Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism

2014-2015 Speaker Series

Each year The Speaker Series brings in several visiting guest lecturers. Speakers over the years have included Jean Baudrillard, Lauren Berlant, Peter Brooks, Norman Bryson, David Carroll, Anthony Cascardi, Wlad Godzich, Jean-Joseph Goux, Elizabeth Grosz, N. Katherine Hayles, Linda Hutcheon, Martin Jay, Michael Hardt, Agnes Heller, Barbara Johnson, David Farrell Krell, Murray Krieger, Arthur Kroker, Dominick LaCapra, Jerome McGann, J. Hillis Miller, Chantal Mouffe, Christopher Norris, Mark Poster, Richard Rorty, Charles Scott, Thomas Sebeok, Kaja Silverman, Gayatri Spivak, Bernard Stiegler, Samuel Weber, Hayden White, Slavoj Žižek, and many others.

This year's speakers include:


Sean McGrath


"Principles of Schellingian Analysis"

"Principles of Schellingian Analysis: The relationship of Schelling's notion of the unconscious to the development of psychoanalysis is no longer in dispute. But the significance of that relationship is still open to interpretation. We must consider the possibility that we find in Schelling not only the seeds of Freudian, Jungian, or Lacanian psychoanalysis but also a theory of mental health, perhaps even an entire psychology, that stands on its own. One way to test this hypotheis is by formulating in broad programatic terms the principles that would govern a Schellingian analysis. What we will discover is that the disputes which determine the evolution of psychoanalytical theory do not exhaust the origins of the movement in Romantic thought. On the contrary, possibilities lie concealed here which could be developed into a new approach to dynamic psychology, a resolutely metaphysical approach."

February 5, 2015
5pm in Somerville House Rm. 2348


Rosi Braidotti

(Utrecht University)
New Location: UC 142

Influenced by philosophers such as Gilles Deleuze and especially "French feminist" thinker Luce Irigaray, Braidotti has brought postmodern feminism into the Information Age with her considerations of cyberspace, prosthesis, and the materiality of difference. Braidotti also considers how ideas of gender difference can affect our sense of the human/animal and human/machine divides. Braidotti has also pioneered European perspectives in feminist philosophy and practice and has been influential on third-wave and post-secular feminisms as well as emerging posthumanist thought.


Past Speakers:

Eric Cazdyn
The Non-Coincidence of the Future
November 27, 2014

Frances Dyson
Sound, Sense, and Sensing
November 11, 2014

Françoise Meltzer
The Ethics of Ruins: Berlin 1945
October 29, 2014

Andre Pietsch Lima
On creative processes (Simondon/Deleuze)
October 15, 2014

Nick Srnicek
The Eyes of the State
April 9, 2014

Alenka Zupančič
Power and Comedy
April 4, 2014

Claire Colebrook
Exceptional Disaster
March 26, 2014

Brett Buchanan
What is called behaviour?
Ethological articulations of bodies in contemporary continental philosophy
March 13, 2014

Simon Critchley
The Problem with Levinas
March 6, 2014

Steven Shaviro
on Scott Bakker's Neuropath
February 13 , 2014

Jack Halberstam
Against Marriage?
February 6, 2014