Centre for the Study of Theory and Criticism


Courses at the Centre are taught by both Core and Non-core faculty at Western, as well emeritus faculty and visiting lecturers.  With some exceptions, courses are limited to no more than 12 students. Master's students are required to fulfill a “breadth requirement” by taking at least one half course from each group:

Group A: aesthetics, philosophy, psychoanalysis, language theory
Group B: social, cultural and political theory
Group C: topical focus covering a variety of theorists from the above areas, as well as 19th-century, modern, and contemporary theory

More information about course requirements can be found here.

NEW 2015 - 2016 COURSES


2014-15 Course Timetable

Fall 2014

Course Title Time & Location Instructor Group
9637 Questioning Aesthetics

SH 2348

Julian J. Haladyn
9626 Dreaming and Thinking Tuesday
SH 2348
Sharon Sliwinski
9648 Langue, out on parole Tuesday
(cross-listed w/ Comp Lit 9613)
AHB (Arts & Humanities Bldg) 3B15
Călin-Andrei Mihăilescu
9650 On the Contemporary Possibility of Political Interiority Thursday
SH 2348
Antonio Calcagno
9624 The Social, the Ethical, and the Global Thursday
(cross-listed w/ Sociology 9190)
SH 2348
Scott Schaffer
9533 Levinas Friday
(cross-listed with Philosophy 4075F at King's)
King's University College Rm W173 — Wemple Building (main)
Stephen G. Lofts

Winter 2015

Course Title Time & Location Instructor Group
9227 Franz Boas and his World Tuesday
(cross-listed w/ Anthropology 9226)
SSC 3227
Regna Darnell
9638 Philosophies of Nature Wednesday
SH 2348
Joshua Schuster
9622 Hauntings: Matter and Spirit in Contemporary Critical Theory Wednesday
SH 2348
Christopher Keep
9649 What is Enlightenment?
SH 2348
Kevin Mooney
9658 Metamorphoses of the Letter Thursday
(cross-listed with Comp Lit 9612)
SH 2348
Laurence de Looze

Historical course offerings:


9226A Beyond Incommensurability across Cultures and Languages - Regna Darnell [B]

9504A Anxiety - Jan Plug [A]

9507B "Charged by an Asymptomatic Curve": The Spaces of Love and the Event - Allan Pero [A]

9513A Heidegger - Stephen G. Lofts [C]

9578A the Concept of Utopia - Michael Gardiner [B]

9609B War on Terror - Nandita Biswas Mellamphy [B]

9625A Eighteenth-Century Philosophy and Literature - Mary Helen McMurran [C]

9627B Adorno and Critical Theory - Kevin Mooney [C]

9634A Sovereign Laws of Movement, Politics, Life - Mark Franke [B]

9635B Letter, Trace, Archive: Freud, Lacan, and Derrida on the Signifier in Psychoanalysis - Matthew Rowlinson [C]

9636B The Aesthetic Idea - John Vanderheide [A]


9503Y The Unfinished Project of Deconstruction - Tilottama Rajan [A]

9607A Brecht in World Cinema - Tobias Nagl [C]

9225A From Standpoint to Community - Regna Darnell [B]

9619A Chiaroscuro: the lights of theory - Calin Mihailescu [A]

9621A Gilles Deleuze - Joshua Schuster [C]

9623A Bodies, Power, Sex and Species - Matthew Rowlinson [C]

9626B Dreaming and Thinking - Sharon Sliwinski [B]

9630B Enlightenment Theories of Mind, Soul, Spirit - Mary Helen McMurran [B]

9624B The Social, The Ethical, and the Global - Scott Schaffer [B]

9503Y The Unfinished Project of Deconstruction - Tilottama Rajan [A]

9622B Hauntings: Spirit and Matter in Contemporary Critical Theory - Christopher Keep [A]

9633B Communist Hypotheses for the 21st Century - Mireya Folch Serra [B]


9513 - Heidegger: From Being and Time to poetically dwelling in the fourfold, Prof. Stephen Lofts

9613 - Death and Desire in Western Philosophy, Prof. Leonard Stan

9614 - Idealism and the Margins of Philosophy: (Inter)Disciplinarity in Kant, Hegel, Schelling, Prof. Tilottama Rajan

9615 - Right to Be Political in Motion, Prof. Mark Franke

9616 - Information Societies and Their Promises of ‘Development’, Prof. Ajit Pyati

9617 - Theorizing Indigeneity / Indigenizing Theory, Prof. Pauline Wakeham

9593 - Enlightenment and Contemporary Cosmopolitanisms, Prof. Mary Helen McMurran

9605 - Redemption Has No Inside: Aesthetics, Politics and The Real, Prof. Allan Pero

9614 - Idealism and the Margins of Philosophy: (Inter)Disciplinarity in Kant, Hegel, Schelling, Prof. Tilottama Rajan

9618 - Advanced Theory: Face-to-Facedness and the Construction of Community, Prof. Regna Darnell

9620 - Bakhtin and Social Thought, Prof. Michael Gardiner


9202 - A Discourse of Violence, Narratives of Trauma, Prof. Regna Darnell

9597 - Theories of Spatial and Dialogical Memory, Prof. Mireya Folch Serra

9606 - Archive, Prof. Tony Purdy

9607 - Brecht in World Cinema, Prof. Tobias Nagl

9608 - Posthuman, all too post, Prof. Calin Mihailescu

9609 - The Globalization of Terror: Life as Insecurity, Prof. Nandita Biswas Mellamphy

9610 - Queer Theory and its Aftermaths, Prof. Wendy Pearson

9611 - Representing the Human, Prof. Sharon Sliwinski

9612 - Theatres of Operation: Conflagrations of Contemporary Theory and Criticism, Dan Mellamphy

9628 - Allegory, Prof. Elias Polizoes

9675 - The Psychoanalysis of Philosophy, Prof. Joel Faflak


9684 - Scandals of Temporality, Prof. Calin Mihailescu

9543 - The Art of Being Political in Theory, Prof. Mark Franke

9552 - Psychoanalysis and the Image, Prof. Sharon Sliwinski 

9599 - Queer and Feminist Pedagogies, Prof. Christine Roulston

9600 - Deconstructions, Prof. Jan Plug

9601 - After Biopolitics, Prof. Joshua Schuster

9602 - Classical Sociological Theory, Prof. Scott Schaffer 

9603 - Modernity and the Work of Art, Prof. Elias Polizoes 

9604 - The Imaginary and its Use, Prof. Daniel Vaillancourt

9605 - The Byzantine Omelette:  Aesthetics, Politics, and the Real, Prof. Allan Pero