Alexandra Rizkallah

Rizkallah_flip.jpgTheatre Studies and Biology Double Major

Third Year

Hometown: Bright's Grove, Ontario

What is your future career goal?

Theatre Director in NYC!

What do you love about Arts & Humanities?

I love the community in A&H! It’s so welcoming with the smaller class size so you really get to know your classmates and profs which makes coming to class so much better

What do you like most about your program and Western?

What I love about Western with my program is the versatility it offers. I’m sure you’ve never heard of a double major in Theatre and Biology because I sure haven’t LOL. Western was one of the only places who offered this so it was such an amazing fit!

What is your favourite class?

This is tough! But probably so far TS 2201 with MJ (Kidnie)! It’s all about stage directing which is what I’m most passionate about and MJ teaches with such passion and really involves everyone in the conversation.
Advice you’d offer incoming students: Don’t limit yourself! If you are passionate about something work for it! Because the possibilities are endless here.



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