Welcome Employers

"Coming into the job of Experiential Learning Coordinator, I knew that experiential learning (internships and community-engaged learning opportunities) allows students to professionalize, to rehearse a potential career, and to apply theoretical knowledge gained in university classrooms to work situations. Now, through working with SASAH’s bright and ambitious students, I’ve seen that experiential learning is invaluable in helping students, especially Arts & Humanities students, to build confidence as they realize that the soft skills they are learning—such as communication, critical and creative thinking, and leadership—are not only transferable to many different career paths but also valued by employers."Barbara Bruce, Experiential Learning Coordinator, School for Advanced Studies in the Arts & Humanities (SASAH)

"Partnering with an experiential learning program is a no-brainer for any organization. Students bring fresh ideas and modern skills that revitalize projects and teams. They also offer valuable insight into younger audiences and how best to reach them.

Mentoring a student is both a rewarding experience and a chance to reflect back on best practices.
When employers really embrace and empower student interns they can make tremendous contributions to an organization." Julie Kiser (Marketing and Communications Coordinator, Western Libraries)

Benefits of hiring a Western Arts & Humanities Intern:

  • Gain access to high-quality, high-achieving students who have great problem-solving skills, communicate well, and easily adapt to many different situations
  • 4 month work terms available – assess students’ skill sets and evaluate potential as future employees!
  • Bring enthusiasm, creativity, and innovation to your organization
  • Have a student ambassador to promote your organization to other future students

Length: 10 weeks to 4 months (0.5 credit) or 8 months (two 0.5 credits)

Commitment: Full-time and part-time opportunities available (minimum 140 hours over an academic term)

Time of Year: Students are available in the Summer term (May – August)

*Fluctuates year to year based on course schedules and enrollment

Location: Unrestricted

Program: Major or Specialization within the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, with a cumulative average of at least 70% and no failures.

Contact: ahintern@uwo.ca

Funding Opportunities

Eligible Ontario-based employers who hire students in "degree-related work opportunities" for a minimum of 8 months are eligible for the Co-operative Education Tax Credit (CETC) for up to $3,000 for each 4 month work term. An eligible employer includes all corporations or unincorporated businesses with permanent establishments in Ontario subject to Ontario corporate income tax or Ontario personal income tax.  Members of a partnership may share the CETC for each qualifying work placement.  Limited partners are not entitled to this credit; however, the general partners of a limited partnership are entitled to share the credit.

Interested in learning more about the types of funding opportunities available to assist with the cost of hiring an intern? Visit hirewesternU for more information!