineralization at Ouro Fino Mine, Brazil
1996 Alireza Panahi M.Sc. Stratigraphy & Geochemistry of the Port Askaig Formation
1996 Francisco Pinho Ph.D. The Origin of the Cabacal Deposit, Brazil
1996 Michael Rinker M.Sc. Mine Waste Investigations: (i) marcasite oxidative dissolution and (ii) reaction path modeling of acid mine drainage reactions
1995 Michael Clegg M.Sc. Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Alkaline Rocks, Kirkland Lake Area
1995 Keith Dewing Ph.D. Ordovician and Silurian Strophomenids from Anticosti Island
1995 Claire Gulliver M.Sc. Alternate Reservoirs for K, Ba, Ti, P And F in the Mantle
1995 Jingtai Han Ph.D. Climate Forcing: Observations from Chinese Loess Plateau
1995 Brian Hart Ph.D. Inorganic Geochemistry of Coal & Flyash from Maemoh, Thailand
1995 Edward Little M.Sc. Maximum-Advance Hypothesis of Continental Glaciation, Southwestern Alberta
1995 Allen Pratt Ph.D. The Low Temperature Surface Geochemistry and Kinetics of Pyrrhotite Weathering
1995 Geoffrey Shore M.Sc. Geology of the Coldwell Peninsula, Coldwell Complex, Ontario
1994 Katharine Albino Ph.D. Weathering & Au Behavior in Soils & Saprolites, South Carolina
1994 Catherine Chague Ph.D. Geochemistry and Organic Petrology of Peat in Canada
1994 Richard Hopson M.Sc. Alteration & Mineralization in the Cochenour-Willans Mine
1994 David Kettlewell M.Sc. Effects of Meteoric Waters on Diagenesis Of Key Lake, Saskatchewan
1994 Ibrahem Qudsi M.Sc. Petrofabric Analysis of Amphibole Schist
1994 Sandra Rutherford Ph.D. Statistical Comparison of Crystal Orientation Fabrics
1994 Cliff Shaw Ph.D. Petrogenesis of the Eastern Gabbro, Coldwell Complex, Ontario

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cycling of gold under surface and near-surface environmental conditions