Geology Alumni, 1944-93

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Year Name Degree Thesis Title
1993 Michael Collison M.Sc. Upper Timiskaming Metavolcanic Flow Rocks, Kirkland Lake, Ont.
1993 James Goff Ph.D. Late Wisconsinan And Holocene Sedimentation, B.C.
1993 Michael Gunning M.Sc. Origin Of Upper Paleozoic Rocks, Nw Stikinia, Scud River Area
1993 David Harper M.Sc. Secondary K-Feldspar At The Precambrian-Paleozoic Boundary
1993 Kurt Konhauser Ph.D. Multiple Fluxes Influencing Amazonian River Chemistry
1993 Bernardine Leroy M.Sc. Potassium-Enriched Lavas Of The Eifel Region, Germany
1993 Hamid Mumin Ph.D. Gold Mineralization Of The Bogosu-Prestea District, Ghana
1993 Jon North Ph.D. Riverton Iron Formation: Supergene Iron Ores, Michigan
1993 Abani Samantaray Ph.D. Computer Assisted Petrography
1993 Wendy Shier M.Sc. Diagenesis Of Wabiskaw Member Reservoir Sands, Alberta
1993 Sheila Watters Ph.D. Gold Deposits-Cape Spencer, N.B. Structure/Alteration
1993 Weisheng Zang Ph.D. Geochemistry And Mineralogy Of Bahia Lateritic Gold Deposit
1992 Yuan Chen Ph.D. Precious-Metal Mineralization At The Thompson Mine, Manitoba
1992 Suhua Chen M.Sc. Phase Relations In NaAlSiO4 - NaGaSiO4
1992 Thomas Iannelli Ph.D. Late Proterozoic Bylot Supergroup, Northern Baffin Island
1992 Jennifer McKay M.Sc. Diagenesis Of The Upper Cretaceous Marshybank Formation
1992 Kathryn Neale Ph.D. Neoproterozoic Iron Formation, South Australia
1992 Terrence O'Connor M.Sc. Metasomatized Mantle Xenoliths From Meerfeldermaar, Germany
1992 Eric Owens Ph.D. Metasomatism In The Cargo Muchacho Mountains, S. California
1992 Wendy Spirito M.Sc. GIS Study Of Geochemical Data S. Nahanni River Area, N.W.T.
1992 Peter Stewart Ph.D. The Origin Of The Hope Brook Mine, Newfoundland
1992 Pamela Strand M.Sc. Relation Of Gold To Intrusive Breccias, Yellowknife, N.W.T.
1992 Dave Webb Ph.D. Controls Of Auriferous Shear Zones At Yellowknife, N.W.T.
1991 Kim Law M.Sc. Weathering & Soil Development At Plastic & Harp Lake, Ontario
1991 Keith Lesarge M.Sc. Geochemistry Of Cu In Two Laterite Profiles, Carajas, Brazil
1991 Peter Maclean Ph.D. The Characterization Of Pyrite From Gold Deposits
1991 Mira Racki M.Sc. Diagenesis Of The Clearwater Formation, Cold Lake, Alberta
1991 Rob Rainbird Ph.D. Stratigraphy And Tectonic Setting Of The Upper Shaler Gp., N.W.T.
1991 Cliff Shaw M.Sc. Gold Mineralisation Of The L'Eau Claire Gold Prospect, P.Q.
1991 Edward Walker Ph.D. Petrogenesis Of The Prairie Creek, Arkansas, Olivine Lamproite
1990 George Albino Ph.D. Structural setting, geochemistry and large-scale metal zoning in mother lode-type deposits 
1990 Gregory Browne Ph.D. The Sedimentology Of The Boss Point Formation, N.B. And N.S.
1990 Larry Diakow Ph.D. Early-Middle Jurassic Toodoggone Formation, British Columbia
1990 Armande Gagne M.Sc. Geochemistry Of Cambro-Ordovician Suites, Gaspesie, Quebec
1990 Bruce Hart Ph.D. The Upper Cretaceous Cardium Formation
1990 Kenneth Earl Leigh M.Sc. Stratigraphy Of Devoniancarbonates, White Mountains, N. Yukon
1990 Zara Lindenmayer Ph.D. Salobo, Carajas, Brazil: Geology, Geochemistry & Metamorphism
1990 Dean McDonald Ph.D. Silbak Premier: A Silver-Gold Epithermal Deposit, Stewart, B.C.
1990 John McDougall M.Sc. The Petrology Of The Southern, Marginal Zones Of The Tib Gabbro, Ontario
1990 Yuanming Pan Ph.D. Metamorphism And Gold Mineralization, Hemlo Area, Ontario
1990 Yves Thibault Ph.D. Melting Experiments On Phlogopite-Bearing Mantle Sources
1989 Gregory Brown M.Sc. Bedford Shale And Glacial Dispersal Of Clay, S.W. Ontario
1989 Robert Brozdowski Ph.D. Ropes Gold Deposit, Marquette Greenstone Belt, Michigan
1989 Peter Burns M.Sc. Tetrahedral-Site Ordering In Synthetic Gallium Albite
1989 Darcy Kirkwood M.Sc. Weathering Rates Within The Soils Of Plastic Lake
1989 Adrienne Larocque M.Sc. Trace element behaviour during weathering of till from eastern Ontario, with implications for geochemical exploration
1989 Allan Lawton M.Sc. Flow Vs. Glaciotectonic Origin Of Catfish Creek Drift
1989 Mark Mallamo M.Sc. Ordovician-Silurian Stratigraphy And Paleoecology, Arctic Islands
1989 Brett Norris M.Sc. The Upper Cretaceous Badheart Formation, N.W. Alberta, Canada
1989 Paulino Pinto Coelho Ph.D. Nuclear Waste Disposal In The East Bull Lake Intrusion
1989 Ekawat Sitthithaworn M.Sc. Gold Mineralization At Phu Lon Skarn, Northern Thailand
1989 Michael Sweeny M.Sc. Pge Mineralization Of The Lac Des Iles Complex N.W. Ontario
1989 Ian Trinder M.Sc. Epithermal Base And Precious Metals, Buck Creek, Central B.C.
1989 Zhihong Zhou Ph.D. Chemical Durability Of Radwaste And Natural Glasses
1988 Robert Ford M.Sc. Geology Of Gold-Bearing Iron Formatios, Slave Province, NWT
1988 Brian Hart M.Sc. Genesis Of Intra-Till Fluvial Layers Catfish Creek Till
1988 Hayrettin Koral Ph.D. Ductile Deformation Of The Whitestone Anorthosite
1988 Eric Prosh Ph.D. Lower Devonian Reefs and Fauna, Disappointment Bay Fm., Arctic Is.
1988 Alan Smith M.Sc. Petrology Of The Lower Zone, Mulcahy Gabbro
1988 William Stone Ph.D. Metamorphism And Gold Concentration In Bousquet Township, Quebec
1988 Tara Tampoe Ph.D. Geochemical Constraints On Future Agriculture In Sri Lanka
1987 Robert Gaba M.Sc. The Archean Turbidite-Hosted Gatlan Gold Occurrence, S.E. Man.
1987 Robin Goad M.Sc. Geology And Exploration Geochemisty Of The Hemlogold District
1987 Peter Holmes M.Sc. Plutonic Vs Volcanic Hosted Gold Deposits, Yavapai Co., Arizona
1987 Okpeseyi Isaac Imasuen Ph.D. Kaolin-Smectite Transformations & Soils Of Midwestern Nigeria
1987 Finlay McKinlay M.Sc. Geology Of The J And L  Deposit, S.E. British Columbia
1987 Michael Melchin Ph.D. Ordovician-Silurian Graptolites, Cape Phillips Fm. Arctic Is.
1987 Malcolm Norris M.Sc. Nifty Carbonate Member, Paterson Province, Western Australia
1987 Michel Parent Ph.D. Late Pleistocene Stratigraphy, Asbestos-Valcourt (S.E. Quebec)
1987 Michael Powell Ph.D. The Inorganic Geochemistry Of Two Western U.S. Coals
1987 Arvid Rimkus M.Sc. A Study Of Weathering In The Carajas Region, Brazil
1987 Kenneth Rye M.Sc. Geology And Geochemistryof The Hoyle Pond Gold Deposit
1987 Stephen Talman M.Sc. Chemical Weathering Of Agranodiorite
1987 Margaret Thomson Ph.D. Crixas Gold Deposit, Brazil
1986 Burns Cheadle Ph.D. Stratigraphy And Sedimentology Of The Sibley Group
1986 Timothy De Freitas M.Sc. Silurian Sponges Of The Canadian Arctic
1986 Randy Junnila M.Sc. Stratigraphy And Sedimentology Of The Upper Gowganda Formation
1986 Peter Lougheed M.Sc. Geology Of The Clinton-Colden Lake Greenstone Belt N.W.T.
1986 Andrew McNeil M.Sc. Experimental Modelling Of Na Metasomatism In The Upper Mantle
1986 Gary Parkin M.Sc. Sedimentology Pleistocene Glacigenic Diamictons, British Columbia
1986 William Shotyk Ph.D. The Inorganic Geochemistry Of Peats
1986 Richard Sutcliffe Ph.D. Proterozoic Rift Related Igneous Rocks At Lake Nipigon, Ontario
1986 Joseph Vibetti Ph.D. Deep Fluid Circulation In The Troodos Ophiolite, Cyprus
1985 Lawrence Bernstein M.Sc. Stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Espanola Formation (Huronian) in the Whitefish Falls area, Ontario
1985 John Burlington M.Sc. The Geology And Geochemistry Of The Aquarius Deposit, Timmins, Ontario, Canada
1985 Robert Campbell M.Sc. Petrography and spectral IP response of the Sturgeon Lake massive sulfide and Temagami iron formation deposits, Ontario
1985 Gary Delaney Ph.D. Mid Proterozoic Wernecke Supergroup, Yukon Territory
1985 Garth Edwards Ph.D. Geochemistry and evolution of an Archean bimodal volcanic-plutonic complex, Wabigoon Subprovince, Ontario
1985 Michel Lamothe Ph.D. Lithostratigraphy and geochronology of the Quaternary deposits of the Pierreville and St-Pierre les Becquets areas, Quebec
1985 Lydia Lobato Ph.D. Metamorphism, Metasomatism And Mineralization At Lagoa Real, Bahia, Brazil
1985 Alexander McCracken Ph.D. Middle Ordovician to Silurian (Wenlock) conodont taxonomy and biostratigraphy from basinal strata of the Road River Formation in the Richardson Mountains, Northern Yukon Territory 
1985 William Stone M.Sc. Geochemistry Of The Boston Flow Fe-Rich Komatiite, Kirkland Lake Area, Northeastern Ontario
1985 Reidar Trønnes Ph.D. The incorporation of Ti in phlogopite in a simplified synthetic system: a potential geothermobarometer for upper mantle and lower crustal rocks
1985 Eileen Van Der Flier Ph.D. Geochemistry And Sedimentology Of Two Cretaceous Coal Deposits In Canada
1984 Gildar Arseneau M.Sc. Stockwork molybdenum and porphyry copper potential, north dome, Rocher Deboule stock, Hazelton, British Columbia
1984 Philip Bateman M.Sc. Rock Alteration At The Bousquet Gold Mine, Quebec
1984 Alan Carter M.Sc. Gold In Stratabound Ankerite Rock, Shenandoah Prospect, Plumas County, California
1984 Frank Delitala M.Sc. The Mineralogy And Geochemistry Of The Kettle Point Oil Shale, S.W. Ontario
1984 Elizabeth Ebinger M.Sc. Regional Geology And Cu-Zn Mineralization Of The Lake Megantic Area, Southeast Quebec
1984 Lawrence Kennedy Ph.D. The Geology And Geochemistry Of The Archean Flavrian Pluton, Noranda, Quebec
1984 Augusto Kishida Ph.D. Hydrothermal Alteration Zoning And Gold Concentration At The Kerr-Addison Mine, Ontario, Canada
1984 Andrew Macdonald Ph.D. Water diffusion rates through serpentinized peridotites: implications for reaction induced dynamic and chemical effects in ultramafic rocks
1984 Henrietta Mann Ph.D. Algal Uptake Of U, Ba, Co, Ni And V: Studies Of Natural And Experimental Systems
1984 Faye Murray M.Sc. Geochemical trends in lignite bearing cretaceous sediments from the Mattagami Formation, James Bay Lowlands
1984 David Parbery M.Sc. Petrogenesis Of The Seabrook Lake Carbonatite Alkaline Complex, N.W. Ontario
1984 William Rowell M.Sc. Platinum Group Elements And Gold In The Wanapitei Nipissing-Type Intrusion, Northeastern Ontario
1984 Thomas Setterfield M.Sc. Nature And Significance Of The McDougall-Despina Fault Set, Noranda, Quebec
1984 Sandra Simigian M.Sc. An Analysis Of Crystallographic Orientation And Grain Shapes Of Pyrrhotite From Ducktown, Tennessee
1984 George Somers M.Sc. Petrogenesis Of The White Lake Pluton
1984 Gordon Watson Ph.D. Ore Types And Fluid Regimes: Macassa Gold Mine, Kirkland Lake
1984 Charlie Tsai-Way Wu Ph.D. Geochemistry and petrogenesis of some granitoids in the Grenville Province of Ontario and their tectonic implications
1984 Gary Yeo Ph.D. The Rapitan Group: relevance to the global association of late Proterozoic glaciation and iron-formation
1983 Fernando Barriga Ph.D. Hydrothermal Metamorphism And Ore Genesis At Aljustrel, Portugal
1983 Thomas Bell M.Sc. Stratigraphic problems and sulfide mineralization in a section of the Granite Mountain quadrangle, Pershing County, Nevada
1983 Donald Clarke M.Sc. Cu-Zn Mineralization And Alteration In The Waite Area, Noranda District, Quebec
1983 Demetrios Eliopoulos M.Sc. Geochemistry And Origin Of The Dumagami Pyritic Gold Deposit, Bousquet Township, Quebec
1983 Richard Greenwood M.Sc. Petrogenesis Of The Gabbroic Suite, Mt. St. Hilaire, Quebec
1983 Grant Henderson Ph.D. An X-ray scattering and Raman spectroscopy study of Fe3, Ga3 and Ge4 substituted aluminosilicate glasses 
1983 Andrew Jackson M.Sc. Volcanism And Genesis Of Cu-Zn Mineralization At Cook Lake, Snow Lake Greenstone Belt, Manitoba
1983 Charles Jefferson Ph.D. The Upper Proterozoic Redstone Copper Belt, Mackenzie Mountains, N.W.T.
1983 John Larson M.Sc. Geology, geochemistry and wall-rock alteration at the Magusi and New Insco massive sulphide deposits, Hebecourt Township, northwestern Quebec
1983 Biodun Olorunfemi Ph.D. The Geochemistry And Mineralogy Of Recent Sediments Of The Niger Delta 
1983 Tyler Sauer M.Sc. A metamorphosed stratiform alteration zone as footwall to massive sulfide, Mineral district, Virginia
1983 Alan Taylor M.Sc. Geology Of The Lake Massawippi Region, Quebec Appalachians
1982 Christopher Bradbrook M.Sc. The nature and origin of the auriferous Hill-Sloan-Tivey quartz horizon, Uchi Lake, N. W. Ontario
1982 Anthony Dunn M.Sc. Zinc And Lead Occurrences In Cambrian Dolostone, Gataga River Area, British Columbia
1982 Rachel Epstein M.Sc. The Eastern Margin Of The Burlington Granodiorite, Newfoundland
1982 Gerald Margeson M.Sc. Iron-rich rocks of Gardner Mountain, New Hampshire, and their significance to base metal distribution
1982 Margery Osborne Ph.D. Crystal Chemistry Of Chromium-Aluminium Spinels
1982 Donald Robinson Ph.D. Stratigraphic relationships, geochemistry and genesis of the redstone volcanic-hosted nickel deposit, Timmins, Ontario
1982 Robert Stewart Ph.D. Glacial and glaciolacustrine sedimentation in Lake Maumee III near Port Stanley, Southwestern Ontario
1982 Paul Studemeister Ph.D. An Archean felsic stock with peripheral gold and copper occurences, Abotossaway Township, District of Algoma, Ontario
1982 William Threlkeld M.Sc. Geology Of The Stockwork Molybdenite Occurrence, Jamestown, Colorado
1982 Pierre Vaillancourt M.Sc. Geology and genesis of pyrite-sphalerite-galena concentrations in Proterozoic quartzite at Quartz Lake, Yukon Territory
1981 Bruce Broster Ph.D. Compositional Variations In The St. Joseph Till Units In The Goderich Area
1981 Patrick Chance M.Sc. Petrogenesis Of A Low-Ti, Potassic Suite, Kuh-E-Lar Caldera Subsidence Complex, East Iran
1981 Gregory Finn M.Sc. Petrogenesis of the Wanapitei Gabbronorite Intrusion, a Nipissing-type diabase, from northeastern Ontario
1981 Alan Galley M.Sc. Volcanic stratigraphy and gold-silver occurrences on the Big Missouri claim group, Stewart, British Columbia
1981 John Meloche Ph.D. Evolution of biogeochemical element cycles with emphasis on the role of metal-organic interactions in the accumulation of heavy metals in organic-rich sediments 
1981 Gregg Morrison Ph.D. Setting And Origin Of Skarn Deposits In The Whitehorse Copper Belt, Yukon
1981 Ariplinio Nilson Ph.D. The nature of the Americano do Brasil mafic-ultramafic complex and associated sulfide mineralization, Goias, Brazil
1981 Richard Scratch Ph.D. Geologic, structural, fluid inclusion and oxygen isotope study of the Lake George antimony deposit, southern New Brunswick
1981 Phillips Thurston Ph.D. The volcanology and trace element geochemistry of cyclical volcanism in the Archean Confederation Lake area, Northwestern Ontario
1981 Jose Urbano Munha Ph.D. Igneous And Metamorphic Petrology Of The Iberian Pyrite Belt Volcanic Rocks
1981 Robert Valliant Ph.D. The geology, stratigraphic relationships and genesis of the Bousquet gold deposit, Northwest Quebec
1981 Stephen Walker M.Sc. Geology Of The Auriferous Chadbourne Breccia, Noranda, Quebec
1980 Umberto Costa Ph.D. Hydrothermal Footwall Alteration And Ore Formation At Mattagami Lake Mine, Matagami, Quebec
1980 Wendy Feuer M.Sc. Nature and significance of the hangingwall fragmental mica schist of the Cofer Zn-Pb-Cu-Ag deposit, Mineral, Virginia
1980 Mario de Figueiredo Ph.D. Geochemistry Of High-Grade Metamorphic Rocks, Northeastern Bahia, Brazil
1980 Robert Geddes M.Sc. The Vixen Lake Indicator Train, Northern Saskatchewan
1980 Barry Gorman Ph.D. A model of flow and fracture in plagioclase: examples from shear zones, Fiskenaesset complex, West Greenland
1980 Alan Guthrie M.Sc. Volcanic Stratigraphy Of The Geneva Lake Greenstone Belt, Ontario
1980 Richard Hall Ph.D. Metamorphism Of Sulfide Schists, Limerick Township, Ontario
1980 Stephen Hicock Ph.D. Pre-Fraser Pleistocene stratigraphy, geochronology, and paleoecology of the Georgia Depression, British Columbia
1980 John Hill Ph.D. The structural development and crystallization of the Kenoran granitoid plutons in the Nose Lake - Back River area, Northwest Territories
1980 John Innis M.Sc. Sedimentology and stratigraphy of the Ordovician-Silurian Road River Formation, southern Richardson Mountains, Yukon Territory
1980 Scott Kuehner M.Sc. Petrogenesis Of Ultrapotassic Rocks, Leucite Hills, Wyoming
1980 Andrew McCaig M.Sc. Dynamothermal Aureoles Of Ophiolites And Ultramafic Bodies In The Canadian Appalachians
1980 Gerardino Titaro M.Sc. The Uranium-Iron Oxide Mineral Association In The Burma Lake Pegmatite, Sept-Iles, Quebec
1980 Joel Gomes Valença Ph.D. Geology, petrography and petrogenesis of some alkaline igneous complexes of Rio de Janeiro State, Brazil
1979 Edward Barnett M.Sc. Geology Of The Agnico-Eagle Gold Mine, Quebec
1979 Thomas Calhoun M.Sc. A Study Of A Fragmental Ore Occurrence, Clementine Prospect, Buchans, Newfoundland
1979 Ilson Guimarães Carvalho Ph.D. Geology Of The Western Mines District, Vancouver Island, British Columbia
1979 Stuart Comline M.Sc. A Study Of The Piché Group And Vein Systems At Darius Mine, Cadillac, Quebec
1979 Robert Falls M.Sc. Geology And Metamorphism Of The Inc 10 Sulphide Occurrence, Coppermine River Area, N.W.T.
1979 Timothy La Tour Ph.D. The Nature And Origin Of The Grenville Front Near Coniston, Ontario: A Reinterpretation
1979 Eduardo Ladeira Ph.D. Metallogenesis of gold at the Morro Velho Mine and in the Nova Lima District, Quadrilátero Ferrífero, Minas Gerais, Brazil
1979 Steven Parry M.Sc. Volcanism, hydrothermal alteration and copper-zinc mineralization at the Four Corners Property, Noranda, Quebec
1979 James Pinch M.Sc. Sedimentology and stratigraphy of Winconsinan deposits in the McKittrick site and Beaver River gorge, Clarksburg, Ontario
1979 Peter Robinson Ph.D. Geology And Evolution Of The Manitouwadge Migmatite Belt, Ontario, Canada
1979 Christopher Rockingham M.Sc. Metamorphism and metal zoning of the Hood River - 41 massive sulfide deposit, Slave Structural Province, N.W.T.
1979 Roberta Stanton M.Sc. Genesis Of Uranium-Copper Occurrence 74-1E, Baker Lake, Northwest Territories
1979 Edmond Van Hees M.Sc. Auriferous Ankerite Vein Genesis In The Aunor Mine, Timmins, Ontario
1979 Joseph White Ph.D. A Study Of Deformation Within The Flinton Group Conglomerates, Southeastern Ontario
1979 Hüseyin Yilmaz Ph.D. Genesis Of Uranium Deposits In Neogene Sedimentary Rocks, Menderes Metamorphic Massif, Turkey
1978 Anthony Andrews Ph.D. Petrology And Geochemistry Of Alteration In Layer 2 Basalts, DSDP Leg 37
1978 Bruce Bouley Ph.D. Volcanic stratigraphy, stratabound sulfide deposits, and relative age relationships in the east Penobscot Bay area, Maine
1978 James Brown Ph.D. Adsorption of metal ions by calcite and iron sulphides: a quantitative x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy study
1978 Hashim Hakim Ph.D. Geology and the genesis of gold-silver base metal sulphide-bearing veins at Mahd AD Dahab, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
1978 Charles Mitchell M.Sc. Middle and Upper Ordovician strophomenids (Brachiopoda) from the central Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories
1978 Zohair Nawab Ph.D. Evolution Of The Al Amar-Idsas Region Of The Arabian Shield, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
1978 Abdulaziz Radain Ph.D. Petrogenesis of some peralkaline and non-peralkaline post-tectonic granites in the Arabian Shield, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
1978 Lineu de Saboia M.Sc. The West Manasan And The Pipe Mine 2 Ultramafic Bodies Of The Thompson Nickel Belt
1977 Bent Aaquist M.Sc. Host Rock To Native Copper, Kingston And Centennial Mines, Michigan
1977 Samuel Akande M.Sc. A Comparison And Genesis Of Three Vein Systems Of The Ross Mine, Hislop Township, Ontario
1977 Dorothy Atkinson Ph.D. Catheart Mountain: An Ordovician Porphyry Copper Molybdenum Occurrence In Northern Appalachia
1977 Denis Brûlé M.Sc. An ESCA Investigation Of The Adsorption Of Metals On Hydrous Manganese Dioxide
1977 Jon Bryant M.Sc. Geochemistry, Geological Environment And Genesis, Weiss Deposit, Ergani Maden, Turkey
1977 Raymond Coish Ph.D. Igneous and metamorphic petrology of the mafic units of the Betts Cove and Blow-Me-Down ophiolites, Newfoundland
1977 Wayne Edwards M.Sc. A study of the formation of several glaciofluvial systems in southeastern Ontario by clast analysis
1977 Lawrence Ferguson M.Sc. Petrogenesis of the analcime-bearing and associated volcanic rocks of the Crowsnest Pass Area, Alberta
1977 David Harley M.Sc. Geology Of The Half Mile Lake Zn-Pb-Cu Deposit, New Brunswick
1977 Jean Hill M.Sc. Lower Ludlovian Chitinozoa from Arisaig, Nova Scotia and Baillie-Hamilton Island, Canadian Arctic Archipelago
1977 Joachim Hinzer M.Sc. Geological and geochemical study of Lyon Lake and Creek ore zones, Sturgeon Lake area, Northwestern Ontario
1977 Charles Jefferson M.Sc. Stromatolites, Sedimentology And Stratigraphy Of Parts Of The Amundsen Basin, N.W.T.
1977 George Jenner M.Sc. Geochemistry Of The Upper Snooks Arm Group, Newfoundland
1977 Barbara Kronberg Ph.D. The geochemistry of some Brazilian soils and geochemical considerations for agriculture on highly leached soils
1977 James Kyle Ph.D. Development Of Sulfide-Hosting Structures And Mineralization, Pine Point, Northwest Territories
1977 Robert Lamarre M.Sc. Geology Of The Alabama-Crystalline Mines, Mother Lode Gold Belt, California
1977 Fuad Marzouki Ph.D. Petrogenesis Of Al Hadah Plutonic Rocks, Kingdom Of Saudi Arabia
1977 Scott McLennan M.Sc. Geochemistry of some Huronian sedimentary rocks (north of Lake Huron): with emphasis on rare earth elements
1977 Harlan Meade Ph.D. Petrology and metal occurrences of the Takla Group and Hogem and Germansen batholiths, north central British Columbia
1977 Allan Miller Ph.D. Petrology and geochemistry of the 2-3 ultramafic sill and related rocks, Cape Smith-Wakeham Bay Fold Belt, Quebec
1977 Panayotis Perlikos M.Sc. A Study Of Gold Deposits In Rouyn-Noranda Area, Quebec
1977 Andre Thomas M.Sc. Volcanic Stratigraphy Of The Izok Lake Greenstone Belt, District Of Mackenzie, N.W.T.
1977 Richard Wigington M.Sc. The age and orthid fauna of the lower Whittaker Formation in the southern Mackenzie Mountains, Northwest Territories
1976 Glendenning Adams M.Sc. Precious Metal Veins Of The Berens River Mine, Northwestern Ontario
1976 Jesse Craft Ph.D. Pleistocene Local Glaciation In The Adirondack Mountains, New York
1976 Ronald Dilabio Ph.D. Glacial dispersal of rocks and minerals in the Lac Mistassini-Lac Waconichi area, Quebec: with special reference to the Icon dispersal train
1976 Peter Giles Ph.D. Stratigraphy, Petrology And Diagenesis Of Beekmantown Carbonate Rocks In Eastern Ontario
1976 Claudia Gishler M.Sc. Upper Ordovician Chitinozoa From Manitoulin Island And Bruce Peninsula, Ontario
1976 Darrel Long Ph.D. The stratigraphy and sedimentology of the Huronian (lower Aphebian) Mississagi and Serpent Formations 
1976 Donald Macintyre Ph.D. Evolution of Upper Cretaceous volcanic and plutonic centers and associated porphyry copper occurrences, Tahtsa Lake area, British Columbia
1976 Luca Riccio Ph.D. Stratigraphy and petrology of the peridotite-gabbro component of the western Newfoundland ophiolites
1976 Robert Stevens Ph.D. Lower Paleozoic Evolution Of West Newfoundland
1975 Senbeto Chewaka M.Sc. The petrochemistry and structure of Elsie Mountain metabasalts: (a possible connection with some Sudbury sulfide mineralization) Sudbury, Ontario
1975 Norman Duke M.Sc. Petrology of the Blue Mountain and Bigwood nepheline syenite gneiss complexes of the Grenville Province
1975 Bernlef Feenstra M.Sc. Late Wisconsin Stratigraphy In The Northern Part Of The Stratford-Conestogo Area, Southern Ontario
1975 John Kerswill M.Sc. Geology And Geochemistry Of The Hotailuh Batholith And Spatially Associated Volcanic Rocks
1975 Rolf Ludvigsen Ph.D. Middle Ordovician Trilobites, South Nahanni River Area, District Of Mackenzie
1975 William Winfield M.Sc. Volcanic, Plutonic And Cu-Fe Skarn Rocks, Spout Lake, B.C.
1974 Alexander Colvine Ph.D. The petrology, geochemistry and genesis of sulphide-related alteration at the Temagami Mine, Ontario
1974 Mark Fenton Ph.D. The Quaternary stratigraphy of a portion of southeastern Manitoba, Canada
1974 Albert Lamarre M.Sc. Fluorite in jasperoid of the Salado Mountains, Sierra County, New Mexico: significance to metallogeny of the western United States
1974 Donald Macintyre M.Sc. Zonation of alteration and metallic mineral assemblages, Coles Creek Copper Prospect, west central British Columbia
1974 Rexford Ntiamoah-Agyakwa M.Sc. Obuasi Gold Deposits Of Ghana: Their Genesis In Light Of Comparison To Selected Deposits
1974 David Perry Ph.D. Paleontology And Biostratigraphy Of Delorme Formation (Siluro-Devonian), Northwest Territories
1973 Robert Barnett M.Sc. The Contact Aureole At Copper Flat, Grant County, New Mexico
1973 Neil O'Donnell M.Sc. Glacial Indicator Trains Near Gullbridge, Newfoundland
1973 Esko Parviainen Ph.D. The sedimentation of the Huronian Ramsay Lake and Bruce Formations, north shore of Lake Huron, Ontario
1973 Erwin Zodrow Ph.D. Contribution To The Informal Theory Of Geological Mineral Sample, In Two Parts
1972 Syamadas Banerjee M.Sc. Two Possible Sources Of Tin In The Base Metal Sulphide Deposits At Geco, Manitouwadge, Ontario
1972 Robert Brigham Ph.D. Structural Geology Of Southwestern Ontario And Southeastern Michigan
1972 Wayne Johnston M.Sc. Copper-Nickel Sulphides In A Layered Ultramafic Body, Renzy Mine, Southwestern Quebec
1972 Niyazi Kacira Ph.D. Geology of chromitite occurrences and ultramafic rocks of the Thetford Mines - Disraeli area, Quebec
1972 Darrel Long M.Sc. The Stratigraphy And Sedimentology Of The Chibougamau Formation
1972 Paul Marshall M.Sc. Selected partition ratios in feldspars and micas from the Bernic Lake (chemalloy) pegmatite, Manitoba
1972 Ronald McMillan Ph.D. Petrology, geochemistry and wallrock alteration at Opemiska: a vein copper deposit crosscutting a layered Archean ultramafic-mafic sill
1972 Kula Misra Ph.D. Phase Relations In The Fe-Ni-S System
1972 Luca Riccio Ph.D. The Betts Cove Ophiolite, Newfoundland
1972 François Rochette M.Sc. Hydrogeological Study Of "Ruisseau Des Eaux Volées" Experimental Basin
1972 Govindarajapuram Venkateswaran M.Sc. Phase relations in the system Nepheline (Na-A1SiO)-Leucite (KA1Si}O)-Akermanite (Ca}MgSi-}O): and their petrological significance to potash and sodarich undersaturated alkaline lavas
1971 Albert Berti Ph.D. Palynology And Stratigraphy Of The Mid-Wisconsin In The Eastern Great Lakes Region, North America
1971 Donald Brown Ph.D. Hydrogeology Of Taylor Island, New Brunswick
1971 John Gale M.Sc. Analysis Of Bedrock Topography Mapping In Southwestern Ontario
1971 Quintin Gwyn Ph.D. Heavy mineral assemblages in tills and their use in distinguishing glacial lobes in the Great Lakes region
1971 Marie Hughes M.Sc. Iron staining of a carbonate dimension stone, Gasport Formation, (Middle Silurian), Queenston, Ontario.
1971 Maureen Johnston M.Sc. A geochemical study of boron, iron and manganese in the Deville Member of the Lower Cretaceous McMurray Formation, Alberta
1971 Ronald May Ph.D. Cu, Ni, Zn, Cr, CaO, MgO Content Of Wisconsin Tills In Southern Ontario
1971 Reginald Olson M.Sc. Statistical Analysis Of Geochemical Data From Cape Rosier, Maine
1971 Lynda Parker M.Sc. Experimental Studies Of Selected Plutonic And Volcanic Undersaturated Alkaline Rocks
1971 David Perry Ph.D. Age And Faunas Of The Ogilvie Formation (Devonian), Northern Yukon
1971 Thomas Schroeter M.Sc. Geology Of The Nippers Harbour Area, Newfoundland
1970 Kam Kuen Chiang M.Sc. Silurian Brachiopods Of The Fossil Hill And Amabel Formations, Ontario
1970 David Fisher M.Sc. The Origin Of The Number Five Zone, Horne Mine, Noranda, Quebec
1970 James Franklin Ph.D. Metallogeny Of The Proterozoic Rocks Of Thunder Bay District, Ontario
1970 Robert Graham Ph.D. The Mogul Base Metal Deposits, County Tipperary, Ireland
1970 Alan Johnson Ph.D. Textural And Geochemical Investigation Of Cyprus Pyrite Deposits
1970 Rolf Ludvigsen M.Sc. Brachiopods And Dacryoconarid Tentaculites Of The Michelle Formation (Emsian), Northern Yukon
1970 Uldis Vagners Ph.D. Mineral Distribution In Tills In Central And Southern Ontario
1970 John Wood M.Sc. The Stratigraphy And Sedimentation Of The Upper Huronian Rocks In The Rawhide Lake - Flack Lake Area
1969 Calvert Armstrong Ph.D. The Role Of Replacement Processes In The Formation Of Complex Lithium Pegmatites
1969 Claude Bertrand Ph.D. Metamorphism At The Normetal Mine, Northwestern Quebec
1969 Frederick Chandler Ph.D. Geology of the Huronian rocks of Harrow Township and surrounding areas, north shore of Lake Huron, Ontario
1969 Gerald Harron M.Sc. Mercurometric Investigations At Lake Dufault Mines, Northwestern Quebec
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