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The Theory Centre is home to some of the most vital and innovative research in the Arts and Humanities, Social Science, and Information and Media studies. Its core faculty, associate faculty, and graduate students have published monographs with major academic presses and articles in top-tier academic journals. In addition to these publications, the Centre also hosts its graduate-student-run journal, Chiasma: A Site for Thought. Explore the links below to see what we’ve published recently!

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Chiasma: A Site for Thought was established in September 2013 as an annual, double-blind, peer-reviewed journal for the generation and dispersion of theory. While recognizing ‘theory’ as a pursuit born of the crossing of continental philosophy, social and political theory, literary criticism, media studies, and cultural studies, Chiasma: A Site for Thought places emphasis on those genetic moments that displace theory from its history, without abandoning it to an auxiliary position between disciplines. The journal therefore aims at the affirmation of theory’s own powers to recombine and mutate the societal, historical, and academic coordinates from which it comes.



Tilottama Rajan and Sean J. McGrath have edited "Schelling After Theory," a special issue of Symposium: Canadian Journal of Continental Philosophy, 19:1 (2015) :1-197. The issue includes selected, revised papers from the conference "Futures of Schelling," organized by Tilottama Rajan at the Centre in August 2013. Contributions by Western faculty members and present or former students are:

Tilottama Rajan and Sean J. McGrath, "Introduction: Schelling After Theory," 1-12

John Vanderheide, "A Standstill in Desire:Schelling,Nietzsche, Deleuze, and the Idea of Eternal Recurrence," 13-23

Gord Barentsen, "Silent Partnerships: Schelling, Jung, and the Romantic Metasubject," 67-79

Jared McGeough, "Schelling 'After' Bakunin: Idealism, Anarchism, Post-Anarchism," 80-93.

Tilottama Rajan, "Evolution and its Resistances: Transferences Between Disciplines in Hegel's and Schelling's Systems," 153-175.


Biswas Mellamphy, Nandita. “From Terra- to Terror-Ecology: Secrets from the Arrakeen Underground”. In Design Ecologies, Volume 3, Number 1, 2014, 66-91.

Biswas Mellamphy, Nandita. “Nietzsche’s Political Materialism: Diagram for a Nietzschean Politics.” In Nietzsche as Political Philosopher, Barry Stocker and Manuel Knoll (eds.). Berlin: De Gruyter, 2014, 77-92.

Biswas Mellamphy, Nandita. "From the Digital to the Tentacular, or From iPods to Cephalopods: Apps, Traps, and Entrées-without-Exit" (co-authored with Dr. D Mellamphy). In The Imaginary App, eds. Svitlana Matviyenko and Paul Miller (Cambridge: MIT Press, 2014), 231-249.

Rajan, Tilottama. "The Abyss of Emotion: Mary Shelley, Godwin, and Romanticism." Romanticism and the Emotions. Ed. Richard Sha and Joel Faflak. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2014. 147-68.

Rajan, Tilottama. "Between Individual and General History: Godwin’s Seventeenth-Century Texts." Special issue on Godwin, ed. Rowland Weston. Nineteenth-Century Prose 41:2/3 (Spring/Fall, 2014): 111-60.

Rajan, Tilottama. "The Life of the ‘Idea’: Hegel, Schelling and Schopenhauer." Special issue on "Schelling: Powers of the Idea." Pli: Warwick Journal of Philosophy 26 (Fall 2014): 27-48.


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