Arts & Humanities 3000A/B/Y

The internship course (Arts & Humanities 3000A/B/Y) is a 0.5 academic credit that can be utilized towards a student’s 20.0 graduation requirements. For more information, please visit the Academic Counselling Office.

Once an internship offer is accepted, the student will be enrolled into the internship course. Throughout the internship, the student will complete several reflection activities, as well as a Final Report that will be graded pass/fail by the Associate Dean.

At the mid-point of the internship, the Internship Coordinator will schedule a short check-in with the student and the Supervisor. Students must monitor their email account throughout the duration of the internship for reminders re: internship activities, mid-point check-in, and Final Report.

Course Outline & Internship Agreement

  • Course Outline: Arts & Humanities 3000A/B/Y
  • Internship Agreement: The Internship Agreement is an agreement between the student, the Supervisor, and the Internship Coordinator. It outlines each party’s responsibilities throughout the duration of the internship.

Internship Activities

  • Learning Outcomes Activity: The Learning Outcomes Activity is a short activity that students must complete after the first 2 – 3 weeks of their internship. This activity will help students establish goals for the internship, which will later help students articulate their learning from the internship experience.
  • Final Self-Assessment: The Final Self-Assessment must be completed by the student at the end of the internship.
  • Employer – Final Evaluation: The Final Evaluation must be completed by the Supervisor at the end of the internship.

Final Report

  • Final Report: The Final Report must be submitted at the end of the internship. The Internship Coordinator will communicate the due date to the student. Please contact for any questions about the report expectations.

Our students are the best ambassadors! We may draw on your experiences to help promote the Arts & Humanities Internship program and ask you to share your story with prospective students at information sessions or through our website and social media.