SASAH and English Language and Literature
São Paulo, Brazil and Toronto, Canada

Why did you choose Arts and Humanities at Western?

I was drawn to SASAH because it allowed me to study a variety of topics within the arts and humanities alongside my English degree. I had been considering History, Classics, Women’s Studies, Philosophy, Linguistics, and even Spanish, and SASAH provided the opportunity to broaden my knowledge in each of these subjects, as well as to pursue my own research interests and gain experience in the field in my upper years.


What is one highlight of your Arts and Humanities experience so far?

Founding ICONOCLAST Collective and working as a Director and Editor there has been an incredible experience. Through ICON, I’ve met people from all departments in the Arts and Humanities faculty, as well as student artists and writers from all across campus whose work and perspectives I might otherwise have never been exposed to. Producing a publication each semester with such a wide array of student works is rewarding and has taught me many practical skills I’ve already had the chance to apply in the workplace.


What did you gain from your internship with The Walrus?

I gained a much better understanding of how a large team works in tandem to produce a magazine, and now have more specific knowledge of what kinds of roles there are to pursue in publishing. The experience of writing for and being edited by a professional magazine has bettered my writing and influenced the way I edit, illuminating the path between student editor and professional editor that may be before me. I also gained interview skills, familiarized myself with the production of a podcast and a newsletter, learned how to properly fact check, and made connections in the industry.

How have your studies prepared you for the future?

The interdisciplinary nature of SASAH has prepared me to make connections, problem-solve creatively, and work effectively in a world where the arbitrary dividing lines of department and faculty are nonexistent. I have changed personally, academically, and professionally in ways I never could have imagined, but a love of literature has only grown from my high school years, and it drives the newer, more skilled and productive parts of me. 

What do you hope to pursue in the future?

I’m considering further study in English, but am also interested in continuing to write and edit. Interning at The Walrus has encouraged me to pursue a career in publishing.

What was your favourite Western moment?

During my very first SASAH class, as the discussion took off, I was blown away by the depth and complexity of the comments people were casually flinging around the room—I knew I had found a community that would challenge and nurture me through the next four years. I was right.

The experience of writing for and being edited by a professional magazine has bettered my writing.

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